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Baseball: Pearson resigns at L.A. Roosevelt

Scott Pearson, who built the Los Angeles Roosevelt baseball program into one of the best in the City Section, has resigned after 10 years as coach. He will become the coach at Los Angeles Cathedral, where his twin brother, Kevin, is the football coach.

Pearson helped Roosevelt win seven Eastern League titles in 10 years. His teams made the City semifinals three times and reached the championship game at Dodger Stadium once. Pearson said lack of administrative support caused him to leave.

He'll be missed. His record was 273-59-3. His teams were competitive against the top teams from the San Fernando Valley. No replacement has been named at Roosevelt.

-- Eric Sondheimer

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Bye Bye Bruce


Nice timing. Your comments come the day after Cathedral takes sole possession of first place in the Camino Real League. I wonder how Pearson cheated to do that?

bruce leroy

he is a cheater and he does not care about anything other than his big ego and reputation !


This is to "a fan (or R.T., or rival coach) AND "FAN Too" (most likely rival coach's assistant)

I was an assistant coach At RHS and felt compelled to comment to you 2 guys. But first would like to thank "jus chill" for letting us know who you are "a fan"
It is very apparant how ignorant and jealous you 2 are. Because you lose 12 of 15 games to RHS you make excuses and bold lies while hiding behind a computer to talk trash about things you have no idea about which shows what kind of people you are.
Knowing Scott very well, I want you to know that he takes the responsibility of being an educator and role model very serious. You also know full well his teams are very disciplined and classy and no matter what he will never let them talk trash, show up an umpire, and swear. Every one of his teams represented the school and community as best as one can. And why do you purposely not mention the 3 previous league championships when Roosevelt had a combine record of 53-1-1 and a 44-game winning streak during that time with no transfers? Oh ya, that's right. the "well ran dry". You guys both stated that and yet RHS won 27 games including wins over 6 league champions. FACTS! FACTS! FACTS!
You also have the audacity to talk about recruiting? Your top 5 players the past 3 seasons all were on fake addresses.
Hey "FAN Too" , you also lie about Roosevelt coming in 5th place. You know full well they came in 3rd, 2 games out of 1st and 1 game out of 2nd. Check Maxpreps again! Yes, there were some grade issues, but what you didnt know is Pearson sat two top starters in the league championship game and never used that as an excuse.
When people critize others it just shows they are insecure about themselves - and in your 2 guys cases since you don't even know Scott, this shows your ignorance and incompetencies. It is really bad practice to say negative things about people you dont know - what you say has no merit. If you were fortunate to know him and work with him, you would have learned some class and character.

Phantom Fan

We had You're current Football Coaching staff and they were Horrible. You are lucky to be in that weak eastern league. Coach scott will not have to worry about kids grades at cathedral. At. cathedral no grades no play.


You are right. You can not win with ineligible players. Did you notice Roosevelt finish in fifth place last year in league and than they lost in the playoffs? Did you also notice that he lost at least four starters to not having the grades to play in the playoffs? Yes the well went dry and he is going to his brothers farm to drink from his well.


Negative comments about Pearson this is for you. You’re obviously on the other end of one of his 273 victories. As for players transferring to Roosevelt, you lost them because you’re a crappy coach and they want to win, or develop. Who wants to be a part of a terrible program? Hey FAN did you proof read that illiterate (means you can't read) statement you posted. If you are going to make comments that imply you are a pro-education person, at least use spell check. How can you people argue that record? Or the level of baseball that his teams play. Wake up people, he is a good coach who is dedicated and knows the game. The academic success of Pearson’s players at Roosevelt and his success go hand in hand idiot. How can he win games with ineligible players. People, worry about your own success, Pearson is successful because he earned it. Stop complaining because nobody wants to transfer to your schools. Look for Cathedral this year they will be all over the sports section, and maybe some of your players with them...legally :)

Fonzie 1

Just doing my part to bring another perspective into the mix... I believe every person is entitled to there opinion based on what they believe to be true. You can be sincere, however you can be sincerely wrong as well. I have known Scott for many years,and had my share of disagreements with him.. However my opinion of Scott is that of a man who holds himself and the people around him to the highest of standards. He is a loving husband and a wonderful father. It is very easy to sit in-front of a computer and discredit all his years of commitment,dedication and track record in a matter of seconds. Why is it so hard to say thank you and wish someone the best when it's time to move on ? None of us here are perfect. I believe we just do the best we can and learn to live with the results. Best of luck my friend and much continued success at your new school. God bless you all.

