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Live blog: Crenshaw vs. Concord De La Salle

Crenshaw (14-0), the first-ever team from the City Section to play in a CIF bowl game, will face its biggest challenge of the season tonight when it lines up against Concord De La Salle (12-2) for the unofficial state title.

For more on tonight's game, check out Ben Bolch's game preview. The game will be televised live by Fox Sports Prime Ticket and online. You can also listen to an audio broadcast of the game.

[UPDATED, 10:49 p.m.: Concord De La Salle defeats Crenshaw, 28-14, in CIF state championship Open Division bowl game]

-- Austin Knoblauch

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ShameShaw Redemption

The difference between Crenshaw's 2009 football team and thier great basketball-state championships of the past? The Cougar basketball dynasty FINISHED the job!



I hope you are not a Dorsey Don fan. And exactly how did they ruin the city's chances?

City Pilot

To all of you guys who want to criticize the Crenshaw fans, forget about it. If they didn't stay till the end of the game, fine. Still, I have read to many comments by others that are mean spirited. All you need to do is go over all the hard thing they are syaing about the Cougars. All this is not warranted.

City Pilot

Alot of you people from the o.c. and lakewood really miss the point. These guys are not pros, they are still in high school. Some of you idiots need to get a life, and learn to have some class. I don't care from wherever the teams come from; these boys are doing the right thing, especially in todays society. All the boys should be lifted up and given praise for doing the right thing. No, instead we have these fools looking to bring down Crenshaw for going undeafted and winning a championship. Crenshaw deserved a bowl bid. If you don't like what they got, to bad. Let these teams that want to be there next year work harder.


I guess Crenshaw ruined the City section's chances of never being invited to the state championship bowls again. Thanks Cougars! Quitters!


Congratulations to all the newly crowned state champions. You all won some very tuff games. To the runner-ups there is a reason why you all where playing in these games at its was evident by what you did on the field.

A few comments about this past weekends games.
Serra won a heck of a game. Marin catholic even after losing there star regrouped and made a run at serra. My hats off to you MC!! Serra you had a dream season so enjoy it.

I watched the 2nd half of the Servite vs Rocklin game live and watched the first half on sunday. There is a reason why servite won not only the state game but also the pac-5 titles. Cody Fajardo is a stud. This kid is the tim tebow of high school football. College recruiters should be lining up to get this kid. He is a winner. It wouldn't surprise me to see fajardo be a better college qb than matt barkley. Rocklin, even thou you where not at full strength, you showed the heart of champions. The rocklin players should be holding there heads up high. One can only wonder what the outcome would have been had rocklin been at full strength.
In the open division Concord De La Salle showed why its a 7 time national champion. Cdls wore crenshaw down and put the game away with its last touchdown drive. This game took a big turn irght before the first half. On the "play" not only did crenshaw lose the black mamba they also didn't get a call that might have changed the outcome/mentality before the half. Replay clearly shows that the cdls player fumbled the ball and it should have resulted in a touchback. It is what it is and thats football. Crenshaws team for whatever reason didn't step it up after that. Crenshaw drove on cdls but didn't make the plays when they had to. Dropped passes, no run game(city player of the year where where you?). Losing the black mamba shouldn't have had the effect that it did. Crenshaw had to many studs who should have stepped it up like the cdls running back did. The rb was a human highlight reel in the second half.

In reading all the comments it doesn't surprise me that the same people who where criticizing crenshaws selection where the same people who are talking crap about crenshaw now. If you watched the game and know football then you would know that crenshaw deserved to be there. Crenshaw went head to head with one of the nations best programs and at the start had them reeling by 14 points. Crenshaw represented the city well. If crenshaw had made some plays the outcome may have been different but then again cdls might have answered every crenshaw score.
As I was walking out of the staduim there where some cdls fans walking out at the same time and an older gentlemen said something that made me chuckle. The man said "Boy that was a hard hitting game. Those guys hit our guys harder than any team we played this year (He chuckled and finished by saying) where usually the ones doing the hitting." The man had said something that I was thinking and that is that the game was a very good hard hitting game.

