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Your morning adorable: Penguin jumps in the snow

January 4, 2011 | 12:00 pm

We've seen some cute penguins in our time, but we're not sure we've ever seen one quite as adorable as this energetic little fellow. (Well ... perhaps he's tied for Cutest Penguin with the gentoo penguin chick who hasn't yet been told that he's a flightless bird and the group of Humboldt penguins who try, but fail, to catch a butterfly. Picking the cutest penguin is like picking the cutest kitten: difficult.)

This video, filmed in a Japanese zoo, has racked up hundreds of thousands of views and earned its star countless comparisons to Mumble, the animated dancing penguin from the movie "Happy Feet."

"Or maybe he's a fan of penguin-suited dance legend Fred Astaire, who often went through his paces wearing a top hat and  tails," the Daily Mail muses. But this little penguin's dance moves more closely resemble the youthful exuberance of Kris Kross than the elegance of Astaire, don't you think?


-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: smz200x via YouTube

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