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Video goodness: Determined tortoise helps to right a fellow tortoise that flipped onto its back

We're forever in reader Lee B.'s debt for drawing our attention to this amazing demonstration of the goodness of animals.

We couldn't believe our eyes as one tortoise worked to help the other regain its footing. (We're a bit flummoxed as to why the person holding the video camera didn't just help the wrong-side-up tortoise him- or herself, but we're impressed by the video result, nonetheless.)

Helpful Tortoise may just be our new hero -- and Lee B., we owe you a plate of vegan cookies! (Note: We do not actually bake, so they might have to remain virtual vegan cookies. Sorry about that!)

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-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: ZedgarDOS via YouTube

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This is easy to explain.

The tortoise on her side is female .... and in heat.

The helping tortoise is male .... and frustrated.

ERGO .... male ingenuity solves the problem.

I too, can not understand how you can stand and videotape something but not DO something. Sad.

This is a fantastic view of nature taking care of nature!! I too cannot fathom why the person making the video didn't do something to help, but maybe the person knew the other tortoise was in a better position to take care of the problem??

The person shooting the video probably would eventually helped out if the other turtle couldn't helped her/him first.


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