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50,000 minks on the loose after weekend break-ins at Greek fur farms


THESSALONIKI, Greece — Police say break-ins at two fur farms have set more than 50,000 minks on the loose in northern Greece.

A statement from local police says the break-ins occurred Friday and Saturday near the city of Kastoria, which is the center of Greece's fur industry.

Regional TV channels showed farm employees chasing the animals with fishing nets on Monday.

The National Fur Breeders' Assn. says most of the released animals are likely to die in the late August heat. It says the cost to the farm owners could exceed $1.27 million.

No group has claimed responsibility for the incident. But an animal rights group, calling itself the "Hawks of Reprisal," said it was responsible for a similar break-in last year.

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-- Associated Press

Photo: A mink is seen on the side of a road in Hiliodendro, near the northern Greek city of Kastoria, on  Aug. 30. Credit: Nikolas Giakoumidis / Associated Press

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Guess that the group really doesn't care about the environment - if any of these mink survive, they will KILL all types of native birds and animals.

I'd gladly take my chances with the August heat over death via anal electrocution or being skinned alive any day!

I am so glad that the The National Fur Breeders' Assn. is so concerned about the health of these minks. Since they care about animals so much and are so worried that they not have a painful, unnecessary death I eagerly await their announcement that every single member of their association will be immediately going out of business and donating their remaining inventory to animal shelters to comfort homeless baby animals.

Or, just a thought, is it possible that they are trying to preemptively paint the activists who freed these minks as the true abusers, just to deflect a feared debate about the unnecessary cruelty of the fur industry, and talk of anal electrocution, which is used to kill the animals, not humanely, but in a way that least damages their fur?

Don't worry, National Fur Breeders' Assn., we'll just look at that tragic loss of revenue at the mink slaughterhouse as a humane donation -- a drop in the ocean of blood you shed for no other reason than greed and vanity.

The furriers are worried that the minks will "die in the heat?" Better than being skinned in captivity by a furrier.

Run, Minkies, run!

way to go ALF!
People that wear fur, should be skinned to see how it feels first.

and to echo Carole: Run, Minkies, run!


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