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Video goodness: Dogs enjoy a day at the beach

July 27, 2010 |  7:34 am

Color us impressed by the canine stars of YouTube user norcsii's video, who are to the dog world what Frankie and Annette are to we humans. We would love to attend these dogs' beach party, but we're not sure we could keep up with them in a game of beach volleyball.

Plus, they live in Hungary, which is a bit too far for us to travel for a day trip to the beach. These dogs sure do know how to party, though!

It would be difficult to choose a favorite moment from this video; we're tempted to pick the slow-motion dog-shaking montage, but then we'd have to leave out the Frisbee section and the brilliant moment when Fenta the dog starts barking at what looks suspiciously like a can of beer. (We'll give Fenta the benefit of the doubt and assume it's merely a soda can. But she really shouldn't be drinking either.)

If your own dog loves the beach as much as these guys do, we highly recommend checking out The Times' new interactive map of off-leash dog beaches in Southern California.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: norcsii via YouTube

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