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Three-year-old boy found petting five-foot-long alligator behind couch


Firefighters say they have removed a 5-foot-long alligator who was hiding behind a couch after floodwaters washed it into a home in northern Brazil.

Capt. Luiz Claudio Farias of the Parauapebas city fire department says that when the floodwaters receded on Tuesday, a woman saw her 3-year-old son petting something behind the couch. It was an alligator.

He says "she snatched the boy away and called" firefighters.

Farias said Wednesday the alligator was apparently well fed. "If he was hungry he could have seriously hurt or even killed the boy."

The alligator was taken to an environmentally protected area near the city and released into a river.

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-- Associated Press

Photo: A Jacare alligator looks over the scenery as it floats in the fragile ecosystem of Brazil's Pantanal.  Credit: Dario Lopez-Mills / Associated Press

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This picture is of a Spectacled or Yacare Caiman. It is not an alligator. It is in the Alligatorid family, caiman genus, Yacare or, more likely, Spectacled species.

I do, however, think it's funny that news in Sao Paulo, which is in Brazil, becomes a story with the headline: "L.A. Unleashed".

Very lucky and watchful Mom to her toddler, thanks God he wasn't hurt. I remember my Mom as she was from that area, once telling us she was very young and washing clothes by a river as it was usual, suddenly a lady friend screamed "Look out your back Tiana!" The gator had it jaws open ready to attack. She never forgot that lady that saved her.


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