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Village in Switzerland says law allows it to kill dogs whose owners don't pay pet tax

Sweater dog

A Swiss village has found a drastic way to compel dog holders to pay their pet's annual tax: cough up, or the dog gets it.

Reconvilier -- population 2,245 humans, 280 dogs -- plans to put Fido on notice if its owner doesn't pay the annual $50 tax.

Local official Pierre-Alain Nemitz says the move is part of an effort to reclaim hundreds of thousands of dollars in unpaid taxes.

He says a law from 1904 allows the village to kill a dog if its owner does not pay the canine charge.

Nemitz told the Associated Press on Monday that authorities have received death threats since news of the plan got out.

"This isn't about a mass execution of dogs," Nemitz said. "It's meant to put pressure on people who don't cooperate."


-- Associated Press

Photo: Oli Scarff / Getty Images

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it s the owners fault , not the dogs ,FOOLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I thought Switzerland was an advanced country...

Are you insane? You want to kill somebody, then kill the owner not the innocent dog. Of course I am not being literal but you get the point of how outrageous, unbalanced and unfathomably cruel this law is-it is also just nuts.

Please end the barbaric practice of killing dogs because their owners don't or can't pay a fee. It's not the dog's fault. It would be better if another way can be found to encourage payment. Thank you for listening.

Think of another way to get your tax.

ok so what if they kill all the dogs an they still dont pay up, do they move on to the kids an so on .....come on the law is from 1904. so can we still hang horse Thieves. that law is from the 1900's also?

This sort of honesty in politics is refreshing.

What? You think they wont kill PEOPLE because they refuse to pay taxes?

Think again.

The only thing advanced about Swiss society is their use of universal short military conscription to teach all citizens responsibility with weapons, then abolishing gun control. The rest of their society is just another sad case of failing socialism like the rest of Europe.

I understand the reasoning behind this idea but the poor animals whose owners won't really care and the animals die.

Poor Switzerland! Shame on this heartless village!
Unimaginable sad situation in a civilized European country!!!
Just disgusting!!!

What a horrible way to put pressure on the dog owners! why should a dog pay for the inrresponsibility of the pet owner?! "a greatness of its nation is its moral progress and the way its animals are treated". This suppose law is so wrong and inhumane!!! Im discusted ny this.....

How cruel,never would have thought that would be happening in Switzerland,whats this world coming to?

So the owners didn't pay the tax, and their answer is to kill the dog !!!! I actually am extremely angry about that. Why not take it out on the owner - not the dog !!!! I have to admit that I never expected this from Switzerland - it is like they are going back to the Dark Ages !

Cherish our animals! Do not destroy them!

This is absolutely pathetic- Bullying of the worse kind by those 'in power' !
Of course it will turn out to be a mass siezure and slaughtering ( murdering) of dogs !
Again we will witness that because of human irresponsibility so many animals will be EXECUTED for a 'crime' that is not theirs !


Shame - Shame - Shame !!!

Not only are the villagers detering people from rescuing homeless, stray animals they are also punishing the animals for a crime they have not committed.
Surely there are other ways of enforcing the law other than death threats

This is stupid and cruel. The dog is not to blame,how can you kill animals that are innocent. Not a good way to deal with taxes.This must be changed now or there will be riots. Not a way to do bussiness. So stupid.

End the barbaric practice of killing dogs now!!!!

It is really stupid and cruel !


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