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Your morning adorable: Dachshund puppy tries to play with his reflection in a mirror

January 5, 2011 | 12:03 pm

It's hard to argue with the cuteness of a baby animal's confusion about the concept of mirrors. Whether it's a golden retriever puppy, a Brussels griffon puppy or a cute tabby kitten, if it is a baby animal who mistakenly believes its mirror image is another baby animal, it's sure to be adorable.

Now we have the pleasure of adding to the above list of charmingly confused youngsters this smooth dachshund puppy, Smokey, whose introduction to mirrors was caught on video by YouTube user steva44.

This does leave us with a bit of a conundrum, though: We now find ourselves in the difficult position of deciding whether Smokey or Lyska, a bootie-wearing dog who doesn't like it one bit, is the cutest wiener dachshund we've ever seen. We'll no doubt be pondering that for some time to come.


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: steva44 via YouTube

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