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Football: CIF Bowl Championship pairings


at Home Depot Center



Small Schools: San Diego Parker (San Diego Division V champion, 11-2) vs. Modesto Christian (Sac-Joaquin Division IV champion, 14-0), 4 p.m.

Division I: Oceanside (San Diego Division II champion, 13-0) vs. San Jose Bellarmine Prep (Central Coast Open Division champion, 11-1-1), 8 p.m.



Division III: Gardena Serra (Southern Northwest Division champion, 14-0) vs. Kentfield Marin Catholic (North Coast Division III champion, 13-1), noon

Division II: Servite (Southern Pac-5 Division champion, 13-1) vs. Rocklin (Sac-Joaquin Division II champion, 14-0), 4 p.m.

Open Division: Crenshaw (City Division I champion, 14-0) vs. Concord De La Salle (North Coast Division I champion, 12-2), 8 p.m.


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Note: We firmly do not believe in the bowl process and want no part of it [after consecutive years involving farcical and purely political selections, we've finally given up] -- we will no longer be posting bowl divisions/ratings. Rather, we will focus our efforts on building consensus for (the very doable) true state playoffs. We've come to the conclusion that our previous position of "we hate this thing, but we'll just post bowl division ratings as a service to our site fans" isn't the correct path as, if anything, it's a disservice since we're misleading those that follow our ratings into thinking teams that play tough schedules and do well against those schedules could get selected. Those in the position of having CIF's ear on selection day have convinced them to completely abandon the concept of schedule strength altogether


Servite's only playing because the political aspect said they have to play somewhere. No way they play the toughest schedule in the country - teams don't all play each other! For a coach to say that is just irresponsible and ignorant.

Thunder is 14-0 and has come through the toughest schedule and the toughest opponents in Northern Ca - documented! They've played them while Servite is only talk. Thunder overwhelms with experience and confidence and with 3 superior W/O's and a 6'5 -backup- QB that throws a 90+ mph fastball in baseball, look for Servite to hit their knees early as the Thunder run and pass game takes it's toll!

Thunder 27
Servite 21


To all Servite fans, don't be disappointed that your team wasn't selected to play in the open division;the bottomline is that your team made into one of the state championship games. It's fans from teams like Westlake who should feel miserable. Their team played in an extremely good section, went up against some of the best in the nation,and finished undefeated. Even if Servite doesn't get to play De La Salle, they still got the opportunity to play a worthy opponent in Rocklin.
Congrats to Serra of Gardena for winning your section championship. Represent Southern Cal well on Saturday.
To all high school football fans, I can't think of a better match up (Crenshaw vs. De La Salle) to wrap up a spectacular season like this year's.


Verbalistic- Obviously your clueless when it comes to language. It's really not
my problem you don't understand what my comment infers. Get a dictionary,
it will help you solve the 'mystery'.


OPTIMUS, you are hilarious!! Here is what YOU wrote in your first response to any of my posts:

" Bias is for zealous idiots that lack the clarity to form an objective observation. This thread has it's fair share of 'assumptions' that lack a true knowledge of the game, including your own 'assumptions'. It's best to keep thine self in thine own spectrum, or maybe lack of perspective, in a realm best suited for dilitants, for which you stand contemptuously."

There is not a single mention of HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL in that rambling pseudo-intellectual diatribe of yours, but as soon as you get called on your pompous attitude, SUDDENLY I'm the one straying away from football with "dogmatic philosophy"...LOL!!

BTW...what is a "dilitant"? If you're going to use a word in an inappropriate context, you should avoid making 3 DIFFERENT spelling errors in the same word...


Congrats to all the teams who made it to a state bowl game. While I am a DLS fan I wish Crenshaw a good game. I'm looking forward to some good football next weekend.


This is insane to put Crenshaw in this game. I am not in the OC i am out in la. I am sorry Crenshaw but let me put it to you straight. You have a great team with some great future college players. But you dont have the discipline to beat De La Selle. De La Selle is by far one of the best coached teams in the nation. Their coaching staff is no joke. They emphasize so much in discipline and their Offensive and deffensive line. De La Selle can take your scrubs and beat you with them.

I dont want to take anything away from Crenshaw they are a great team. But truth is they would get beat by alot of Pac 5 Schools. They had a close game with Lakewood but if they were to play again it would go the other way.

