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Your morning adorable: Sleepy dachshund tucks himself into bed

We could happily watch this tired dachshund grab his favorite blanket and tuck himself into his snug little dog bed on a video loop for hours at a time.

There's just a je ne sais quoi about sleepy animals, isn't there? We can't quite put our finger on what makes them so adorable, but the cuteness is undeniable.

Insomniacs, a suggestion: Perhaps you should start imagining this video in your heads, rather than counting sheep jumping over a fence, to help yourselves drift off to sleep at night.


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: dummygeek via YouTube

Video goodness: Cat's staccato meows sound like ... well, not much like meows

We couldn't help chuckling at the above video, which purports to show a cat barking like a dog, but in our humble opinion is a lot closer to a cat chirping like a bird.

In fact, if we may share our hunch, we suspect that this kitty may actually be watching a bird through the window and chirping like one out of frustration at being inside when the bird is outside. (It's just a guess, but we've seen something very similar happen before in an alarmingly cute video.)

Whatever this cat's reasons might be for making staccato noises that sound decidedly uncatlike, we admire his enthusiasm, and we're very thankful that someone had a video camera handy!


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: YuriPrim via YouTube

Video goodness: Patient cats allow tangerines to be stacked on their paws

In only a few days, the video above has been viewed more than 25,000 times. How can we account for that? In short, we can't -- but we can offer the observation that the stacking of objects on cats seems to be hypnotic to a certain breed of Web-surfing pet lover.

After all, that very concept spawned not only the popular website StuffOnMyCat.com, but also a book, a calendar and even a companion site devoted to things stacked on dogs.

Let's face it, folks: People love stacking things on their pets. And if there's one thing people love more than stacking things on their pets, it's fruit: delicious, nutritious fruit. (Hat tip to the Daily What, whose Afternoon Snack post Monday alerted us to these patient -- or catatonic -- kitties.)


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: shironekoshiro via YouTube

Video goodness: Animals love snow sledding (in some cases, enough to steal humans' sleds)

French bulldogs may have a love/hate relationship with doorstops, but their feelings about sledding -- at least, if the video above is any indication -- seem to be exclusively of the loving variety.

This dog's human family seems less than thrilled about their dog's sled-stealing ways, but that doesn't seem to dampen its excitement about participating in a fun winter activity. Clearly, no one has ever told them that there's more than one way to go dog sledding -- and one of them doesn't require a harness or the use of the word "mush."

The sight of a dog going sledding is certainly an unusual one -- nowhere near as commonplace as, say, the ubiquitous waterskiing squirrel -- but a perusal of YouTube taught us that this Frenchie isn't the only sledding dog out there.

After the jump, check out some other sledding dogs -- and, we kid you not, even one sledding cat.

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Your morning adorable: Dachshund puppy tries to play with his reflection in a mirror

It's hard to argue with the cuteness of a baby animal's confusion about the concept of mirrors. Whether it's a golden retriever puppy, a Brussels griffon puppy or a cute tabby kitten, if it is a baby animal who mistakenly believes its mirror image is another baby animal, it's sure to be adorable.

Now we have the pleasure of adding to the above list of charmingly confused youngsters this smooth dachshund puppy, Smokey, whose introduction to mirrors was caught on video by YouTube user steva44.

This does leave us with a bit of a conundrum, though: We now find ourselves in the difficult position of deciding whether Smokey or Lyska, a bootie-wearing dog who doesn't like it one bit, is the cutest wiener dachshund we've ever seen. We'll no doubt be pondering that for some time to come.


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: steva44 via YouTube

Your morning adorable: Penguin jumps in the snow

We've seen some cute penguins in our time, but we're not sure we've ever seen one quite as adorable as this energetic little fellow. (Well ... perhaps he's tied for Cutest Penguin with the gentoo penguin chick who hasn't yet been told that he's a flightless bird and the group of Humboldt penguins who try, but fail, to catch a butterfly. Picking the cutest penguin is like picking the cutest kitten: difficult.)

