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Animal lovers clamor to adopt Oklahoma puppy that survived euthanasia attempt

OKLAHOMA CITY — Hundreds of people from the United States and Canada want to adopt an Oklahoma dog that survived an attempt to euthanize it.

The puppy was one of five stray dogs that Sulphur animal control officer Scott Prall put to sleep Friday -- or so he thought. Prall found one of the dogs alive Saturday in a trash bin set aside for dead animals and took it to veterinarian technician Amanda Kloski.

"He was prancing around. He heard me drive up, and he looked up and saw me," Prall said Wednesday.

He said he initially found the stray dog near the animal shelter Friday and tried to kill it by injecting the dog with two lethal doses of a sedative in a foreleg and the heart. Each dose should have been enough to kill the dog, and the second injection was meant to ensure it worked.

Kloski noted the dog's survival on a pet adoption website, drawing the attention of Marcia Machtiger of Pittsburgh, who donated $100 so Kloski could board the dog for a week.

Wall-eA girl from Sulphur named the puppy Wall-e, after a Disney movie character, and Machtiger posted Wall-e's story on her Facebook page.

She and Kloski are sorting through hundreds of e-mails and phone calls from people wanting to adopt the lucky dog.

"So many people are interested," Kloski said. "Now we're going through and trying to find the adoption applications for the best home."

Wall-e will be placed in a foster home at the end of the week while the search for a permanent home continues. Both Kloski and Machtiger said they have never seen so many people want to adopt one animal.

Machtiger said people are interested in the puppy because his story is unique.

"Having been euthanized basically twice. ... It's a resurrection and a will to live and a medical anomaly," she said.

Sulphur is about 80 miles south of Oklahoma City.

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-- Kristi Eaton, Associated Press

Photo: Wall-e on March 2. Credit: Marcia Machtiger / Associated Press

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This article does not make any sense. The animal shelter contradicted itself. Mr. Prall stated that the dogs were too emaciated and sick to place with the other dogs so the vet decided to euthanize them. Now when the poor dog has gone another 24 hours without food or water and is subjected to being in a dumpster on top of his dead siblings now all of sudden he is deemed healthy and able to be adopted. There is no doubt in my mind that this shelter killed 4 perfectly beautiful and healthy animals for there own selfish reasons. An animal does not go from being unhealthy to healthy within 24 hours and certainly with no benefit of food or water. These people should be ashamed of themselves and the shelter shut down. They are just as bad as people who abuse animals. There is no reason for them to be proud of themselves. I hope that puppy is a constant reminder of what they did to his siblings. I hope that who gets the dog, gives him the TLC that he deserves. Most shelters do great work and do their best to save and place animals. This one is obviously not among them.

It's horrible to hear this!!! Anyone putting animals to sleep should be arrested and have the key thrown away!!! How dare anyone do this!!! It brings tears to my eyes to read this story but I am so happy that the dog is alive!!! Thank God for that!!! People are very cruel!!! Dogs are my best friend!!! As a matter of fact I love all animals!!! Dogs are mans' best friend!!! God created them!!! I have a beagle!!! I hope that someone will adopt him and love him as much as I love my beagle!!! I can't stop crying as I read this!!! I am so happy that the dog is up for adoption and that he survived the cruel way he was treated by some rotten people trying to put him to sleep!!! I'm so happy that the dog was strong and survived!!! People should remember that all of God's creations are beautiful!!! In some cases animals are better than people!!! I pray for this beautiful dog that he has a very long life!!! I also love his name that he was given Wall-e!!! Give him many many hugs and kisses from me!!! He's so cute!!! I love him!!!

I can't believe that anyone, animal control or otherwise, would KILL innocent pups who apparently had nothing wrong with them.

I'm sure they could have been adopted out very easily. Why wasn't an effort made to help them instead of KILL them?

This is unacceptable behavior, it's animal cruelty, it's MURDER. Just because they were stray pups, and not human, doesn't give us the right to KILL them.

