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Michael Vick gets jersey in Hall of Fame after game; his receiver then compares Eagles to caged pit bulls


Michael Vick has gone from the doghouse to the big house to the Hall of Fame in an extremely short period of time.

The troubled quarterback's criminal past and subsequent jail time seem to be well behind him as he has rehabilitated, re-energized, and is now back as a starting quarterback for the Eagles, leading his team to one victory after another.

Last night's awe-inspiring 59-28 drubbing of the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football was so impressive that the NFL Hall of Fame requested Vick's jersey for display in the museum. The strong armed quarterback threw for 333 yards with four touchdowns, which would have been a great day for any other field general. Vick's real weapon is his speed. He rushed for 80 yards and found himself in the end zone twice, earning himself the NFC's Player of the Week for the second week in a row.

Because Vick became the first player in NFL history to throw for more than 300 yards, rush for more than 50 yards, throw four touchdown passes and rush for two touchdowns in one game, the Hall of Fame wants to hold him in high honor.

Even though Vick had his team on the scoreboard after an electrifying 88-yard pass on the first play of the game, the fireworks started well before the opening kickoff.

In the warm-up time before the game, Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson found himself involved in an incident with other members of his team and the Redskins. Jackson, inelegantly, explained that the brouhaha motivated the team from the City of Brotherly Love.

"The pregame altercation got us going. It had us ready," Jackson said of the matter that allegedly involved Redskin safety LaRon Landry spitting on the speedy receiver and subsequently threatening him.

"We came back into the locker room pumped," Jackson said to an Associated Press reporter. "We were like pit bulls, ready to get out of the cage."

Perhaps Jackson should join Vick as the quarterback continues to work with the Humane Society and speak at schools about animal cruelty and how he has turned his back on the barbaric practice.

-- Tony Pierce

Photo: Philadelphia Eagles' Michael Vick scores a second-quarter touchdown against the Washington Redskins on Monday, at FedEx Field in Landover, Md. Credit: Yong Kim/Philadelphia Daily News/MCT

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If he hasn't already, I want to see him donate some of his $$$ to help homeless and neglected animals.

Vick is the scum of the earth,,, if not for the NFL and the al mighty $$ we would have written this BUM off for good,,,, what do you have to do to disgrace your profession ?? kill the commisioner in cold blood,,,, probably a 2 game suspension,,,,, good job NFL???

people want demonize vick every chance they get, but i would let him run a child care service over many parents and people i have met.

Some would like to see him donate money to aid animals...why? Because he is black? Because he is an athlete? Because you believe in reparations? So what would you have the American Indians get paid? Or the African-Americans? and who would pay? How ridiculus for this writer to suggest inapproprate analogy was used ... ever heard of people breeding bulldogs? Ever known it to stop? Several schools use the mascot to this day - should they be forced to change? How about the Gamecocks? or the Rebels?

What is a sports story doing on an animal blog? this sure seems a stretch, no matter Vick's past or what Jackson said ... seriously, give it a rest already

How much debt does one has to pay to society ?

People may not accept his honor's but Vick has did his time for the crime he did. Why should people still fault him for something he did so long ago? Thats in the pass, let the pass be the pass. People are still riding his back over nonsense. They are actually acting like he killed a family or something. I love Vick and always will. He's a excellent player to me and always will be cause I have faith in him and what he have accomplished. Leave the man alone let him live his life as a human instead of an animal yall trying to make him out to be. I know plenty of people in the SpotLight that has done things worst than killing dogs and they don't down grade them like that. So what make Vick so special to pick on???? I just want to let Vick know he has a fan. Never been against him. He did something disappointing but he asked for forgiveness and that was the end of that. We pray to the same God and I know God answer his prayer's. Keep your head up Vick and don't worry about what people have to say about you just take what they say as motivation.

He already has donated money and time to local animal shelters in Atlanta. Forgiveness is the American way, to punish forever is up to the good Lord. The man has paid his dues, let him go onto the glory he now deserves.

He has done enough! Let him play and you take care of your own animals!

He has served his time for his crime. If he chosses to give money then thats akay, but he dosn't have to!!!

I am glad he is turning his life around but the horrible past he has is still with him. I feel he should not be honored by the Hall of Fame. What he did to the poor dogs will follow him forever. If he were just a regular person he would not have had his job back and then on top of it all be honored. Hope he is giving his all to the HSUS and will keep doing it for a long time to come.

Michael is a scumbag and will always be a scumbag. How quickly the public
forgets his horrific acts toward dogs.