In response to th LB guys assesement on snoop dog. If snoop dog is front running for crenshaw and at the same time he is providing money, his name, or anything else in order to get kids into pop warner and out of the streets I could care less if he front runned every school in the nation. To say something that dumb only goes to show your stupidity. Snoop is helping the kids and maybe just maybe he will make a difference in a childs life for the positive.

Coach Garrett is who he is and if was as bad as some would say the administration would have got rid of him a long, long time ago. Coach garrett is arrogant, cocky, and walks around with a chip on his shoulder but he is also the guy that puts his kids in there place and trys to get them to be better men. He is by no way a babysitter and if your a parent he will tell you things that are straight up and if you cant take it he still wont sugar coat it. A previous commenter said "that whatever it is, it works at crenshaw" and he is right.

Once again congratulations to all the teams that played this past weekend you where all deserving and if you guys played each other ten times I wouldn't be surprised if you guys ended up splitting the games 5 a piece.



Crenshaw Parent

If you know anything about Crenshaw Football then you would know coach Gman sends gang members to college! It take a special person to deal with these type of kids and keep them on the right track! The sad part is he has developed this weird thug ego that makes him unapproachable to most but crazy as it sounds works for the kids.

@ Luther Waters Thank you for making crenshaw parents look broke and needy as for myself and most of the parents I know we didn't need the handout! Mr. Waters I hope your around when it's ring buying time!!



You know, you have a good point. The Crenshaw Nation's fans did file out in droves and did not even stick around to give their hometown boys an ovation for thier successful season! Shame, shame, shame on the fans!

And please, don't use that "we live in the ghetto" excuse for not exercising courtesy...Obama wouldn't be President if that were the case anymore!

The Truth

LAUSD should give the Crenshaw community what they need by getting rid of Robert Garrett and that group of thugs he has masguerading as the crenshaw community supporters. DLS sits in the middle of Oakland, Ca as Serra sits just west of sc L.A. The students who attend both schools come from familys who refuse to subject/expose their Son's to the thug environment. The young men at crenshaw deserve better than what Robert Garrett has to offer.


Watch a lot of CA high school football on TV...though I live here in VA...

Not privy to all of the politics involved/discussed here...but I thought the game was well-played for the most part...and very entertaining...

DLS just plays with the confidence of a well-established program... They did not panic and simply absorbed to body blows Crenshaw delivered early-on...

Both teams/schools should be proud...


I played HS football in Southern Cal in the 80's. And I have lived all over California in the last 15 years watching HS football in San Diego, LA, Fresno and in particular the Bay Area & Sacramento.

DLS is great and of course will play anyone anytime and will beat most teams, but the due to school size the best competition other than DLS in the North Coast is in D-2 and below.

Other than DLS the best football is coming from the SJS section. I back that by the fact that the SJS is the only section to have wins from the north other than DLS wins. For competition purposes, I would like to see DLS play in the D-1 SJS and join Napa & Vacaville, and play other D-1's in Sac and Merced.

It also seems to me that Oceanside was one of the best teams this year and no one has mentioned them as being worthy of an open bowl? And what would have happened in a Servite-Oceanside during the regular season Matchup?

LaDrina LaFontaine

To the Crenshaw Cougars!

Congratulations. However, you let the entire City section down after falling asleep after the first quarter.

We all were behind you considering a few years back we made a big stink over Birmingham being snubbed for the State Championship Bowls.

All 56 high-schools are really, really disappointed and embarassed right now.

Shame on you, the coaching staff and using Black Mamba's absense as an excuse. You were outwitted and out-coached. FUNDING has nothin' to do with it, so don't even go there!


All Talk:

So you're telling me that the majority of those wins didn't come against the North Coast. Because Im pretty sure they did. Three games at most on De la Salle's schedule. Comes from tough non league foes. The rest are nothing but punching bags for De La Salle. And you are wrong, those are not the only two teams from SoCal to defeat DLS.


