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Video goodness: Cat's staccato meows sound like ... well, not much like meows

January 11, 2011 |  8:13 pm

We couldn't help chuckling at the above video, which purports to show a cat barking like a dog, but in our humble opinion is a lot closer to a cat chirping like a bird.

In fact, if we may share our hunch, we suspect that this kitty may actually be watching a bird through the window and chirping like one out of frustration at being inside when the bird is outside. (It's just a guess, but we've seen something very similar happen before in an alarmingly cute video.)

Whatever this cat's reasons might be for making staccato noises that sound decidedly uncatlike, we admire his enthusiasm, and we're very thankful that someone had a video camera handy!


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: YuriPrim via YouTube

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