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Your morning adorable: Enthusiastic bird Marnie celebrates his birthday with toys and waffles

We'd like to take this opportunity to wish one of our very favorite birds a happy belated birthday.

Marnie, a blue Indian ringneck bird with a deep and abiding love of stuffed animals, celebrated his fifth birthday on March 5.

We'd previously seen Marnie have a big reaction when he received a stuffed rabbit as a gift from his owner, YouTube user chesawoo, who has described the bird as "a natural charmer, a polite Casanova who is not shy to ask for what he wants...which is often a kiss!"

For his birthday (hatchday?), he got more plush toys and ate a celebratory meal of waffles. Not a bad way to spend one's birthday!

Indian ringnecks are one of several types of rose-ringed parakeet and are known among bird lovers for their impressive talking ability.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: chesawoo via YouTube

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I adore Marnie. It was almost like he understood that he got the presents, as he said "thank you" after each. At the end he says "give me a kiss" to each of them and "thank you" after he kissed them.

If only he could learn to say "it's my birthday!"

Who is the man that allows himself to be called "daddy" to a bunch of birds?

Many K-9 officers call themselves dad or daddy to their canine partners. This is no different.


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