Michael Vick spent 18months in prison, after he was was released from prison then his 1 year suspension from the NFL began. While this was all going on all his possessions were repossessed (houses, cars, etc). He also wasn't earning any income, so that means his wife, kids and mom had to suffer as well. Currently he is on probation (I think 10 years) and has to make public appearances and give talks at schools on the wrongs of animal cruelty.
Michael Vick was very very wrong in hurting those animals, and he deserved to be punished and incarcerated. On the other hand, how long is a man to be punished? In some people's eyes he deserves to be punished indefinitely or even killed. I think he's served his time and deserves to be left alone. I also feel he doesn't owe the humane society one red cent.

@Sherri, let it go already! The man served his time. I'm sick of PERFECT people like you bringing up his past. He owes you nothing! If you're so concerned, why don't you donate some money!

Why are you calling Vick scum of the earth? Seriously... bull fights, running with the bulls, chicken fights, boxing, has reigned across other countries for decades. The man is not a murder. A dog, a horse, any other animal is not a human being. The US won't even export horses to France and other countries to eat for meat. In my mind there isn't a difference between a cow and a horse.

When will Americans stop pushing their narcissist ideas and agendas down other peoples throats. Yes he participated in an illegal activity, but that does not make him a horrible human being or a murderer. Get a grip people and stop being so backwards.

This is only ONE Vick dog's story. There are many others....not counting the ones who were brutally murdered and never had a chance to heal and live in a normal home. Yeah, he's a real hero alright. There isn't a word profane enough to describe this man and yet people still applaud him like he's a hero. That says a lot about our society and it's really sad.

To earn forgiveness one needs to admit, in public, the exact extent of one's wrongs. I would bet a buck that not one of the people here insisting that Michael Vick "paid his debt" has any idea of the full extent of his crimes, what he actually pled guilty to.

If you think all he did was "fight a few dogs" then you are wrong. Michael Vick personally killed at least thirteen Pit Bulls with his own hands. He drowned them, he strangled them, he slammed them to the ground until they died. When one dog didn't die fast enough being strangled, strung up between two trees on his property, he cut her down and drowned her in a five gallon bucket.

Michael Vick, despite having pled guilty to these crimes and more, is very happy for you to think he just "fought some dogs." When he does interviews he pretends he was led astray by wicked companions. But the fact is that he did the leading. He bought the property on Moonlight Rd. expressly for the purpose of setting up his "Bad Newz" kennels. He paid his friends (hence not "companions," but rather employees) to run the operation, and he was the one who decided which dogs he wanted killed because they were insufficiently vicious. He hid his identity at fights because he knew he was committing a series of crimes over several years. According to a USDA report on the case, he and his friends/employees enjoyed putting family pet dogs in the ring with trained fighting dogs because they "thought it was funny" to watch the bigger dogs attack and tear apart the smaller dogs.

Anyone who thinks he's paid his debt -- please tell me in which interview Michael Vick has ever publicly admitted any of this. I watched his absurd "60 Minutes" interview and at no point does he admit the full extent of what he did. (Although to be fair, the pathetic shill interviewer James Brown doesn't come close to telling the truth about what Vick did either). Michael Vick has continually stated that he was caught up in others' wrongdoing. He has shown zero genuine remorse or shame for the pain, terror and death he inflicted on dog after dog. He did it because he thought it was fun. Use your common sense: Does the kind of person who thinks it's fun to terrorize and kill animals somehow magically change into the kind of person who is appalled by such actions and who would never do them? Of course not. Could you magically change into a person who thinks it's funny to watch dogs die?

And let's stop pretending that this is about race or class. Michael Vick was born in 1980 in Newport News, Virginia. He is not the product of alien values. To imply that growing up poor in a black neighborhood automatically makes you someone who enjoys abusing and killing dogs is the true racism. Nor was he a kid. He was a twenty-seven year old millionaire who lied and blamed others as long as he could. Unlike his fans and apologists, he knew what he did was illegal. He just didn't care that it was also wrong and cruel.

Holding him to account for ALL the crimes he committed is not oppressing him. He has a right to live. He does not have a right to be a millionaire and a hero, particularly not to people who insist on closing their eyes to the crimes he committed just because you like to watch football. The ones who are in the wrong are those who don't care who Michael Vick hurt or killed. It just makes you look both silly and morally bankrupt to try to put the wrong on those who defend abused animals against the abusers. We don't need to get over it just because you want to watch a dog killer play football in peace.

