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Your morning adorable: Tamandua takes a drink

So what if your snout is specially designed to eat ants and other insects? That doesn't mean you can't enjoy a nice beverage, right?

That's the position of this tamandua -- a member of the anteater family -- who lives with YouTube user and devoted life-with-tamanduas video chronicler TamanduaGirl. (For the record, although the title of the video above says the tamandua is drinking wine, it is actually drinking juice, according to the owner's written description accompanying the video on YouTube.)

Tamanduas -- which are native to parts of Mexico, Central and South America -- survive primarily on a diet of insects in the wild. But TamanduaGirl supplements her pets' insect-heavy diets with raw ground beef, flax meal, beans, spinach, cottage cheese and shrimp.

If you, like us, find the idea of exotic pet ownership a little troubling, let us note that the cute fellow above was a rescue whose original owners had to find a new home for him due to illness. He was not a candidate for release into the wild.

Plus, in the wild there's no ready access to one of his favorite snacks: cheese.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: TamanduaGirl via YouTube

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Pawesome actually has a great profile on Pua, with more info on how this little anteater made it to Oregon. She's actually a Hollywood star!


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