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Your morning adorable: Orange tabby kitten does his best 'Surprised Kitty' impression

October 11, 2010 | 12:00 pm

When we first saw last year's viral video sensation "Surprised Kitty," we immediately assumed the little gray kitten with white paws doing his best Broadway-style jazz hands moves was the cutest kitten the Internet had to offer.

But this cat-video-loving series of tubes that calls itself the Internet had more in store for us. It still had up its sleeve a tiny gray kitten who flexed his paws adorably as he slept, a litter of kittens who bounced around their playpen like so many pieces of popcorn popping, a young British shorthair who attempted to make a snack of his own paws, a Bengal kitten who did her best impression of a crab walk and an orange tabby who tried to look tough when confronted with his own reflection.

(On a related note, it also offered us the amazing "Kittens: Inspired by Kittens!")

We now have the pleasure of adding one more astoundingly cute kitten to the above list: YouTube user crsan2's chubby orange tabby, who seems to take a cue from "Surprised Kitty" while playing in the delightful video above. We only wish we could superimpose a tiny top hat on his head!

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: crsan2 via YouTube

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