Servite who i have gone and seen play is a great team with a very good Offense that is not 1 dimensional with great receivers across the board and a scrapy defense that will punch you in the mouth. I haven't seen a better o-Line then Servites O-Line and that somoan kid on the D-line is just a man among boys.

Good luck Crenshaw i hope you do prove me wrong.

Creshaw 14 De La Selle 35

Servite 48 Rocklin 7

Gardena Serra 36 Kentfield Marin Catholic 34

Oceanside 28 San Jose Bellarmine Prep 34

San Diego Parker 16 Modesto Christian 21


Vervbalistic- Digression. Just a reminder, we're discussing HIGH SCHOOL football. Keep your dogmatic philosophy to yourself.

The Warrior

How did Westlake not get into any bowl game? 14-0 and they beat two top 10 CA ranked teams in the playoffs. Westlake, a true public school, is the class of Ventura County football and has had enough of these private schools like Oaks and St. Bonny.

Westlake will be pre-season #1 in CA and top 10 in the nation next year with the return of Nick Isham and Nelson "Spiderman" Spruce.


Congrats to Crenshaw and wish you a good game. I'm glad a team from the city was recognized. I'll be pulling for DLS and the other North teams but it should be a great game.

Rocklin is not very known but has been a powerhouse in the Sac area this year, and may surprise Servite if they not careful.


Reply to Optimus:

There is nobody walking this earth today who does not have some sort of bias, and those who claim they are somehow "objective" are only fooling themselves!!

There is only one God and you are definitely not HIM, so next time check your "God-complex" at the door...


Crenshaw '85- The only fallacy is your psuedo-intellectual confabulation,
which is a mere semblance of your anemic, colorless disposition. Simpleton.

Crenshaw '85

My "Reading Comprehension" skills contain both the "Main Idea" and "Specific Details" that are "Factual" and not "Opinionated". Your thoughts are full of "Fallacy" and negative "Propaganda"! So, please stop using "Ad Hominems" and "Circular Arguments" to get people on your "Bandwagon". Now smoke that Mr. Pac 5-LOL!


Response to Crenshaw '85: It would be beneficial to get your reading comprehension in order. Clearly you have no clue what I'm talking
about or what exactly I was referring to. Why would you continue to
make excuses for fools?

lar boys

I would like to wish Crenshaw A good game. I am a big DLS fan so i hope we win. I have seen some film of crenshaw and they are a very good team. I am looking forward to a great game between two great teams. So I hope both teams are injury free and have the best game they can.

Public School Non-Elite

In Hoc:

Post-Script -

Ah, grammar and spelling correction as put-down; the last refuge of the truly idiotic.

You corrected "GET REAL" on his/her misspelling of "hypocrite", yet you say:

"So I guess that puts a big whole in your silly argument."

I think there's a "whole" in your head...

To use a "stupid public school kid" colloquialism:


Public School Non-Elite

In Hoc Signo Vinces:

I'm surprised you're able to breathe the air up there on that horse you've mounted.

The only thing emanating here is the righteousness you can't seem to wash off.

Most U.S. Presidents went to public schools. Albert Einstein went to public schools. I went to public schools. As your elitist platitudes will tell you, it's the individual and their efforts, not the environment, that dictates leadership.

If you sit around cursing the less fortunate because you think your taxes are "paying for the masses", you need to check your facts. I'd then recommend a swift dose of actually reading the bible, not having someone read it to you. You're the guy in the stories being chastised for greed and self-righteousness. Find me a passage where Jesus is saying to the poor, "You better thank these rich private school people. They're paying for you, you silly masses."


You've just become "that guy".

You can go back to reading Mark Levin now.

Congrats to all of the teams, public and private. Well deserved. Best of luck this week.



