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U.K. 'Cat Bin Lady' Mary Bale to be prosecuted for dumping cat in trash can

Cat Bin Lady LONDON — An animal protection group says it is taking legal action against a British woman who horrified animal lovers when she was recorded dumping a cat into a garbage bin.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says that it will prosecute 45-year-old Mary Bale for allegedly "causing unnecessary suffering to a cat."

Bale outraged pet lovers around the world after she was caught on camera casually throwing a cat into a garbage bin, popping the lid shut, and walking away. The video was posted to YouTube and gathered thousands of messages, some of which vowed retribution.

The cat, Lola, was trapped for 15 hours before being rescued by her owners.

The RSPCA said Monday that Bale was due in court in Coventry, central England, on Oct. 19.

'Cat bin lady' Mary Bale is lampooned in video, online game, fake Twitter account
U.K. woman who threw cat in trash bin issues an apology; threatening Facebook group removed

-- Associated Press

Photo: A screen grab from surveillance video posted online shows Bale petting Lola the cat before putting her in the trash bin in foreground

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Thanks for following up with this! You guys are a great source for animal news and cute videos. I live in Florida but check in regularly because you have so much good stuff! Keep up the great work!

JMG, we're blushing! Thanks so much for reading; we really appreciate it!

I am so glad that Mary Bale is to be prosecuted, what an awful person she is.
Thank goodness they caught her on camera. They ought to put her in a bin
for a day and night and see how she likes it.

My cats have been murdered 1 day ago and when i see something like this i am so happy that they have prosecuted this person

it makes me sick to the stomach what people can do to animals


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