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Your morning adorable: Asian small-clawed otter plays with leaves

October 1, 2010 | 11:59 am

What's more adorable than a playful otter? Not much.

So we're forever in the debt of YouTube user Misspippylou, who has previously shown us a baby Asian small-clawed otter named Fenway playing with a plush toy, for delighting us once again with this video in which another Asian small-clawed otter named Olivia plays with leaves. (Olivia is joined in the video above by her father, Bombi, who can be seen relaxing in the background.)

Otters, let us never forget, love to play. (In some cases, they even love to play the piano.)

And these otters are not pets. As noted in a previous post, Misspippylou works at a marine park.

Asian small-clawed otters are native to the rivers and streams of Southeast Asia.

Your morning adorable: Hungry Asian small-clawed otters jump for joy, blow our minds
What's better than one keyboard-playing otter? Two keyboard-playing otters, of course!

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: Misspippylou via YouTube

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