IN response to your repsonse :) I was only talking about the Southern Section not the Northern Section and DLS. I do recall, though a few years back when LBPOLY was ranked either #1 or #2 in the Nation and DLS was the other and I do believe LBPOLY was said to have approx. 10 div. 1 Football Players and averaged right around 280 + pounds per lineman and little (small in stature) DlS
came down to Long Beach and Put a whoooooooping on them. SO when anyone says ( not you in your response) That just because our Lineman are 300lbs and think that, that is going to get them by in a game? Dont be surprised when things may not go your way. I guess its Very sad to see a TEAM that i wont mention complaining about being in the State Championships but because they arent in the Division( OPEN) they think they should be in Gripe about it and this all being with at Least 1 loss during the year and by Sat. they could have 2. Hopefully not Because I really am a Southern Cal. Supporter, I will say this though LOL if it were up to CIF, and the division one champ was MD ( socal fans know who) even if they had say 5 losses during the year they would be in the OPEN Championship game. Good luck to Both sides and May everyone play their best so we have Less Crybabies after these games


Congradulations Crenshaw. I hope you guys do well and win the Open Div. The only way to settle all this is to play Servite, Mission Viejo, and Edison next year. Don't waste time responding to all these jealous people. All they need to do is start thinking about their task at hand, or they just might be surprised themselves. Still, I think it would be great to play some of these teams next year.


Got to love the message from Crenshaw Coach. Was like Poly and my Grant Pacers last year and we all know how that turned out. You can do this. I'm in SacTown and seriously thinking about making the trip down South to see you in action.

Go Crenshaw.


Congratulations Crenshaw. I remember in 2008 when Grant Pacers (Sacramento) were chosen for the Open Division and all the haters hit the blogs . No one believed ... only Pacer Nation. Can't wait to see your team in action. You remind me of the Pacers.

Go Crenshaw!!!!!!

North Bounty SD

TO GLORIA: CIF changed enrollment elgibility for bowl games prior to the season beginning of the season. Oceanside was a little above the cutoff point in Div I. Eastlake might have had a legimate look had they not had a loss to Moorpark who didnt win its section & tying Lincoln (San Diego). Theres no arguement, Eastlake falls behind all undefeated section winners. Why'd Eastlake move to Div I? For the past 2 years SD CIF Div I champions have been former DII schools who couldnt make it out of DII playoffs, yet they appear and win a Div I title their first year in Div I. Hmmm, you do the math.

Oh yeah, congrats to The Shaw. Blow'em Out baby!

J Decker

Crenshaw Nation and Jinx:

Meant no disrespect to Crenshaw. Undefeated season is a remarkable accomplishment and my hat is off to all of the schools in SoCal that went undefeated. Not crying either. Servite is playing for a division championship on Saturday.

But, everything I've read says that is only one factor they look at (although this year it seems to be the determining factor). I just want to know how it works at CIF behind closed doors. I doubt that there are many out there that can explain with any degree of detail how the BCS really works and, frankly, I don't think I've seen a good explanation of how it works for CIF either.

All that said and unlike one jackass below, I hope all of the SoCal teams in all of the divisions win including Crenshaw.

Crenshaw '85

The oppressive nature of some of your statements is mind-boggling! Some of you want to down the accomplishments of Crenshaw, describe how your economic situation makes you better, and then end with “But we are going to cheer for them”. The reason for Crenshaw’s success is due to Coach Garret’s meta-cognitive nature. Every year his program has gotten better and better, due to experiences from the past. Along with keeping a team together, he has viciously pushed at conditioning. “Crenshaw Coach” is correct. There is no community like Crenshaw in America! The dichotomy of the neighborhood is incredible. These discussions have been a microcosm of today’s society. The rich, who claim to be spiritual, want absolutely no success for the underserved communities; unless, they come down to the “Hood” and hand it out themselves! Some of you are amazing, in that, you come from “Spiritual” institutions, but you have absolutely no Love in your heart! Not only that, when others achieve goals and they are not in your economic circle, somehow they are not deserving of praise! During all of the State Championship games, I always cheer for the SoCal teams. My mind is changing! To In Hoc Signo Vinces, you are so twisted. It is obvious your Christian education has done nothing for your Soul! Instead of downing these kids, you all should be celebrating the success of these athletes, in lieu of, there socio-economic background. And yes, it is a big deal! To Optipuss, what you call “whiney self-victimizing attitude”, is what most aware people call “discussion of the truth”! There was an article in the LA Times this week about the high GPA of the Crenshaw lineman. If De LaSalle is watching, they better understand that this is not a normal team. This is a team that is well-prepared! We know that De LaSalle has small lineman that fire off the ball hard! However, we have great defensive lineman and linebackers (Brian Price and Reginald Carter-UCLA). We also produce great defensive backs (Darian Hagan Jr.-Cal). Our world is so close, and these players come back and encourage the current players. Yes, Crenshaw is a Nation and we don’t need you to be proud! We have enough Pride within the family to go around. If you don’t believe me, come to the Cougars Den and look at all of the history! Also, I want to say congratulations to Serra! We understand your plight and your accomplishments should not go unnoticed, as well. Crenshaw is with you 100%! Finally, I just want to say kudos to the Crenshaw High School Football Team for a great season. You have shown nothing but Class and Sportsmanship throughout the entire season! We are so proud of you! Now, go and prove these naysayers wrong!


