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Football: Will Crespi put up the big bucks?

OK, now that Encino Crespi has shown that two consecutive years of not making the Pac-5 Division playoffs means you're out of here, what kind of coach would be interested in taking the job? Someone who expects to be paid big bucks.

If the Celts want to entice a big name, all they have to do is get the alumni to donate so the salary exceeds $100,000. Harry Welch, a member of Crespi's first graduating class who last coached with the team in 1973, said today he's always willing to listen to offers. He's at San Juan Capistrano St. Margaret's and preparing his team for a Saturday championship game. He'd bring instant credibility to the Celts' program.

But from my years observing Crespi, the Celts haven't exactly gotten it right when a coach leaves, resulting in several disastrous hires. And with Los Angeles Loyola also looking for a coach, the competition in the Serra League is getting very tough.

I think Jeremiah Ross was a competent, energetic coach who got unlucky. If a last-second 51-yard field goal against Sherman Oaks Notre Dame goes wide right, the Celts are in the playoffs. He had Crespi in the 2007 Pac-5 Division final. Does everyone know how difficult that is? Notre Dame has never made it, and Coach Kevin Rooney, in his 30th season, is one of the best.

So good luck to the Celts as they try to make it back to the top. Their former coach, Troy Thomas, has Servite in the championship game. He left Crespi five years ago because he didn't like the way the school administration was handling disciplinary problems. Let's see who wants to take on the challenge.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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OC Celt

What a load from all of you.

This is the real world, not government work.

.500 football and no playoffs doesn't cut it, end of story.

No football mommies whining about how the boys are sad, no calling the coach fat, no garbage about a pedophile priest, no "coach should get two more years" to play .500 football, no more Crespi is known around the world nonsense.

Crespi is the biggest underachiever in PAC-5 football, period. But for 1986, Crespi has fallen short of success nearly every year. And 1986, but for Russell White and Bill Redell never would have happened.

Crespi needs leadership. They had it, and could have had it for decades with Troy Thomas. Instead, the priests were soft, and didn't know what Crespi was really about -- honor, strength, discipline, courage, knowledge, and victory.

So bring us a leader. Crespi Football should be the Mater Dei of LA County. Get the right coach and make it happen.

real celt alumni

to the "celt alumnus" i played under coach ross and yes he did do alot of things wrong as head coach but the things you are accusing him of is false. Ross was never late to practice, he let the assistant coaches handle pre practice while he made sure the guys who needed to get taped got taped and that the lockeroom was cleared. ALSO as far as coach mac and coach romero are concerned, Romero NEVER came to practice except for playoffs and when he did all he did was talk nonsense. With coach mac while i think he is a great coach and person, in the 07' he made mutliple racial slurs and in 08' he basically quit on the team the last two games byleaving practice early and not watching deffensive film. If he still has the heart for the game i think he will be a great head coach for crespi

ALSO correction crespi went 6-4 in 2008 season. Crespi shouldve won the championship this year but a couple special teams mistake hurt that chance. We also have to note that Ross put out 14+ D1 athletes in the past three years. Coach Ross is young and as he continues to mature and grow hell be a great coach


100k for a HS football coach? Is this typical in private schools? What will the coach at Loyola make?

Compare that to Crenshaw where the coach makes 3k and, if he is a teacher at the school, will be responsible for 5 classes.


Celt Alumnus

You sound like a typical crybaby with money. Making fun of a man just shows how juvenille you are. Its time for you to GROW UP!!
Your name doesn't say current celt, it says alumnus, I would think you would represent your school with a little more class.

P.S. Chaminade had a better record than you guys so dont insult chaminade. Coach "crying" croson has turned those boys around in his short stint there and im sure there only gonna get better.

Susie Simms

I do not understand why Coach Ross had to be released ( fired). Why don’t we get rid of the offensive coach and the special teams coach. They are the reason why we had a horrible season. I understand that Coach Ross provided them the opportunity to show what they could do and it hurt us. I am sure he understands now and would do things differently, but to fire him was not right. He should have been provided another chance.

Joe Solosky

@ Celt Alumnus - making mention to the physical attributes of Coach Ross was very juvenile and uncalled for (grow up!). You mentioned getting hit with a ruler...from what I hear that's not all the teachers were doing to you guys... The fact is that the coach's supporting cast did not do their part but of course that goes back to the head coach, and its obvious that the alums wanted him out and that is what this is all about. He should have been given more than two years to get it together like every other coach out there!

T Wilson

Schools like Crespi can afford to pay a high school coach $100,000? That's incredible for any high school coach to be paid that much to win a championship. If all private schools are paying their coaches anywhere near that, then it is remarkable that a few public schools like Poly or Edison can even compete with them. The private school resources are unmatchable. The rich just keep getting richer on an unbalanced playing field.

Celt Alumnus

Sondheimer, you're wrong as usual. Ross was neither energetic nor competent. The man was constantly late to practices. He instilled no discipline in his teams. He is, quite frankly, a morbidly obese man who has gone 5-5 in successive seasons. The kids that were in the Pac-5 final still had the good fortune to have Celt alumni Joe McLaughlin and Chris Romero coaching to instill some discipline and remind them of the program that won the Big-5 title back in '86. How does a team with six division 1 scholarship atheletes finish at 5-5?

And can we please stop with the "oh, please pray for the poor children who lost their coach" whining? The problem with the school is it has gotten soft. Hell, we still had to worry about getting hit with rulers by a few teachers in the '80s. Parents would probably sue the school now if that happened. Time to get a good, tough, disciplined coach back in the lead of this program before we turn into Chaminade for Pete's sake.


Crespi is known around the world? It must be a pretty small world. Not even people in San Diego, Norcal or across the country know who Crespi is. Stop flattering yourself. If you are saying people around the world know who Crespi is because they have alumni living in other countries, then you should know that every other school has alumni living in other countries. Don't be delusional. The world doesn't revolve around Crespi. If I'm living in San Diego, I'm asking: Crespi who?

football mom

Whomever takes on the challenge should be in it for the kids and not the money. In the end, at the end of the day, it is all about the kids and their experience at Crespi. The football program at Crespi is known around the world for it's success. What the world doesn't see is the day to day experiences at Crespi.I would hope that the decision is based on skill of course, but when you have a coach who really cares about the boys and loves them- the boys will do everything in their power to win. With a skillful coach, who the boys trust and respect- Crespi will be back on top!
P.S. Ross will be missed by many of the boys and again, we should be thinking about them at this time, that's how you show the boys love and respect- think about how they feel too and the pain they have of losing their coach.


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