Crenshaw blogged about how they are underdogs & underappreciated, an over looked inner city public school with no budget and no free Nike uniforms. What the players really lacked was a supportive family and crowd. The crowd started to disperse with 7 minutes in the last quarter. I was shocked at the rude mobs of people filing out before the players received the standing ovation they so deserved. The student athletes's hard work put Crenshaw on the map this year. What Crenshaw fans can't find is the way out of the ghetto....even with a map.


I remember my freshman year at San Fernando High we played Crenshaw for our first round city playoff game. We had a quarterback who went on to smash records at USC by the name of Anthony Davis.
Back then there were many inner city teams that were powerful and displayed pride in their school and poise on the field.
Locke H.S. and Fremont H.S. come to mind.
With desegregation in the valley schools and the building of O.C. many families had choices never seen before and moved out to outlying places. Plus many fomerly white schools grew tired of being the doormat of city schools. So they recruited much of the local LA City Talent laden middle schools. Along with gangs and crime, the demise of inner city schools beann and continue to face uphill battles.
I commend Calvin Broadus aka Snoop Dogg for being the man he is and giving back to so many youths that had nowhere else and no one else to look up to in their generation with the ultimate respect who would enter into the hood and change the game literally. For all the Servite, Alamany, West Lake and other schools that dominate the scene now, None of you had to overcome what Snoop Dogg had to work with and keep peace among so many rival gangs to allow a game of football to be played in peace.
My hat is off to you Snoop Dogg for being the person to spark a city that needed to rise up again in football. Much Love my brother...Pacoima OG for life.


The Cougars may not have won but they showed they could play with with a team who had not only won but dominated many great SoCal programs in past years. Crenshaw was clearly the bigger,faster,and more talented team on field. That, however, was not what decided the outcome of this game. De La Salle's team outcoached, outplayed, and outwitted Crenshaw's team. De La Salle was the better team that night.
We may only wonder what would have happened if Deathony Thomas would have gotten hurt. Was it his fault that he got hurt? No, not at all. He did what any other knowledgable defensive player would do; try to stop the ball carrier from scoring a touchdown. His job wasn't only to make plays on offense; he had to do whatever he could on both sides of the ball. What was clear was that Deathony Thomas came to play. It was just misfortunate that he couldn't help his team for the rest of the game. Even without the presence of the Black Mamba, Crenshaw was still in position to win the game. The Cougars, however, could not convert on certain key downs. Even with the great defensive showing of the Spartans, Crenshaw showed that they still could move the ball, effectively. They drove into the red zone twice but couldn't convert. Those two INTs also stopped two potential come back drives. They had their opportunities to win without the Black Mamba but couldn't seize them.
Cresnhaw still represented the LA City Section well. They played hard and showed why they were chosen to play in the open division. They're still winners in my book.

Sad and Embarassed

That 28-14 loss to DeLaSalle proved the nay-sayers correct.

The L.A. City section does NOT belong! Thank you Crenshaw!!!

Sad and Embarassed

Crenshaw was 14-0, was ahead 14-0 in the first quarter were the better team...BUT they lost to 12-2 DeLaSalle who looked more disciplined as the game progressed!

Crenshaw had a large crowd of supporters and outnumbered DLS's crowd by 3-1, BUT it sounded like DLS's crowd was louder, more supportive of their team and were cheering their behinds off! While the Shaw's supporters sat like they were watching their basketball program from the 70's, 80's and early 90's...expecting to win just by showing up!

Crenshaw's high-stepping Grambling-style band and marching units were great BUT DeLaSalle, (a suburban Catholic school) had thier drum-line rocking the house AND were constantly playing and firing the crowd on the stands. Crenshaw's band just sat in the stands and only played sporadically and did NOTHING to fire-up the crowd.