Response to Verbalistic: Bias is for zealous idiots that lack the clarity to form an
objective observation. This thread has it's fair share of 'assumptions' that lack a true knowledge of the game, including your own 'assumptions'. It's best to keep thine self in thine own spectrum, or maybe lack of perspective, in a realm best
suited for dilitants, for which you stand contemptuously.

Billy Garcia

It Didn''t help that the Edison vs. Sevite game was played in Anaheim, which was dominated by a Servite crowd, due to "Oh yeah" Servite is in Anaheim. The game should have be held at Home Depot like it has in past games. The game was not in neutral setting.

Crenshaw Coach

"Crenshaw High that's where I'm from" - Beastie Boys

I don't want to waste my time arguing for my football team. You haters aren't mad that your team didn't make it to the State Championship. You're mad because a few inner city boys stayed together to show you what you already know. USC and UCLA recruit our players and we shine at all levels. We have the grades and the athletism to play at the next level. I'm not going to say anyting else to defend our football team, but I will be there. I'll have on my Crenshaw gear and I will bring my pride and the game will take care of itself. I haven't read one post from the De La Salle fans saying anything negative about our team or our school. Haters we love y'all...keep doing what you do. ;-)Who's HOUSE???




In Hoc Signo Vinces means "In this sign you will conquer".
WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO im impressed. Would you like a pat in the back and for us city folk to tell you "good job son" daddy's proud of you? Your gonna conquer a blog!! LOL

How dumb is your argument about private vs public schools hmmm lets see.
Private schools only take the smartest kids. You do have to
take an entrance exam.If daddy donates enough money you can bypass this. If your a star athlete you can by pass this as well. Public schools have to take everyone. Feel free to call me a liar. An honest alumni or current student wouldn't lie would you?

Would you like the gold stars on the chalk board yet??

Im surprised that financial aid is at 50% for the whole student body. Whats the financial aid of your Starting athletes?? Yeah I know its not at 50% its just about under 10% and quite frankly your star athletes who cant afford to be there are taken care of financially. You can lie about this,but good catholics dont,so be honest.

You should consider yourself blessed that you are a servite friar or former servite friar but you shouldn't be knocking kids who dont have the luxury to have what you have or had.

A bunch of bad apples ruin it for a lot of kids, but there are great kids in L.A. city schools,and its unfortunate that peoople like you try to kick them down because your parents had money. Paper smart and street smarts are two different things and without your money im sure you would be useless as your points in this football blog.

City vs Private as you say is the politically correct game that will be played. Since you are the one who says that private school people are the leaders of tommorow, dont you think its ironic that, what you preach is who put this game in your face?

Make sure you stick around after your game so you can watch the joke that is the MAIN EVENT!! Win or lose Crenshaw from the la city section of public schools and not servite will have played in the MAIN EVENT.


MEMO to "Optimus":

I have never lived in LA area, never been to Crenshaw or personally known anyone who went to school there and do NOT live in California, but I am a huge Cougar fan & proud to be a part of Crenshaw NATION!!

If you are as big a fan of "The SHAW" as you claim to be, you need to stop your condescending diatribes against FELLOW Crenshaw fans and back them up instead of CRACKING on them!! If you want to crack on somebody, crack on DeLaSalle and THEIR fans...Go Cougars!!


crenshaw nation???? PLEASE, give me a frickin' break. It's a HIGH SCHOOL,
not even remotely close to a NATION. The Pac 5 happens to be the TOUGHEST high school football playoff in the NATION. yes, you're a good team, but know exactly what you're talking about and do us all a favor and get over yourself. Your double-negatives are making my eyes hurt, along with your whiney self-victimizing attitude. Grow up cry baby. Nonetheless, I will still be rooting
for The SHAW!

tres amigos

I'm sure Crenshaw has good size but I have seen 240 pound linemen from DLS put 300 pounders flat on their ass or just blow right by them. Those boys are very, very strong and quick. It should be a good game.