Belief... A feeling of absolute certainty about something.
Some will limit us and some will empower us. The beautiful thing is that we can chose what type of beliefs we want to employ.

Cathedral 4Life

To Greener Pastures: Sorry - I misread your comments. I thought I read where you said the Kevin is the AD and the school gave Kevin a new $5M field. That isn't what you said so please accept my apology. There are so many people out there banging on CHS - I get too sensitive I guess because I know what a great school it is and where the school and admin places it's values. Again, my apologies.


The Alumni will always back up the Sports dept. at Cathedral. Melvin henderson "70 donated 4.5 Million Dollars to the football field and Scoreboard. There are many Alumni that contribute to the Academic and Athletic side of Cathedral. It's a Great and Unique place where You actually Know some of the Big Alumni guys by Name. Garfield and Roosevelt have their big game once a year where the Alumni come out. At Cathedral, We have an Alumni wall Plaque that has all Phantoms for Life Recipients. Alumni are always present from different year's on campus at Cathedral. Go Phantoms"

Phantom Family

As the oldest archdiocese boys school, Cathedral has always had a very strong alumni contingent. That is why the school was never closed after the property was sold in 1985. Pearson will have a long tenure at Cathedral and like his brother in football, he will turn the Phantom baseball program into a powerhouse.

Greener Pastures

Cathedral4Life, I am bitter? My message was simple in that it stated Pearson will have a better time with the administration at Cathedral. I in no way disparaged or shed a negative light on Pearson coming to Cathedral, on the contrary, as a Cathedral alumnus I welcome him.

You mentioned that I was misinformed, I don't know how that can be since I was there at the football field dedication where it was stated with great fanfare that Melvin Henderson Rubio '73 - a Cathedral alumnus put up the $4 million for the Balzano Family field. And another alumnus put up the other million for the weight room. The Shea family contributed for the gym and science building but not the field - that was all almuni.

If you are Cathedral4Life, you should get your facts straight because the Phantom family does not need misinformed people like you making the case for us. Don't take away credit from the alumni where credit is due!

Cathedral 4Life

To Greener Pastures: You are bitter. What's worse, you are sadly and greatly uninformed. For your information, Coach Kevin Pearson is NOT the athletic director at Cathedral. The school DID NOT give Coach Pearson a new $5M dollar facility. The CHS Alumni are NOT big contributors to the athletic programs - they DO help fund the scholarship and financial aid programs, theatre, music and other fine arts programs.

The AD is Mr. John Ferrante.
The new $18M Sciences and Athletic Facility was funded primarily by the Shea Foundation, which also funded the practice field at Verbum Dei High School and continues to fund many other projects at Catholic high and elementary schools. From the L.A. Times: "Things began to change at Cathedral with a $6.2-million contribution from John and Dorothy Shea of the Shea Foundation that helped with the school's $18.1 million in improvements." The school raised the rest of the money.
Scott and Kevin Pearson are good men. I know them bothadn have interacted with them away from their coaching jobs. We are thrilled to have Scott join our athletic program and we thank the good people from RHS who have supported him all these years and continue to wish him the best in his new endeavors. You can learn something about class and decency from them... well, you COULD learn something... not sure you can or will.

jus chill

Hey "a fan" or should we say R.T.