Indeed, the LA City section cried and clamored to be invited to the show...Crenshaw had everything -talent, the crowd and a championship spirit, BUT disappointed EVERYONE!!!

Work on it Crenshaw Nation!

C - House

The Black Mamba has NO HEART! He left the biggest game of his life, he is heartless, go get a heart


Crenshaw High School Coach Garrett what can we say! Nothing? He is one of the rudest coaches in the city of los angeles. Crenshaws football team has great talent. Now lets see how many players make it to the next level.

tres amigos

shawdawg...i remember DLS playing some SoCal "powers" during the streak. Mater Dei and LB Poly ring any bells. Do you remember who won those games? Well I do, DLS did. They beat Mater Dei 4 times in a row and LB Poly twice in back to back seasons. O yeah and that great Mission Viejo team that you brought up in 2004 that played one of the worst teams in DLS history and only beat them 17-14. A team led by Mark Sanchez, Chane Moline, and the oldest Reuland brother couldn't even destroy a DLS team that had their asses handed to them by a team from Washington and Clovis West from the Central section. A team that tied two teams from NorCal including a team in it's own league?

California football this year was down in general. Last year's Grant, CC, Poly, and DLS would have smashed every single team this year except for this year's DLS. This year's DLS would have beaten their 08 version as well as they would have beat CC and Poly. Grant would have been a great game. A lot of good football teams and a few very good football teams. No great teams. I watched every single game this year and given the fact that I grew up in LA and like seeing the SoCal teams win DLS was by far the most impressive on the weekend. Servite and Crenshaw would have been a good game and I think if they played ten times they would split those games. The most impressive players in order were 1. Robert Woods 2. the Black Mamba 3. Blake Renaud/Dylan Wynn 4. Fajardo 5. Isaiah Burse/Deon Randall

Also to every one bashing snoop dogg. Wow he starts up a low-income football league in the inner city and helps get kids off the streets and playing football to set them up for potential college scholarships and better things in life and you are bashing him. For once it's nice to see a rapper not "makin it rain on dem hoes" and helping bring something good to a disadvantaged neighborhood. He can rep the Shaw all he wants because his program made it possible for those players. You heard him he is still a Poly guy but he was out there supporting the kids he has helped.


BIG CHUCK - much respect to your post. i have to admit i hadn't put it that perspective, but to be honest that is a bigger issue with mixing the private and public schools. i still believe if you look at the strength of schedule Servite earned the open spot. exactly the same way De La Salle did by having 2 losses on their record. would they have won? you never know. they have made a season of staying in games until the end and finishing. your post did give me pause to think as i have volunteer coached myself and know what a commitment it takes, so much respect to Crenshaw for their achievements and apologies for anything i have said that may have offended them and their team. they have done hard work and put up a good fight in the championship. good luck to you as well in you work as a coach and thanks for making a difference with the kids.


Congratulations DLS. Crenshaw got a raw deal on the fumble out of the end zone and then their star tailback goes down on the same play... but that's football. BUT YOU ALL ARE MISSING THE POINT OF WHY DLS KICKS EVERYONE'S ASS. (and will continue to SoCal)
I've said it before and i'll say it again. DLS offensive line play gets away with a lot of false starts. The officials never call it. To the kids credit they have a lot of perfect snaps when the whole line is in unison. The other way to look at it is that on the other plays they get off way too quickly. Its hard to see in real time, but way to obvious using frame by frame in DVR mode.
Don't believe me, lol. watch the TD at 1:54 2nd QTR (right guard #67) especially the replay before commercial break.
Then another habit they have that doesn't get called is they tend to not be stationary when the ball is snapped. typical example with good camera angle is 8:03 3rd QTR (tight end on left and L tackle at top of screen, when the movement is continuous until ball snapped). Can't see it? use frame by frame, they are never stationary.
Dang this team is super well coached!


Crenshaw, while a very good team, is not a complete football team and they have a long way to go before being considered a contender for the top 10 in California. They had no business playing in a State Championship. They were the weakest of the 10 teams invited to Carson. Rocklin got screwed as the should have played the Shaw. Any team there this weekend would have beaten Crenshaw.

