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Dead dog walking: Michigan Rottweiler survives botched euthanasia attempt

Mia, a Rottweiler who survived a botched euthanasia attempt

A suburban Detroit man whose Rottweiler was given a new leash on life after surviving a botched euthanasia attempt said he has neither the heart nor the money to try the procedure again.

Redford Township resident Matt Olivarez, 27, said he's in a tough spot: facing possible home foreclosure while at the same time trying to do right by Mia, an 11-year-old pooch that he feeds by hand, partly because of her spinal problem that makes walking difficult.

Olivarez said he took Mia to the Westcott Veterinary Care Center in Detroit on Saturday to alleviate her suffering. He said Westcott officials speculated afterward that the drug dosage wasn't strong enough or had been watered down.

He now shudders at the thought of almost burying his beloved pet alive.

"I don't know if I could do it a second time," Olivarez told The Detroit News for a story published Wednesday.

Olivarez said he returned to his garage Sunday morning and noticed Mia missing from where he'd placed her on a pile of hay the day before. He'd planned to bury her in his grandfather's backyard.

Instead, he turned to find her standing on all fours, staring at him.

"Are you still my dog?" he said, saying he felt like he was living a scene from one of the scary movies he enjoys. "It was like a scene from 'Pet Sematary.' "

Olivarez purchased Mia, the only member of her litter to survive, around the time his first child was born. She was intended to be a companion for his sons, now 8 and 9. Olivarez tried to explain Mia's resurrection to them Tuesday night.

"It's crazy," he said. "It's not something I planned for."

Meanwhile, Olivarez is seeking a new owner who can give Mia proper care.

"I'll keep her until I figure something out," he said.

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Photo: Olivarez pets Mia at his home in Redford Township, Mich., on Oct. 12. Credit: Robin Buckson / Associated Press

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Hopefully, this poor dog will find a good home.
The vet's office should be investigated.

Now even the dog is covered by Edgar Poe? I'm glad the dog is such a survivor and didn't get prematurely buried. Hope the owner can sue that bank threatening foreclosure and keep himself and his dog in residence.

I hope someone will help Mia and her family I think the "vet" should be sued and his practice investigated I have had have several pets put down which is horrible ---to have this happen would be shattering Ive stayyed and held mine during and for several minutes after --my vet has always listened to the heart at least twice I wish I could help Mia and her family --

Wow...what a story...god is sending us a message...just because our dogs are sick we should not euthenized them...we should instead find a way to care for our ederly dogs...they are part of the family and we would not do that to a family member....please take care of her...god gave her a second time around to show us something...goddbless mia....

Good luck my friend(s); I wish your whole family the best in lefe. No one should have to choose life and limb.

Im very saddened by this story , If it me i would never give up on my Cody


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