It's all sour grapes homey, you need to get over it. You really sound like a disgruntled competitor. Your bitter comments are amusing, but obsessively scarey! This is coming from someone from both schools so you probably know who this is. Also, try to get your facts sraight. You say the "well ran dry" and rosevelt didnt win the league championship because there hasnt been transfers in years. Well I had to check Maxpreps and discovered that not only did rosevelt win the 3 previous league championships in a row, they had a record of 53-1-1 during that time with no transfers. Coach Pearson must have done a great job with those kids since "the well ran dry"! Dont put down the eastside kids. Rosevelt always has talent. Another interesting inaccurate statement you made was the scheduling. Thank God for Maxpreps! Rosevelt beat Palisades (undefeated league champs & 22wins), Poly (league champs 22 wins), Verdugo Hills (league champs 24 wins), Alhambra (league champs 17 wins), Crenshaw (league champs 23 wins)and a always a strong coached San Fernando (1 game out of 1st and 20 wins). That seems to be pretty good competition. Im not saying Coach Pearson is the best coach in the world (I did see one of his players drop a ball against Chatsworth at Dodger Stadium to lose the championship, and a botched squeeze the next year in the semis) what Im trying to say is you should stop the obsession with Coach Pearson. When you do, hopefully you can learn to smile and enjoy YOUR life - then you will finally realize you do have one! maybe

a fan

Hey rider fan,
Of course he hasn't had a transfer in a few years, that's why he didn't win league this year. The well ran dry. An as for all those wins, well he might want to star playing some competition BEFORE he gets to the playoffs instead of going 6-0 in his own hand picked tournament every year and winning the RBI for another 6-0. Seven losses in this past season, all in league. Tells you something about his non-league schedule. But hey, he became a DISCIPLINARIAN this year when he saw he had no chance of winning league and proceeded to blame the kids for not winning. I guess he had no more players to fly in from Mexico on his own credit card as the great samaritan that he is. You can't justify recruiting and cheating with a little prayer before games. You must live your life as if it were prayer. Finally, how AMAZING as a coach he was, he never had any GOOD players ineligible! WOW


While at So.Gate athletes were required to submitt a weekly progress report. No passing grades, no game jersey,nor suiting up game day. It's a given that a gifted athletic kids wants to come to any school with a winning program. Yes, what coach would not want these kids? and most coaches like coach Pearson care about them, but coaches can't be around them 24 hours a day. I'm a parent, teacher, and coach. Bytheway, this is a free post. Much respects to you and your greener pasture. We are: Bulldogs,Riders,Cardinals,Eagles,Knights,Lancers,Swordsman,
Titans, and family.

Even Greener Pastures

Who let the dog in? Hey bulldog you talk about academics and about transfers in the same breath. Get serious perro.

You make it seem as though the likes of you and Pearson encourage transfers for the academic opportunities that your schools present them when it fact it is for the football or baseball talent they possess.

You must be a coach and not a teacher.

Bulldog Alumni

Coach Pearson has done a great job with Riders Baseball. It is sad to see a Great Coach and mentor leave a program he has built due to lack of administrative support. Someone highier up wants to make a name for themselves by throwing someone else under the bus.
Spider, you must have major issues about coaches. Maybe you were cut from the team due to lack of stepping up your game in whatever position you tried out for. LET IT GO!
Best of Luck Coach.


First of all, don't knock a private school education because you may have had a bad experience. My kids are tops in their class. Second, Roosevelt has always had a sound baseball program, but coach Pearson has elevated their program to the next leve. Hence, giving it more recognition. Keep in mind, he's also a hell of a football coach. I know because I coached against him and his bro while they were at S.Gate. Next, every school that's WINNING will always have transfers,that's how you attract the best kids, especially if it has sound academics. Yes,Romero was already a good player at GHS, but the fact is he got better because he also received more coaching and better advice. Too many people are blind to the fact that every athletic coach gives their heart,soul,and time to produce a winning program, and yet they still go unappreciated. Coach Pearson has always dedicated themself to our kids and he'll continue to do so no matter where he coaches. GOOD LUCK!!! COACH.

sgv rider

Coach Pearson, I wish you much success at Cathedral. I want to thank you for the great years you put in while you were at Roosevelt High. I was so proud of all the kids and their achievements while under your guidence. Best wishes to you and congrats to Cathedral.


hey Football Man, r u trying to say that Pearson is not a good classroom teacher?
just like manny................go take a shower while your team mates go down.


hey mannywood...................anybody could play at south gate in those years........south gate hasn't had decent players since Mc Lean Coached there!!