In Hoc Signo Vinces


Also as a point of fact 50% of the current Servite students receive financial aid. So I guess that puts a big whole in your silly argument.

Finally "hypocrite" has a "e" at the end.....

In Hoc Signo Vinces


I think all the Servite and De La Salle Alumni would love to publish our last 10 graduating classes SAT scores, universities of graduation including graduate Schools, and current career position against whatever public school you wish to compare.

That would be a bigger joke than the games next week.....


DLS - Here is a segment of a post from the "why" thread that I posted earlier, Maxpreps has Servite rated as the number two team in the country and they can not get into the big game.
Westlake is ranked 19th in the nation, is 14-0 and is not in a state championship game.

The southern section looks rather silly on this one!

Also, Servite offered to play Oaks Christian in week zero. They wanted to be the best team in the country not just the Pac5.

I have nothing against Crenshaw and actually believe they will easily handle DLS, but they played one big game. The only bigger injustice would have been if Oaks Christian would have taken the open slot. Their schedule was even softer, think Charmin soft.

The Crenshaw coach may be right with regards to having high end talent, but Servite and Westlake were consistently better prepared than their opponents this season. Both teams are also two of the hardest hitting teams in SoCal. Crenshaw was the political choice. Let's call it for what it is.


Crenshaw better do their homework this week on DLS. You are playing an extremely well coached and discplined team in DLS. Crenshaw is good , but DLS is not Narbonne . THey are a storied program from the North that will show you some real huevos come Saturday. Obviously ,they are well respected , despite two losses. Just shows you that they don't play any cream puffs. You beat DLS and you got my respect this year City section.

Crenshaw Coach

Crenshaw's larger, more physical, more athletic, 300lb line will give us the advantage. If you haven't heard of that type of advantage stop talking about NCAA players.

Orange Luther, Servite, and several other Southern Section schools are constantly attending our Junior All American games to recruit players. I can't wait until game time. You all don't know about Crenshaw. We graduate kids from universities, and colleges all around the world. We win State titles, and some of our alumni are some of the biggest names in all sports. We have a very unique mixture of students. Some of our students are sons and daughters of lawyers and doctors; while some of our students are harden criminals just trying to change their lives. Remember that Crenshaw was built as an experiment. The very location of the school itself is unique for you have Baldwin Hills and Windsor Hills to the west and South Central Los Angeles to the east. I love it!!! We are all experiencing history and I can't wait until the game is over to hear you haters come up with more excuses. It's so hard to be a Cougar!!! You hate us and we love you for it. LOL!!! Hollywood make movies about us, and you envy our talent. Who's HOUSE???


In Hoc Signo Vinces
Your right the elite do pay for the masses. The elite also pay for there championships by recruiting only the best talent to play for there schoools from surrounding public schools.
Crenshaw emanates athletes that are not payed for. If californias future leaders come out of the same source that they do now we are in for even more problems.

Money doesn't replace the fact that studid and idiotic statements like the one you posted spell nothing but hypocrit so do us all a favor and go emanate yourself in your fantasy land daydreams!


Yes, it is too bad California can't have a true football playoff and championship system. Eastlake High School (Chula Vista, San Diego County) just won Div. I here, yet the team that won Div. II (Oceanside) was selected to advance to the state championships IN THE DIV. I SLOT!!

Wow. Why couldn't they advance in Div. II and have Eastlake advance in Div I?

The arbitrariness of it all astounds me.

cougar pride1

i keep seeing people from the OC and from DLS question CRENSHAWS schedule. DLS played 2 good teams from out of state, the teams they played in state and have played in state for years has been very unworthy based on there scores. playing 2 good teams from out of state doesn't make their schedule any different from any scedule that CRENSHAW plays or the OC schools play. CRENSHAWS preseason schedule had teams from the southern section that finished at the top or near the top of their leagues, not 1 of them was a bottom feeder as some of you think. CRENSHAW didn't run from you so called better than everybody else southern section teams they took them on and beat them when no one thought they had a chance. CRENSHAW did what they had to do THEY WON BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED IN THEMSELVES. OC WHINNERS give it a break city schools beat you this year. DLS take this CRENSHAW TEAM lightly and it will be a long bus ride back to DLS.