All Talk

ShawDawg, "It's easy to win 151 games"????? I guesss that's why everyone else is doing it. Typical mouthing off by in a typical South Central Crenshaw manner. De La Salle did not have thier winning streak snapped by any Southern Cal school. That happened in the state of Washington and their Coach predicted before the start of the year that the streat would be snapped. At the time Coach L from DLS had more undefeated seasons than he had total losses in his career. DLS has defeated every major football power in Southern California, twice. LB Poly, Mater Dei, Mission Viejo, Loyola... the only Suothern Cal teams to ever beat DLS were Centennial (which they avenged the following year) and and Welch coached Canyon Country team.


@ The Truth

It's easy to run off 151 game winning streaks. When you win your section 18 years in a row. Nobody in the North Coast is even mentionable. When you started scheduling the tougher Southern Section teams. (Like the Mark Sanchez led 04'Mission Viejo team , and nationally. No more winning streaks. @ JR: Crenshaw has had a better team than Lakewood the last two seasons. 08' we let you off the hook.

And Ibalum, if you had son and he played for a school that you did not attend. Would you show up to cheer him on with your old high school gear on? I don't think you would. Snoop has ties with Crenshaw players, so he came to the game in support of Crenshaw.

Lastly, the boys from Shaw City did an outstanding job. We didn't win but im pretty sure they won themselves respect. For all of you who will continue to hate. It's cool, Crenshaw doesn't need your blessings to still be Crenshaw. Like we say "It's so hard to be a Cougar".

Ms. Football

You clowns from Servite must be kidding,,,De La Salle would have sailed you away. Crenshaw was very deserving to be there. Those kids deserved to be there. Lakewood who..must I remind you that Thomas was hurt during the Lakewood game and guess what Lakewood still lost. Way to represent cougars, job well done. De La Salle are the rightful champs they wanted it more and they stayed fundamanentally sound throughout the entire 2nd half. Crenshaw will be back next year for all you haters out there. Karma has NOTHING to do with it..the better team won and thats that

The Truth

MPG, All respect due. La Native could use a lot of help.
The Truth...

Real Talk

First off, I will say Hats Off, To all the teams that made it this far. Just to be concidered for the State playoffs is a major acccomplishment. I am a TRUE Crenshaw Fan and my pupose for posting is to 1. Congratulate the Cougars for a very inspirational season! 2. To Say regardles of my 3rd point, I know the game would have been different with the Black Mamba. and 3. (Most Important) Success is the factor of the culmination of several factors: Hard work, Preparation, Talent, Leadership, Prayer and Kharma! Crenshaw had most of these things working to thier favor. But a very important element, has to do with reciprocity. In other words, you do people wrong and it comes back on you. Crenshaw's Coach Garrett did not deserve to win such a high profile game. The kids did. Garrett is a very disrespectful man. Things that he has done to parents, students, fellow staff, Alumni and college coaches for that matter, is the reason God, did not reward the Cougars this time around. When the Coach learns to humble himself, respect the community, fellow coaches, Staff, Alumni and the Kids as a whole, The prospects for success and a State Title are enourmous for Crenshaw next year. It is a good thing to dicipline your players and prepare them for college careers. You are to be commended for the amount of players that have gone on to play D-1 football out of the Shaw. However you should also be repremanded for the many more that would had gotten out, had it not been for YOU! Refrain from feeling the power to disrespect your peers, Alumni, Staff and people who love Crenshaw High. A lot of your former players and college coaches stay away because of YOU!

The Truth

Are you trying to win a pulitzer? This is just a blog.

The Truth


LA NATIVE: Punctuation would be good here. LAUSD grad?

