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Your morning adorable: Sleepy dachshund tucks himself into bed

We could happily watch this tired dachshund grab his favorite blanket and tuck himself into his snug little dog bed on a video loop for hours at a time.

There's just a je ne sais quoi about sleepy animals, isn't there? We can't quite put our finger on what makes them so adorable, but the cuteness is undeniable.

Insomniacs, a suggestion: Perhaps you should start imagining this video in your heads, rather than counting sheep jumping over a fence, to help yourselves drift off to sleep at night.


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: dummygeek via YouTube

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Very Cute. My Doxie does something similar but it also includes scratching and biting his bed to make his "nest". My other one does the digging and scratching but lets out this weird little whine while she is doing it.


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