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Football: Just wait for the Pac-5 complaints to begin

With the Southern Section announcing its playoff groupings for 2010 and the Pac-5 Division no longer having any at-large playoff berths for football, how long will it take for the complaining to begin?

I predict the pressure is going to mount on the Moore League, which gets to send four teams to the playoffs. I can't wait to see who's going to explain why Santa Margarita, St. John Bosco or JSerra don't get to make the playoffs because the Moore League is guaranteed four spots. And what happens if the Sunset League is loaded with top teams again?

But that's tough luck for the Trinity and all the Pac-5 schools who have made football a top priority. Either finish in the top three or your season is over. Fans had better be ready to be disappointed because the truth is the Pac-5 is the best, and it's not going to be treated like Little League, where everybody gets a trophy.

The pressure is rising with all these new coaches having been hired in the division, and now the reality is about to set in how difficult it's going to be just to make the playoffs.

Jon Mack, the new Encino Crespi coach, expressed surprise when a parent asked at his introduction about simply making the playoffs. He's got bigger aspirations, but he'll soon find out the Serra League isn't the Channel League, where he cruised to championship after championship at Ventura St. Bonaventure.

Sorry, Coach Mack, but Kevin Rooney at Sherman Oaks Notre Dame, Dean Herrington at Mission Hills Alemany, Steve Hagerty at La Puente Bishop Amat and Mike Christensen at Loyola are going to offer some stiff competition. Finishing third might look pretty good.

And the Mission League people who were thrilled to get rid of Alemany are going to wish the Warriors never left now that they're stuck with Gardena Serra. Good luck on that being a fair trade.

So how long is it before spring practice begins?

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Phantom Ghost

Wow @ ME

What rock have you been hiding under?


Wasnt serra already in the mission league ? Alemany hasnt been in the mission league for years. What is eric talking about ?

James B

My comments about Moore League teams winning championships was relegated to the D1 division. Millikans championships were in the Coastal Division, not the Pac 5, when the Moore league was not part of D1. Overall, the quality of play year in and year out in the Moore League for football (sans LB Poly) is not very strong. Why? Because all the best players are at LB Poly. Baseball & basketball are a different story.


LOL @ poster saying that the private schools have better athletes. Now THAT is funny.

By chance he wouldn't happen to be referring to the athletes they the private schools poach, transfer and/or recruit from the public schools,... espcially the inner city public schools, would he ?


.......If they keep cheating and letting anybody into their schools, they will eventually fall.

You mean like Mater Dei ?


Now that you know that, let's move onto the next thing that needs to be straighten out. The Moore League has 7 teams and not 8 that you stated. Granted, Long Beach Poly has been the best team in the Moore League for the last 20+ years.

To call the Moore League a 1-team league just shows how ignorant you really are. Your only evidence that shows that the Moore League is a 1-team league is the fact that Poly has been as of late the only Moore League team to reach a CIF final. It doesn't mean that every team besides Poly and Lakewood are average or below average. For example, in 2009, the Moore League had 3 teams tie for 2nd place behind Poly. Last season, Long Beach Wilson finished with the same league record as Long Beach Poly. Besides, every league has a team or two that have a .500 record or worse. That doesn't mean the whole league is average or below average.

Most leagues in Southern California are 1-team leagues with one school winning all of the league championships.
The reason why the Moore League is getting four automatic bids is because on average that is how many teams make the playoffs. So what if most of the Moore League teams lose in the first round. Last year the Sunset League sent 4 teams to the playoffs and 3 lost in the first round. Does that mean the Sunset League is a 1-team league? No.

I can go on and on about this topic and I will defend the Moore League as one of the premier leagues in all sports in Southern California and the nation. Next time you want to excerise your freedom of speech, get your facts straight before you think about posting a comment.


Well, James B. I have to straighten somethings out about your post. First of all, the last time a Moore League team besides Long Beach Poly played in a CIF football championship game was 1979. Long Beach Millikan defeated another Moore League team Compton, 22-21. Millikan also won the championship in 1977, defeating Arcadia, 34-14. Besides Millikan and Poly, the only other current Moore League school to win a CIF football championship was Compton way back in 1949 and 1950. Also, I don't think Compton Centennial was apart of the Moore League back in 1954. I don't even think there was a Moore League in 1954. But I am not sure since I wasn't alive back then to disprove your fact.

A fan foreign

Although I am a POLY fan for sure, I have to agree that it is not fair for the Moore League to have the ability to submit 4 teams for the playoffs. A better situation would probably be that the league winner and the runner up would go to the playoffs.

Having said that, I also think that the private schools have an edge because they can get players from anywhere whereby public schools can only draw from their boundaries - Poly and Cabrillo are examples of that because prior to Cabrillo being built, those students attended Poly. I am also not under the illusion that public schools do not recruit but at least they do it a bit less openly.

DeLaSalle, Crespi, Servite to name a few only have 500-800 students maybe yet they are at the top of the charts year after year. Oaks Christian is a perfect example of how it's done. I mean three top QB's attending the same school with less than a thousand total students - three QB's that would have been stars at any school in the USA.

Where is the parity in that? Fair? I think not. Mr. Sondheimer has some valid points but complete the staff work - what are the Southern Sections options? Do you have any ideas on how to make the teams play on an even board? Maybe separate divisions of private schools and public schools should be made - maybe combine city teams with CIF teams - which is mostly public school systems. I have to laugh when I see Oaks Christian or DeLaSalle being number one year after year and their entire population is so small that if they were a public school, there would not be enough students to make up a basket weaving team. This issue is nationwide - you should hear the people in Louisiana complaining about their private schools - (Catholic HS, Rummel, Evangel and John Curtis -happens to play Servite next season - to name a few) playing public schools (West Monroe, Destrehan, Ruston etc.) - Listening to them sounds exactly the same as listening to LA HS fan complaints and they do not have the answers also.

James B

Why should the Moore League get 4 automatic playoff berths? Because they have 8 teams? LB Poly has dominated that league, leaving the other 7 teams to fight over the remaining playoff spots, only to lose in the 1st round of the playoffs almost every year. Lakewood has been good for the past few years, but not a serious contender for a Pac 5 crown. The other 6 teams are average to below average teams. Bad decision by the CIF.
And before all the haters come screaming about this comment, when was the last time a Moore League team other than LB Poly played for the championship? Try 40 years ago when Lakewood lost to Bishop Amat. And when was the last time a team from the Moore League other than LB Poly won the D1 title? Try 1954 when Centennial beat Hoover.
You call this a league that deserves 4 teams? Simply put, it is a 1 team league.


I think it is only fair that public schools get a little more during the playoffs since private schools recruit - How can a school with 500 students be in the State's top 10 year after year of recruiting is not part of their makeup. Private schools should stop complaining!


In the immortal words of michael buffer..... Lets get ready to .......!!!!!

Football Fan

Nobody is afraid of Alemany or Serra. If they keep cheating and letting anybody into their schools, they will eventually fall.


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