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Your morning adorable: Rescued baby beavers drink from a bottle

October 6, 2010 | 12:01 pm

We've never before heard a baby beaver complain.

Now we can say we've had that strange and distinct pleasure, thanks to the good folks at Nebraska Wildlife Rehab Inc. The Omaha-based center for the care of orphaned and injured wild animals took in these two cute but noisy little guys after their parents were killed in 2005.

The babies were cared for at the facility until they were old enough to be released into the wild.

We bet their caretakers missed them after their release -- who wouldn't grow attached to two adorable beaver babies? -- but we suspect they didn't miss their "ehn! ehn! ehn!" noises too much.

Your morning adorable: Baby beaver enjoys a neck scratch
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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: Nebraska Wildlife via YouTube

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