Baseball Fan

There's nothing wrong with coaches changing schools people. That's no reason to knock coach Pearson's achievements. Best of luck to you coach.

Even Greener Pastures

Football Man,

I can't believe you just made those idiotic comments. You probably don't have a clue of what is going on at Roosevelt. What unethical things are you referring to? Don't accuse without having proof.

You talk about education, academics, and graduation yet you make more than seven spelling and errors in grammar. My guess is you have one of those private school edumacations that you are so passionately writing about. Or is it that you received one too many hits in the head when you played football?

Go back and read the previous posts. All those that admit to being Roosevelt people have praised Coach Pearson so why would you make a statement that "it is sad when Roosevelt put down successful people" and then go on to attack the football team. You are free to state your opinions but don't post accusations if you do not have proof or are not willing to share the inside information you seem to have. Please tell all of us that do not have the inside information what is really going on. It will probably make you feel like a bigger man.

William G.

Football Man : If I were you do not talk about the Football Program at Roosevelt and the coach in this school he is a Roosevelt Graduate with a degree and is coaching now giving back to the kids at Boyle Heights/East L.A. Javier Cid is a Great Coach. Alot of good players came from Roosevelt High School Example. Football Heisman trophy Winner Mike Garrett which went on to USC Graduated from both schools and is the Athletic Director for the Trojans, we are a prominent Football Team in the City of L.A. we have a winning tradition over Garfield also we have won Jordan the last two consecutive years and at 5-1 now be quite and shut up stay with baseball which this is about not football don't talk bad about our football program and coaches.You will be missed Scott Pearson great coach bye and thank you best wishes..Love RHS..

Football Man

With or without Scott, if a kid cannot Graduate from Roosevelt. What's that say about the Administration and Teaching system in place. At. least at cathedral he will not have that problem where Kids are Academic Kids. he will get the Talent he need's and will help The Athletic program in general overall. It's pretty sad when Roosevelt people put successfull people down , when they have un ethical and a bad football Coaching staff in place now.

Even Greener Pastures

Hey Rider Fan,

It is obvious that you are one of Pearson's mouthpieces. You talk about open enrollment and transfers and information that only those privy to it must know. No doubt you are a plant in Pearson's garden.

As for Romero you have got to be kidding that Pearson was the one that "developed" him. I guess the three years at Garfield didn't count for anything right? Pearson must have been playing catch with Ricky on the weekend during those first three years before he landed in Pearson's arms for his senior year. Ricky succeeded because he is a great kid wit a supportive father and mother, because he was a great student, and because he has a love for the game. You minimize his family's role by maximizing Pearson's in Ricky's development. Be serious.

I agree that the move to Roosevelt benefitted Ricky in the long run, but please don't even give the impression that Pearson "developed" Ricky. Now please go back to being the plant in Pearson's garden.

Good luck coach Pearson at Cathedral.


Spider, your an idiot! Ask the kids? Okay, here I am. I played for Coach Pearson for 3 years at South Gate HS and can tell you he is a great coach, the best. But more importantly than him helping us win 2 City 3A championships there, what I can tell you is that he was a huge positive influence on us more so than teaching us the game of baseball. He instilled on us that we were all going to college that it was not an option not too. Another thing that has been influential over the years is that he always told us to be good people above all - good sons, fathers, husbands neighbors. Now, I am a police officer with a bachelors degree, a husband and father and I always keep his words in the back of my mind. The kids at Roosevelt were very fortunate to have played for Coach.


