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Your morning adorable: Baby skunks make their debut at German zoo

Baby skunks

We're not sure what it is, exactly, that we find so alarmingly cute about baby skunks.

After all, we know they're going to grow up to be animals we'd prefer would stay a safe distance from us.

But a baby skunk is just downright adorable, in our opinion -- whether it's performing a strange dance on its front feet or nursing alongside a litter of kittens.

This little skunk (skunkling?), above, and its nine brothers and sisters were born at the Tierpark Friedrichsfelde zoo in Berlin on May 4. They made their debut to the public June 15 -- and they looked pretty darn cute doing it.

See more baby skunk photos after the jump!

Baby skunks

Baby skunks


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-- Lindsay Barnett

Photo credit: Barbara Sax / AFP/Getty Images

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The face is totally saying "I'm just a little baby skunk. Love me"

I don't Twitter, but have you guys seen this one? A tortoise saves another tortoise by flipping it over. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rSdPRsVxlcw&feature=popular

Too cute! Even the adults are cute as can be; too bad CA has no exotic laws so you can't have a denatured one as a pet.

Aw, LOVE that! Thanks Lee B.!


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