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Photos: Elephants love playing in snow. Who knew?

January 4, 2011 |  8:50 pm


We're beginning to sense a trend here. Elephants seem to be enjoying winter, and specifically having a blast playing with -- and, in some cases, eating -- snow.

The fact that elephants can paint masterful portraits has already been established. Can a pachyderm-constructed snowman be far behind?

Above, a resident of the Berlin Zoo is shown picking up snow and sticking it right into its own mouth in a series of photos taken last week. Clearly, this creative elephant has just discovered the concept of Sno Cones -- all that's missing is fruit flavoring.

After the jump, check out more photos of snow-loving elephants!


More fun with snow at the Berlin Zoo -- although it seems like this elephant hasn't yet learned that a snowball fight is a lot more fun with an opponent.


Our winter-loving elephant friend throws a snowball on its own head at the Berlin Zoo.


It holds a snowball -- made with its own trunk! -- at the Berlin Zoo. Off to build an elephant-sized snow fort, we have no doubt.


An elephant uses its trunk to knock snow into its mouth at the Berlin Zoo. Ingenuity is not just for humans, after all.


Moving from Germany to the Czech Republic, we find an Indian elephant tossing a snowball into its mouth at the Prague Zoo.


Numbi, an African elephant at the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna, teaches her calf Tuluba that snow can be fun to play with and to eat.


You've got to hand it to little Tuluba -- he catches on quick!


-- Lindsay Barnett

1st-5th photos: John MacDougall / AFP/Getty Images

6th photo: David W. Cerny / Reuters

7th-8th photos: Leonhard Foeger / Reuters

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