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Your morning adorable: Baby ring-tailed lemur practices his jumping skills

September 28, 2010 | 12:03 pm

We stared at the screen as if hypnotized when we first saw YouTube user lemurmom's video of the orphaned baby ring-tailed lemur she raised by hand "having a good ol' time hopping around [and] playing" in her home.

We knew baby lemurs were cute, of course, but we were completely unprepared for just how precious a tiny, ring-tailed fellow jumping around like he's in a Kris Kross video would be.

As it turns out, a jumping baby lemur is jaw-droppingly, mind-bogglingly cute.

Ring-tailed lemurs, of course, are known for their markings, but they're also known for their ability to jump through the trees in their native Madagascar. It's clear that this little guy comes by his jumping ability honestly!

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: lemurmom via YouTube

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