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California gets a new first dog: Pembroke Welsh corgi named Sutter joins Jerry Brown's family

SutterBrown California has a new first dog in Sutter, a 7-year-old Pembroke Welsh corgi recently adopted by Gov. Jerry Brown and First Lady Anne Gust Brown.

The Times' California state politics blog PolitiCal reported in early January that the corgi was being considered for a top spot in the governor's administration. The Browns' previous pet, a dog named Dharma, passed away in 2010.

Sutter had belonged to Gov. Brown's sister Kathleen, a Goldman Sachs executive and former state treasurer who recently moved to Chicago. The governor and first lady had been caring for Sutter since Kathleen Brown's departure. 

"He finds all the extra food lying on the floor in the office," Gust Brown told the Sacramento Bee of Sutter's job duties. "He barks at anyone, he gives snuggles, he warms up the Republicans." Beyond Republican-warming, his hobbies include herding and accompanying the Browns on jogs.

The Humane Society of the United States was quick to praise the Browns' decision to adopt Sutter; Wayne Pacelle, the group's president and chief executive, wrote on his blog that "we're excited whenever the cause of companion animal adoption gets a boost."

Sutter Brown "At the moment, Sacramento's leaders are making tough decisions about the state's budget, and Sutter's presence in the building is a welcome morale boost for everyone," said Jennifer Fearing, the Humane Society's California state director and the author of a book about dogs in the workplace.

Pembroke Welsh corgis and their cousins, Cardigan Welsh corgis, are small, sturdy herding dogs that specialized in keeping cattle in line in their native Wales. Queen Elizabeth II has a well-publicized love of the Pembroke and bred the dogs for many years; she has reportedly owned about 30 corgis and corgi mixes since she was given her first Pembroke, a female named Susan, as a gift for her 18th birthday.

Fans of Sutter can follow his exploits on Twitter @SutterBrown.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Top photo: California First Lady Anne Gust Brown, right, announces the adoption of Sutter. Credit: Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

Bottom photo: Sutter is walked by the Browns on Jan. 4. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Congratulations to the Browns and Sutter!

Hurray for more corgis! The investment required in lint rollers is quite worth the joy they bring to your life. I have three and love them!

Good for Calif's Governor!, and Pres. Obama and all other responsible pet owners - whether politico or average citizen.
Good training and love given creatures in our charge pay wonderful dividends for humans.
The Michael Vicks of this world should be traded in for people who recognize and value the positive, up-lifiting contribution animals make to our lives (often their life-saving help!). I suspect God smiles when He sees us caring for, and enjoying, His other good creations...

Jerry Brown and I don't agree politically on much, but one thing we do have in common is that we each own Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Mine is named Summer, and she does all the exact same things that Sutter does. Glad that a corgi dog is on patrol in the state capitol!

That's a real stretch of the term "adoption"! This was a family dog all along. What a crock!!!!
: (

Actually, the Queen of England got her first corgi before she was 18. Whhen her dad was still a Duke they got a corgi from Rozavel Kennels that was named Rozavel Golden Eagle. Then they nicknamed him "Dookie", like her dad the the Duke. Once her dad was the King that's when they got their 2nd corgi, who was Susan.

Hurray for Corgis! We are currently owned by a red and white Pembroke named Honey Bunny, who of course rules the house and everyone who comes into it! We got her through Corgi Rescue and have had her for about three and half years! She has brought great joy to our lives as I am sure Sutter will to the lives of Governor Brown and his wife!

I love corgis!! He's so cute :)

We have two corgis - one of each breed - and they are wonderful. I feel that the state of California is in good paws with Sutter.


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