Honestly, Servite or Crenshaw or Serra could've gotten the Open Division Game. Perhaps even Westlake. Just like the BCS, somebody is left out.

De La Salle is a great team and I believe their two losses are to Don Bosco Prep (New Jersey), the number-one team in the country, and another school from Florida. Crenshaw is undefeated and easily went through the City Section, so you can't argue with that. But I think Servite got the tougher matchup. The Rocklin Thunder might hit Servite in the mouth all night. Rocklin beat Grant (Sacramento), one of the best teams in the country, and beat Nevada Union (Grass Valley) and their quarterback Broughan Jantz (brother of ex-Crespi quarterback, Steele Jantz), 41-36 (although it was 41-22 toward the end of the game) earlier in the season, a team that just also won a Section Title.


Congrats Crenshaw, Crenshaw Coach, Crenshaw Nation, and all L.A City! Do a great job on filmwork this week-De La's O-line even if it only weighs 185 a piece fire off the ball like their crazy and Coach Lad always has a few trick plays ready for the big moments! Have a great week of practice-some of us at the end of the 110 will be pulling for you! Coach "G' is the man!


@Crenshaw Coach

I was wondering what you meant by "Our talent will make up for all of the things that you buy to half-way make you able to compete with real athletes. " I played at Servite and I'm not sure if you know this but we have produced what some might consider "real athletes". I mean unless playing in the Army All-American game and playing for USC isn't a good standard for determining a kid's athleticism.
It is true that Servite may not have as many of these "real athletes" but I think it is proven time and time again that it is the disciplined team that executes its game plan that truly has the advantage. Otherwise my team would not have been able to beat any city section team or even half our games in the OC for that matter.

Also I personally have never heard of a coach in my years of college or high school ball who based their argument for victory on size or 300lb slob type linemen.
And I think thats a first for seeing a "coach" type LOL...


CALABASASKID Its pretty simple. Westlake needs to play quality teams in la or the oc so people know who you are.

Crenshaw fans its useless to keep going back and forth. Coach Garrettt, The Black Mamba,The Brick and the rest of the young cougars will do all talking they need to do on the field.

As coach Garrett would say "Aint no one gonna give us any respect, we can win this game by 21 and they would say that we where lucky"

In Hoc Signo Vinces

Typical...The Elite have to pay for the masses.

The best teams are both private & Catholic - and probably where California's future leadership will emanate. (Yes public school grads you probably need to look this word up to understand its meaning)

So Servite v DLS presents the obvious statement that no one in the California Public education system wants to discuss. Its utter failure.

But Crenshaw v DLS makes politically correct sense and makes everyone feel good about the mediocracy that befalls us all and our nation.

Crenshaw Coach

Breaking news: Just checked the most important element of the game...for you information Concord De La Salle's defensive line isn't going to match up to Crenshaw's 300lbs Offensive linemen. Therefore, if De La Salle can't stop Crenshaw from scoring the game may become a fast paced, high scoring shoot out. The advantage goes to the inner-city track team.

I was at the City Championship and the new wishbone look ate up big chunks of the clock and kept Narbonne's defense on the field until they were tired and begin to give of huge runs for TD's. How do you prepare a boy for a man's game? LOL!!! Who's HOUSE???

Crenshaw '85

@DSL oops I mean DLS

Maybe De Lasalle lost to those out of state teams because they are no where near the best in California. Tell Ludicras or what ever your coach's name is, to do his research before he hits the field! To all you SoCal people who are showing no loyalty, no unity and plenty of disrespect to this Crenshaw team, you will eat your words. And I hope Servite gets stomped!


I just don't see how Westlake is not playing one of these games...can we get an explanation please...


I too am disappointed in the draw as Servite is easily the best competition out there. It's sad to see that teams actually get punished for booking a difficult schedule. DLS consistently goes out of NorCal and state to find the best teams. (Both losses came against two of the best teams in the country and came from New Jersy and Florida). What do they get for that? a 9th rank in California by Max Preps. I will not at all be surprised if coach Lad runs this one up to prove a point

Ricardo Chavez

I live in Denver,CO and I am interested in seeing the Crenshaw vs. Concord De la Salle Game, am I able to watch it online? I seen that Prime Ticket was going to carry it, but was unable to find their website. Any suggestions?

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