The Truth

You and the rest of the cougar idiots need to wake up and face reality. Crenshaw showed up to a gunfight with out a gun. They have pop warner coaches (including the head coach) who have piggy backed on the talents of some very talented kids. You show up with one Black Mamba when DLS came with two bus loads of Mongooses. You follow snoop dog like he is the second coming of Christ, and by the way he has no football experience what so ever, I believe he is a rapper, no connotation with football. You bring all of this to the gunfight with the hopes of defeating a coach who put together a 151 one game winning streak. 14 and 0 is luck! 151 is Genius at its best. The one thing you did get right last night, there was "MALICE IN WONDERLAND"



Crenshaw got what they deserved last night. Where are the over-zealous
fans now? Pathetic Crenshaw 'nation'.


thomas wasnt even crenshaw leading rusher this year. he was not the whole team go and watch the games, ask lakewood and norco. Crenshaw lost because of discipline, coaching, and fatigue. The refs also never called a flag on de la. 3 interceptions loose your top player and only loose by 14 which shouldve been 7 last score came late. Please pac 5 give me a break. the city handed the pac 5 a lot but whippings this year


PLEASE,servite? againest de la salle?. it would have been a blow out!!. easiily, crenwshaw was a better team then da la, but dela excuted to perection, servite, barely beat a team that should of beeen out the playoffs,. THE PAC 5 IS SOOOOOOOOOOO overrattted! honestly, whens the last time a pac 5 team took out a northern california power?.(rocklin and palo alto are not considered powers out here in nor cal. greta job crenshaw but CIF for sure got it right this year.


first off i would like to say majority of crenshaw haters are ignorant crenshaw has a star player in thomas but they don't overwork him they don't risk his future career by forcing him to play injured in a game that really means nothing obviously southern section and schools like de la salle have better coaching does that mean that a team that is 14-0 has no right to play in a game LA should take pride in Crenshaw and their fans who showed up in large numbers to support their team the fans and team showed class in way they represented socal to rip on crenshaw and say they live strictly off thomas is ridiculous research how many carries he had before he was injured plus it is just highschool football in case you forgot so having only one great player even if it were true is nothing to be ashamed of as far as snoop he obviusly is a frontrunner but who cares at least he is there showing support unlike some other ex-crenshaw stars be happy for the city section everybody already knows southern section is much stronger plus without thomas injury much different game


Thank you Crenshaw Cougars for all you did! You are the LA City Champs and you reppresented well in the state game! The rest of this is directed to Cortines, Fiege, and Aguirre-LAUSD gets disrespected because even though we get the same $s/day /kid just like the SS, LAUSD pays their coaches car wash workers wages and provide even less #s of coaches/sport than the SS. WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING TO????? BLESSINGS TO ALL CURRENT lausd coaches! You are awe-inspiring! Shame on your leaders who disrespect you and spit on your efforts with their lack of equity and financial support!We in LAUSD understand what the outsiders with closed minds and hearts refuse to see!!!

Hey Zeus

I am neither a Crenshaw fan nor a Servite fan - just a football fan. Allow me to address certain comments made here. It seems Servite alums/fans are upset because they were not chosen for the open bowl of the State Championships. So, it's not enough that you won a Div II State Championship? You're saying you could have defeated De La Salle? I watched both games from the stands - and you had your hands FULL with a slow, undersized Rocklin team. And had that last Rocklin pass not been underthrown - you would have found yourself in OT. I give props to Servite fans for packing the stands and creating a blackout - but your team is lacking in the one area which Crenshaw and De La Salle have an abundance: team speed. Crenshaw did lose its heart and momentum when the Black Mamba got hurt - but I have little doubt that its size and speed would have been too much for Servite. And if you allow a weaker Rocklin team to rally from THREE TD's down - you would have been chewed up by De La Salle. My suggestion: be happy that you get to hang a state championship banner in your gym because if you had gone up against De La Salle, your post-game military calisthenics routine would have been performed as a runner-up consolation exercise.

