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Your morning adorable: Shiba Inu puppy barks and howls while sleeping

A puppy -- any puppy -- is pretty darn cute without even trying. But a puppy that wants to really stand out has to do something pretty astoundingly cute to up the ante.

This little Shiba Inu has done just that, by barking, howling and waving its paws in its sleep. Its adorable antics, we think, place the video above on par with some of our all-time favorite puppy videos, like the little Rottweiler with hiccups, the beagle puppies learning to make their breed's signature baying sound and the litter of Scottish terriers who gang up on their Airedale "babysitter."

Clearly, this puppy can never, ever be placed in a room with a certain sleepy gray kitten. Their combined cuteness just might result in some sort of explosion.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: okanouefamily via YouTube

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I just saw this and there's nothing cuter than this puppy sleeping. I've been watching a lot of these "cute animal" videos and they keep me feeling happy. It's getting cold on the East Coast and the cold makes me a little sad. I miss LA. So I'll be here watching cute animals.


That little ball of fur is sooooo freakin adorable!!!!! Is this normal though, because my baby pit bull does the same and it freaks me out because sometimes he growls and shakes?


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