I hope you will share this message with the person who injected these innocent little creatures.

exactly!this is just what I was going to write!why would anyone just take loving,breathing beings with little or not a dam thing wrong with them,and put them to sleep?!do these people that do this horrible type of work enjoy this?I know when the poor animals are sick and are suffering,that is one thing,to put them out of their misery,but just to take animals because they are overloaded,or find a batch of puppies or kittens,don't mean kill them!whats wrong with people?if enough people in the world cared,opened their hearts and homes,there would be enough homes.if people were more responceable,there wouldn't be an overpopulation of unwanted innocent angels.but just to find take and kill?there is something wrong here!what if this were you?wouln't you want at least a chance?you are not god!

Everyone is acting like this is such a heartwarming, cute little story. It's unbelievably sad and tragic. 4 other completely adorable and adoptable puppies DIED for no good reason. Think of all the people clamoring to adopt this guy now-meanwhile, thousands of other perfectly adoptable dogs are being put to sleep. The other horrific thing is - how competent is the vet putting these animals to sleep?!!! I wonder how many other dogs were thrown, still alive, in a dumpster, but didn't make it out?
They need to be investigated, not lauded. And all the people who want to adopt this puppy should go to www.petfinder.com and find another poor soul who needs a home.

If this story touches you, please consider adopting another dog with a story who survived against the odds, but who has not received the same press:
"Brooklyn" was one of 7 dogs stolen from a small, ill-funded animal shelter in Mt. Vernon, NY. It was thought they were stolen to be used as bait for a dog-fighting ring. 6 of the dogs were found within a few weeks, but Brooklyn was missing for most of the month. Eventually he was found, emaciated, trapped in an abandoned house for an estimated 3 weeks where he survived on toilet water and ate cardboard. You would think this poor guy (he's especially attractive too, with distinctive black and white markings) would find a great home right away after that. No such luck. He's still languishing in the shelter, after his terrible ordeal. One of the other dogs is still there too - his name is King. They are both sweet dogs that desperately need a home. If you are touched by the story of Wall-E, please consider adopting one of these guys:

im not sure im reading right but if the dog was found on a friday and was euthanized on friday what kind of person does that ...he shouldnt even have the authority to make that call!!!!!!!!!! those dogs deserve a chance to have a long wonderful life with a good families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with all your other entries. This Scott Prall should be fired. I can't understand why he would put down these sweet animals without trying to help. CALL BEST FRIEND AMINAL SANCTURY, they are the largest no kill sancutry in the country. They would have come and takend these dogs and got them the care and need they needed and found them great homes. I agree this ASAP should be shut DOWN.... This is coming from a person in New Jersey...

First off, animal shelters regularly euthanize animals if they believe them to be un-adoptable for any reason. If this bothers you, I suggest you check out the North Shore Animal League or other "no-kill" facilities. Second (and more importantly), if these people were really "animal lovers", they would have adopted the dog BEFORE the euthanasia attempt.

ALL animals in an animal control have a great story, not just this poor pup.
It also earns you a dog who knows what else is out there and aware you got them away from there. It knows exactly how lucky it is.

They face death and not a lot of attention all day unless they are lucky enough to be picked by a small group of volunteers come in the evening to be walked for way too short a time, just so the volunteer will be able to give another dog the chance to get out of it's cage.

They face daily being locked in shelter jail cells alone with no human touch because the shelter staff is actually crazy busy trying to find homes for them to go to. Some of them are so confused, scared and lonely by the shock of this new place and the din of constant barking they withdrawel, or bark madly and jump too excitedly, which scares off potential adoptors. Both types need love desperately.

I really hope those people reading this will realize being saved from euthanasia twice is a miracle, true, but so is reaching out and bringing a shelter dog into their life, and I hope they will reach out to an animal in any cosmopolitan area who has a high kill shelter and make some effort to save them too. They need you!


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