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Your morning adorable: Miniature pinscher hops through tall grass

When we first saw YouTube user 88nnaa's video, above, we squinted our eyes and thought to ourselves, "That has to be a rabbit ... right? Or a deer as viewed from a long distance?" It'd certainly be easy for the casual observer (read: one who's not wearing his or her glasses) to make such a mistake, but the creature shown here is, in fact, what may be the world's bounciest miniature pinscher.

Miniature pinschers (often called "min pins") are known for their unusual movement -- no, not for the bunny-style hopping exhibited by this fellow, but for their high-stepping gait, which is reminiscent of a hackney pony. They originated in Germany and were prized for their ability to keep a barn free of rats.

The min pin's American Kennel Club breed standard notes that the little guys' personality traits should include "[f]earless animation, complete self-possession, and spirited presence." There's no reference to its rabbit-like leaping in there anywhere -- but if we were judging a group of min pins, we'd definitely give bonus points for a well-executed bunny hop.

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: 99nnaa via YouTube

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I dunno, I have two 15lb MinPin mixes in my house and they frequently jump into my range of vision at eye level, no problem. Around dinner time its like a box of jack rabbits at our place.

Regardless, this little guy is kyooot!


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