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Your morning adorable: Young rabbit eats baby food

Want to make an astoundingly adorable video of your baby rabbit?

Here's a tip: Feed him baby food with a spoon.

That recipe for cuteness worked just fine for this little guy, a Holland lop who's a little more than 3 weeks old and already a big fan of banana-flavored baby food.

According to his owner, the baby-food feedings were intended to supplement his diet because of concerns that his mother wasn't producing enough milk for him. "He needed to put on some weight so he gets some [baby food] every day," she wrote on YouTube.

One more tip: If you're in a hurry, try skipping ahead to about the 1:30 mark -- you won't be sorry.

Your morning adorable: Rabbits twitch their noses while sitting in paper cups
Your morning adorable: Snacking rabbit tries to hold a baby carrot in his paws

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: cluelesschick24 via YouTube

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This is adorable, (anything this bunny does would be adorable), however, what this baby rabbit is eating is not so cute.
All rabbits have a "sweet tooth" because they have almost twice as many tastebuds as humans. They love sweets. It does not mean it is good for them and especially as youngsters. Around 4 weeks old a bunny can have a bit of alfalfa hay and pellets and continue their mother's milk, up until 7 weeks they can have alfalfa and pellets (and still mom's milk). After they are weaned at about at 7 to 8 weeks - they can have all the pellets they want, but more importantly than anything else in their diet - unlimited hay. Then they can be introduced to vegetables one at a time in small amounts at 3 months old. A very small bit of fruit is okay as a treat and it's better if it contains more fiber like apple or pear or peach.
Rabbits have a cecum that is larger than their stomach - their digestive system is more like a horse than anything else. The bacterial balance in the cecum needs to be maintained and sugar loaded treats upset this balance sometimes with unfortunate medical consequences.
Bunnies are shameless beggars for sugary treats, but don't give in. With a good diet a pet rabbit has the potential to live 10 - 12 years and that's a whole lot sweeter.
Visit the House Rabbit Society at www.rabbit.org for more info on rabbit care.

LOL!! Love near the end when "Mom" is snapping her fingers for quiet. Haha!


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