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PETA's 'Be Proud of Your Body Scan' ad rejected by major airports

Peta Major airports in New York, North Carolina and Las Vegas are rejecting a proposed ad campaign from PETA that makes light of body scan machines used at airport security checkpoints.

The ads from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals features a scan of a curvaceous woman in lacy underwear with the message: "Be Proud of Your Body Scan: Go Vegan."

Major airports in Las Vegas, Charlotte, N.C., and New York City refused to display the ads designed to entice holiday travelers waiting in security lines.

Officials with McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas said its policy prohibits political ads.

PETA Vice President Dan Matthews said the ads were meant to be humorous. He said PETA has not taken a political position on airport security measures.

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-- Associated Press

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Awesome ad! Even tame for Peta. I bet if it was a Milk industry ad they would allow it. Another typically white, male republican decision.

That's a "curvy" woman? Does that mean a non-curvy woman has hips that invert inward?

Space travel ain't that far off. Where are the feed lots going to be put on crafts? GO VEGAN!!!

Lolcurvaceous, what.

I believe the idea behind the "being proud" may lie within the fact that the woman is thinner for the fact that eating vegan can make you thinner.

This is your idea of "curvaceous"? Really?

No mention of the ad being sexist? This is typical of PETA.

PETA may not be "taking a political position on airport security measures," but they are unquestionably taking a political position on the carving up of women's bodies to promote their agenda. The woman in this ad has no face or identity; she is only her body and the sexy, enticing result of a vegan diet. Get with the times, PETA.


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