The real brain trust in the baseball program was not Pearson. Just ask the kids.
The phone was the brain Trust....


How many of those kids in his wonderful basball program actually graduate from RHS. Pearson simply used kids to built his program. He never cared about anyone but himself. It's a shame that Scott is claiming lack of administrative support form him leaving. The fact is that he can not program kids in easy classes like he use too inorder to have kids eligible to play.Scott is a selfish individual who will win at all cost, even if it means your son not graduating from high school. But through his eyes, he is giving them a reason to saty in school. Well, what about when baseball season is over?
Cathedral, good luck!!!

Ted Roosevelt

Hey Pearson theres no crying in baseball........

Rider Fan

First of all... Thank you Coach Pearson for putting us on the map and not only competing, but beating the best schools in the Southland. I am part of the RHS family ('73) and have been following the baseball program since the 60s. Pearson did inherit a good team in '99, but unbelievably kept the program on top EVERY year. Roosevelt has only 13 league championships in the history of the school, 7 in Pearson's tenure. In '99 the team lost in the second round to Chatsworth. Two years later without those kids they were at Dodger Stadium for the first and only time RHS has ever been in the finals! Yes, there were a few transfers legally via Open Enrollment (including his son) but hasn't had a transfer in 5 years or so. All schools with strong coaching receives transfers (how many kids at Chatsworth actually live in the CHS area?) Parents want their kids to play in a program where it is best for them and where they can develop the best. (ask Ricky Romero) All you critics probably don't even know that Roosevelt doesn't even have a field to call their own. Coach Pearson has to scramble to find home fields and practice fields and the kids still manage to win as they are always prepared, strong fundamentally and very disciplined. The players always represented the school and community with class! There is no doubt he is the best coach in the LA area! Good luck at Cathedral Coach and thanks again for all you have done for our school.

Phantom Family

His brother Kevin IS NOT he athletic director, and has not been for the last three years.

Even Greener Pastures

I agree "Greener Pastures" with your assessment that Scott will have a very supportive administration at Cathedral. I'm sure the athletic director will be his biggest supporter. Oh wait isn't his twin brother the athletic director? If that is the case it is interesting don't you think?

I'll wait for the school's administration to make a statement before I make any further comment and I suggest those praising him do the same. There is always two sides to every story. We should all stay tuned.

Bobby Bernal

You will probably see the whole baseball team transfer to Cathedral from Roosevelt..

Pearson is the man.....

Greener Pastures

He will find a more cooperative administration at Cathedral. His brother got a brand new $5 million football field and training facility. The alumni will chip in to help promote his program. But the kids come from the same neighborhoods.


Scott Pearson is a fine coach and has kept Roosevelt a top program, but he did not take aver a program that was in the dump. Roosevelt was Eastern League champs in 1999 under Ramiro Garcia and, which lost a 1 run game in the playoffs to eventual city champ Chatsworth. Pearson inheirited a team in 2000 with 8 returning starters. This was hardly a losing program. He has kept Roosevelt on top with many transfers from other schools. I am sure he will do well at Cathedral as he will bring in transfers from all over the area. He is a very good coach and will win when he has the best talent.




People can say what they want about Scott, truth is, through all the investigations into his program, he came out scott-free, pun intended. He took a moribund program to uncharted waters and kept them there, which is pretty impressive. I just want to thank him for his time at RHS, for giving us hope every year, and may he have continued success at Cathedral. As far as the new guy goes, I know he has some big shoes to fill baseballl-wise, to him I wish nothing but the best, Does anyone out there know who's taking over?


Thank you Coach Pearson.
You made a horrible program into the best program ever. If you had the resources those valley teams had, then you'd be city champ every year. Lets see those valley teams do with what you put up with. You are DA MAN. Gracias.


His team has played in tournaments and has not paid yet

a fan

He built it alright, from players from the area, not his own (Montebello, South Gate, Huntington Park, etc, etc.) Now he can really get the players he wants, legally at least :)


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