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Video goodness: Parakeet has an appetite for destruction

June 29, 2010 |  7:50 pm

We love YouTube user blueblob4's parakeet, Henry -- don't get us wrong.

We're just not sure we would want to live with him. (If we did, we suppose we'd have to invest heavily in bubble wrap for our breakables. But bubble-wrap manufacturing companies would love us.)

Despite little Henry's penchant for knocking things off tables, we find him pretty charming, though -- rather in the way a 2-year-old, tantrums and all, is still gosh-darn cute.

Blueblob4, maybe it's time to introduce your parakeet pal to a more constructive hobby -- like, say, beatboxing?

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: blueblob4 via YouTube

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