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Your morning adorable: Poodle and parrot are best friends

We could hardly contain our delight when we saw YouTube user vpaulsmith3's video demonstrating the friendship between his poodle, Teddy, and parrot, Gizmo.

Teddy wants to play with Gizmo so badly, and Gizmo seems to return the sentiment (although he'd also like to investigate vpaulsmith3's video camera). We love the moment, around two minutes in, when Teddy just can't take it anymore and starts yipping impatiently.

These two are such good pals that, after Teddy required surgery and was recovering, post vet visit, at home, his faithful bird Gizmo tried to cheer him up! (He also tried to steal the plastic spoon from which Teddy was eating, but what do you expect? He's a parrot.)

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: vpaulsmith3 via YouTube

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This is an accident waiting to happen. They are clearly not friends. Gizmo is prey and Teddy can kill him with one misplaced bite.

They should not be left to do this even with supervision.


That bird is definitely hissing at the dog. Best friends indeed.


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