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Southern right whale crashes sailing party -- literally


South African sailing instructors Paloma Werner and Ralph Mothes got a whale-sized shock Sunday -- a 33-foot, 40-ton shock, to be specific -- when a southern right whale crash-landed on their sailboat in the waters off Cape Town.

Werner and Mothes first saw the whale about 110 yards from their boat; before they knew it, they said, it was only 11 yards or so from them, and lack of wind prevented them from taking evasive action to avoid it. The whale leapt and crashed into the vessel, breaking its mast but causing no other major damage.

The whale probably suffered no ill effects other than bruising and the loss of a bit of skin and blubber, a marine mammal expert said. But officials from the local Department of Environmental Affairs are investigating allegations that the couple may have approached the whale illegally.

Right whales are believed to have been named by whalers who considered them the right -- as in, correct -- type of whale to hunt. Those whalers decimated their populations, leading them to the brink of extinction before protections began to help them bounce back.

Learn more about the incident at The Times' outdoor sports blog, Outposts.

-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo: European Pressphoto Agency

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LA Times: don't convert metric, just use it (100 metres and 10 metres, not 110 yards and 10 yards).

It seems a bit suspicious that this photo was taken at the exact moment the whale jumps...hmmm....

Right whales reproduce every 3 years making their chances of a come back slim to none. The Right whale is expected to become extinct. Very few remain alive. This is a rare sighting and picture.

I was recently in Mexico when I observed US citizens chasing a whale shark around a large protected bay. They just had to have their runabout almost on top of the shark.

Cool - when whales strike back.

Payback's a brea-tch!


An "Attack" whale. Beware people, there are more coming. They're pissed. Bwahahahahaha!

This photo is absolutely amazing, hope the whale was ok!

There is something odd about this picture. The guy captaining the boat is not even looking at the whale. He looks completely focused on the water in front of him.


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