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Bronx Zoo peahen is found in garage after escape

Bronx Zoo peacock

NEW YORK — A green peahen is back in the fold at the Bronx Zoo.

Weeks after a cobra escaped from her glass tank at the zoo's reptile house, the peahen made a break for it Monday and was spotted roaming the streets of the borough.

Zoo director Jim Breheny said the AWOL fowl was found Wednesday morning in the garage of a local business and safely captured.

The peahen, a female version of a peacock, had been examined by veterinarians and seemed to be fine, Breheny said.

The Bronx Zoo's peacocks and peahens wander freely but usually stay inside the zoo.

The highly venomous Egyptian cobra was found last month in a dark corner of the reptile house, nearly a week after she went missing.

She was named Mia, for Missing in Action.

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-- Associated Press

Photo: Bronx Zoo director Jim Breheny holds the elusive peahen while Dr. Paul Calle, the Wildlife Conservation Society's director of zoological health, examines her, on May 11. Credit: Julie Larsen Maher / Associated Press

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what has happened to this blog? it used to be so wonderful. i checked it every day. now it's all but dead.

So what's happened to L.A. Unleashed? This blog appears to be pretty much deserted, despite a devoted readership.

I have the same question as L.A. Voter. This blog used to have more than daily updates. I loved it, especially "Your Morning Adorable". But it came to a screeching halt a month or two ago, then a fitful restart, a few posts, now it's dead again.

Please come back. This is the BEST animal blog on the internet!


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