This video, filmed in a Japanese zoo, has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and earned its star countless comparisons to Mumble, the animated dancing penguin from the movie "Happy Feet."

"Or maybe he's a fan of penguin-suited dance legend Fred Astaire, who often went through his paces wearing a top hat and  tails," the Daily Mail muses. But this little penguin's dance moves more closely resemble the youthful exuberance of Kris Kross than the elegance of Astaire, don't you think?


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: smz200x via YouTube

Video goodness: Tongue-waggling kitten tries to nurse out of thin air, looks darn silly

No, this kitten is not the world's biggest fan of Gene Simmons. He just has an unusual but oddly charming behavioral tic in which he feels compelled to wiggle his tongue as if nursing, despite the fact he is quite obviously not nursing at all.

The kitten, named Jack, "likes to suckle on fleecy things as he thinks it's his mommy," his owner explains on YouTube, noting that Jack was found alone when he was only a few weeks old and thus was never properly weaned from his mother. "Sometimes he forgets that he doesn't have anything in his mouth [but] continues to suckle."

Jack's tongue-waggling routine has garnered close to 2 million views on YouTube and he now even has his own Facebook fan page. To put worried cat lovers at ease, Jack's owner notes on Facebook that "he has been seen by a vet and ... he has no medical issues, the suckling is a behavioral thing that is not a danger to his health, much like a child sucking their thumb."


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: trentiraffe via YouTube

Video goodness: NIMBY cat opposes the construction of bottle-cap tower

This cat is apparently something of a NIMBY, and he will do whatever it takes to prevent his owner from constructing a tower made entirely of bottle caps in his home.

"Just think what a bottle-cap tower would do to my property values," we imagine him thinking to himself, resolving to take any action necessary to nip this unpleasant tower business in the bud.

Fortunately for him, the tower -- we must reiterate here -- is made entirely of bottle caps, so it's pretty easy to knock over. It takes only a bit of determination and hand-paw coordination to send the whole thing tumbling down, which he seems willing to do over and over.


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: minao via YouTube

Your morning adorable: Pembroke Welsh corgi puppy cavorts after a bath

We always enjoy watching our dogs' post-bath revelries; seeing them run as fast as their legs will carry them or roll frantically on the carpet out of sheer joy almost makes up for the fact that they get us all wet when they attempt to shake water off themselves. Almost.

But seeing a freshly bathed puppy run, jump and play on video is even better than seeing it in person, because we're spared the post-bath shaking and wet-dog smell.

Little Chewie, the enthusiastic jumper above, is a 3-month-old Pembroke Welsh corgi, a breed so inclined toward cuteness that it's inspired several themed Tumblr blogs devoted solely to documenting it. (We can only provide you the link to one such blog, on account of this being a family website -- several other corgi-themed blogs' titles contain a certain four-letter word popular among the Tumblr set.)

You can also see more of Chewie's antics on a YouTube channel devoted to her.

Your morning adorable: Energetic Pembroke Welsh corgi dances for his breakfast
Your morning adorable: Pembroke Welsh corgi practices his dock-diving skills

-- Lindsay Barnett

Your morning adorable: Cat takes a nap while holding a teddy bear

We could happily watch YouTube user kittycatbliss' video of Meesha, a cat with a penchant for napping and a tendency to hold a tiny stuffed animal while he does, on a loop all day long.

Meesha "loves stuffed animals! He will carry them around or attack them around the house," kittycatbliss explains. "In this video he's hugging his little teddy bear. He's got his little blanket and his pillow and he's about to go to sleep."

It's enough to make your heart hurt a little bit, isn't it?

Meesha is a rescue cat who was abandoned as a kitten and found swimming in a lake, according to the bio on his website. (Yes, he has a website -- what self-respecting cat doesn't nowadays?) He was rescued from the lake by a kind woman who brought him to an animal shelter; before long, kittycatbliss came in to adopt a kitten. The rest is history!


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: kittycatbliss via YouTube


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