MVick and Dogs = we cannot forgive, yet Big Ben can damn near assault women and we love him. we value animal life over human life all the time and its sad to see. give the guy a break idiots.

Vick has placed himself in the public domain. Therefor he is subject to public opinion of his own actions.
To my knowledge he never apologized for his actions to the actual victims Aka the HUNDREDS dogs he electrocuted, strangled, hung and beat over and over and over again. So MAYBE BECAUSE Vicks victims had NO VOICE the rest of us are here to speak for them.
Vick chose to abuse those dogs, the NFL chose to let him come back. It is my choice to not support any of YOU.
I am one voice among many.

I'm an animal lover so when i heard this story I was shocked, disgusted and sadened. I am a fan of Michael Vicks play on the field. I am also a believer. Forgiveness is as close to God as any of us will get. Holding hate for a man who has failed, suffered, the time away from his sons his wife, and the loss of his freedom. These are not trivial by any means. Forget the money and fame we are talking about a human being. If he is not contrite enough for everyone who cares. We come into this world alone as we will all leave this world.

I listen to all the statements black/ white. does it really matter wether he gives all his money away or not? These are animals not humans. Let's not fool yourself into thinking otherwise. To the animal lovers if you had an opportunity to save either a child or and animal which would it be?

Those saying all these things against him getting a second chance where you when millions of people suffered under nazi rule, how about slavery , where is your same distaste for those who have murdered people, raped people commited a violent crime against people. There a so many things that continue to happened in this civilized world that should have many of you same "animal lovers" up in arms. Take a look in the mirror. Do you really like what you see?

@ LA. Voter I see you wrote about the specifics of the crime. Admitting to the crime does not mean he has to do it on televion each and every day. He is not obligated to make these appearance public but, he does. Why only Vick knows. The law of the land, commit the crime do the time. How sad that you want him to curl up under your pressure and fade into the dark. That alone tells me that most of your all are not belivers because he talks about facing adversity, doing the wrong thing being punished and then asking for forgiveness and being cleansed of sins.

@ susie, I don't see anyone writing or reporting anything to the extent of a man raping a woman. ie: Ben Rothlisberger. Why? Isn't a woman's sanctity, her body or her chose to say no bigger news than dog fighting? What a crazy world indeed.

Hate masks itself in so many different forms. This is just one of them.

Vick hold your head high for these same people would have you believe that you are not beautiful and strong. You do have a purpose my brother. Just remember that with many gifts much is required.

"dreday" It is completely irrelevant whether or not anyone here is what you see as a "believer." There are good people who would never in a million years kill an animal, and there are bad people who would kill many animals just for fun. So if the good person doesn't believe in God and the dog-killer does, what's the point of their believing in God? The dog-killer's faith isn't making him adhere to what he claims as his principles, so the dog-killer is also a hypocrite.

But since you want to go this route, I can say that in the Christian tradition (the only one I in which I have any expertise) forgiveness isn't just handed out for free. You either have to profess your sins, or confess your sins, but whatever your denomination's terminology, you have to come clean.

The fact is that within the justice system Michael Vick pled guilty to the crimes I described. That's why he was sentenced, did his time, and was released. But in the court of public opinion Michael Vick has done his level best to conceal his crimes (or sins). He wants the bounty of public adulation, including fame, money, and respect, but when he is in front of the public he consistently lies about his crimes. He repeatedly insists he was led astray, when the fact is that he did the leading. When called upon to express remorse, he talks about what happened TO him, rather than what he did.

Whether one believes in God or not, redemption is supposed to come only after being honest and truthful about the wrong you've done, and doing penance or making amends. Vick wants the forgiveness from the public without admitting the truth of what he did to that same public.

It's also odd to me that you claim to be an animal lover but object to people standing up for animals who were abused or killed. Defending the weak against an oppressor is one of the central tenets of Christianity. Animals are God's creatures no less than you and I.

In this game all I can say is VICK VICK VICK !!!!!! I am a huge Eagles fan and I keep hearin' people talkin' about Vick is leavin' the Eagles in the 2011 season..... that would be the the most DUMBEST decision by Mr. Andy Reid to date. I think Vick is the best QB in the nfl today so why would you get rid of him. PLEASE ANDY REID DON'T LEAVE US WITH KEVIN KOLB...........WE GOT THE BEST OFFENCE IN THE GAME....... IF IT AINT BROKE DON'T FIX IT!!!!!!! CONGRATS VICK......LETS GET IT EAGLES!!!!!!


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