Here we go again

JR Lakewoods season was over three weeks ago. We will see you next year. Crenshaw you represented your school,alumni ,and your community well. Ibhsfan...You said a team should not ride on the shoulders of one star. What would have happened to Servite if their star QB would have went down with an injury? By the way Servite barely beat Rocklin. You think they would have done better against De La Salle? To the Crenshaw football team and fans you have nothing to be ashamed of. You played hard. All these negative post are from sour, bitter people who's team did not make it this far, or was not invited to the open bowl championship.


ibalum, you sound like an idiot. poly is the most overrated and under coached team in america and has been for years. how about the times your waaaaay more talented jackrabbits got the s#$# kicked out of them by an undersized de la salle team. last night's game was a battle of two deserving champions. good luck to both programs next year. and for the rest of you clowns, the city section was well represented by crenshaw.


This game proved the wrong team was selected. A smaller team with way more heart punched Crenshaw in the mouth and did not let them get up. I don't want to hear any excuses. Unfortunately, the game (Servite VS De La Salle) everyone wanted to see did not happen. Hopefully this game showed the fraud that is LA City Section football.

As a Poly fan I say good riddance to Snoop Dog. If you are a true Poly alum, you never put on gear like he had last night. I have never seen any other little league presidents come to a game and be the focus of attention because someone played in their league. Snoop is a guy who likes SC in football and UCLA in basketball. Can you say frontrunner? Snoop is not a scholar or a champion.

O-Line Coach

Ok for all you guy's who are making these comments let me first say on behalf of the Crenshaw Cougars to all you haters: "Take a trip with me and see as I see. Then and only then can you judge me and mine!" From the ground up I give Crenshaw a standing ovation! Staffed by mostly volunteer coaches the City section has men willing to give back to these schools by volunteering their time and effort for a game they love, or used to play. We dont stand behind big budgets, and whine un-warranted comments about teams who have much larger problems to deal with, that you would never even imagine, but we manage to win! I have heard comments from the C.I.F. side saying that facilties, uniforms, and other amenities dont have anything to do with winning football games all you need is a good weight room. Have you seen most city schools weight rooms? So really I dont even pay attention to any of you, and your comments. To my City Coaches - No! my City Brothers thank you for your time and dedication, and hat's off to the Crenshaw Cougars. We are proud of you!

Big Chuck O-Line Coach WHS Comets


LA City Section - over rated!

Maybe next year the CIF will get it right!


All I have to say is that was not #1 vs #2. One star player does NOT make a football TEAM. When Crenshaw lost it's star, it lost the game. That was not true for Servite this year when the lost their top 2 way player for 5 games. They continued to WIN. Not by 30 point blowouts against marginally good teams, against the hardest schedule in the nation. So when you beat your chest about how Crenshaw belonged in that game, check the score - it says it all. It should've been Servite and De La Salle, no questions asked. Maybe Crenshaw should've given their other players some game time in all of those blow outs in case they ever lost their star, but that would've been building a great team instead of riding on the shoulders of a star.

hsfb fan

JR.....what did that scoreboard read when the Shaw beat you? Have a nice holiday and continue to be a frustrated middle aged man who never got off the bench! Crenshaw represented the CITY the way, where is Lakewood?

JR Salazar

Well, we now know the answer to this question:
"Name one high school football team in California with an uncanny ability to waste a zero-week victory over an opponent hailing from a section that went undefeated in the State Bowl Games of the same year."

When you give up big gains left and right, you are NEVER, EVER, EVER going to win championships. In fact, you can forget about it.

Nice way to choke and throw away the state title, Crenshaw.

As a Lakewood alum, we really were unwise not to stop you on your last offensive series. Instead, we went out of our way to give you the win with our lack of clutch defending. We regret sparing you the embarassment you are going through this year.

Then again, De La Salle should thank fellow state champs Servite for getting rid of Edison and bringing in their place a team they can beat if they haven't already, but that's a different story.

Live and learn, Cougars. You can keep these have-nots, L.A. City Section big shots. We Southern Section folks want nothing to do with 'em.

(At least until they tangle with us next September.)


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