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May in animal news: Five questions with PETA president and co-founder Ingrid Newkirk

We're asking prominent figures in the animal protection community to tell us what they think about the latest animal news and offer updates on their work in a new feature called Five Questions. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals co-founder and president Ingrid Newkirk took our questionnaire; here's her take on what mattered for animals in May and what's coming up for PETA in June. (Editor's Note: Newkirk's answers represent her own views and not necessarily ours.)

Newkirk Unleashed: What do you view as the most important development in animal news to happen in May?

Ingrid Newkirk: Last week's announcement by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that it will crack down on amusement parks -- or, as we call them, "abusement" parks -- like SeaWorld.

(Editor's note: Ed Michaels, U.S. Department of Labor assistant secretary for OSHA, told reporters, "We've seen several examples of employers in the entertainment industry that have not provided precautions adequate to protect workers. And we've seen fatalities as a result of that.... There's a tremendous amount of risky work in these facilities, and safety is often not considered the highest priority in these cases." He said he was putting such facilities "on notice" as a result of such incidents.)

Unleashed: What were PETA's biggest projects in May?

Newkirk: Keeping the pressure on SeaWorld to send all its whales and dolphins to seaside sanctuaries and pointing out that it's not good for children to watch someone who just a moment earlier was smiling at them being slammed to death by a killer whale.... Tilly, the captive wild orca who killed trainer Dawn Brancheau, had killed two other people, and there had been other close calls.... But what do you expect from a frustrated 12,000-pound wild animal who was taken from his family as a kid and is kept in a tank that to him is like a bathtub?

Unleashed: What will PETA be working on in June?

Newkirk: A million projects, from promoting spaying and neutering through demonstrations featuring dancing condoms to distributing our free vegetarian/vegan starter kits. But we'll also definitely be working hard to curb attendance at SeaWorld and at [Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey's] shows. Indeed, we'll continue to expose Ringling by circulating video footage of elephants being routinely beaten as well as photos of the cruel methods that Ringling uses to train baby elephants.

Unleashed: How can interested animal lovers help in June?

Newkirk: We encourage people to open their hearts, eyes, and minds by visiting PETA.org and watching our videos, including Joaquin Phoenix's video featuring undercover footage of the exotic-skins industry. We also encourage everyone to show these videos to friends, family and coworkers or to use them as their auto-signature. And we will continue to urge people who are able to add a companion animal to their family to adopt from animal shelters instead of buying from pet stores or puppy mills. We also want to remind people to choose cruelty-free options when it comes to entertainment, food, clothing and products such as shampoo and oven cleaner.

Unleashed: What led you to become involved in the animal protection movement?

Newkirk: Growing up with my "brother" the dog, seeing abandoned animals who had been left to starve on a farm, seeing the inside of a slaughterhouse for the first time, and reading Peter Singer's wonderful book "Animal Liberation," which led me to write "Making Kind Choices, One Can Make a Difference" and PETA's "Practical Guide to Animal Rights," all of which are available at PETAMall.com.

Ingrid E. Newkirk is the president and co-founder of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Newkirk has been featured for her work with animals in the New Yorker, Time Magazine, People, Forbes, the Financial Times and other publications. She is the subject of a BBC special and the HBO documentary "I Am an Animal." She also tweets @IngridNewkirk.

Photo: Newkirk with Lady the dog. Credit: PETA

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Ingrid is a fantastic woman. The world is a better place because of kind people like her.

Ingrid Newkirk is a shining beacon of hope for all humanity. I've never seen or heard of a woman with so much compassion or humility.

What people should know, is that with regards to Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, PETA continually distrubute footage that was filmed ten to twenty years ago. Therefore, to state that this behaviour still occurs at RBBB, is ridiculous & unfounded.

RBBB has also been perhaps the world's most significant factor in elephant conservation, having many successful births of baby elephants, thanks to perhaps the world's most successful captive breeding program.

RBBB have also been generous enough to contribute semen to wildlife parks & zoos around the world, resulting in the successful artificial insemination (AI) of several cow elephants, that it has not been possible to naturally mate with, resulting in successful births of healthy, good stock, elephant babies.

Just because ten to twenty years ago, there may have been one or two members of RBBB staff that used questionable training methods, or allegedly treated the elephants in an unsatisfactory manner, doesn't mean to say that RBBB still employs those individuals.

The fact that PETA do not have up to date footage of what they allege goes on behind the scenes at RBBB speaks volumes, that they are indeed, like many other animal rights organisations, such as Four Paws & the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force (ZCTF), run by Mr Johnny Rodrigues, here in Zimbabwe, gaining thousands of US Dollars from an unsuspecting international public, for which these organisations claim are for "conservation" projects, where really, the funds go to lining their own pockets.

It has to be said, that I personally, have received death threats from PETA because of the work I do with elephants here in Zimbabwe & in South Africa, yet with the other hand, they ask me for financial support.

If PETA are going to make allegations about the treatment of animals in circuses, wildlife parks & zoos, they should atleast get up to date footage as evidence & not archival video footage from twenty years ago, to support their allegations.

Also, because PETA are increasingly becoming ignored, by the adult human community around the world, save for a handful of misguided 'supporters' in relation to the size of the world's population of humans, they have turned to targeting young children as they leave school (not teenagers, young children), handing out pamphlets & DVD's, depicting images & scenes that allegedly took place ten to twenty years ago, in certain captive environments.

Also, PETA complain & protest about the use of restraining devices on animals. But hang on a minute ... what is that I see around the neck of that poor (probably vegetarian) dogs neck, in Ms Newkirk's photograph up there? Is that ... it can't be .... a dog collar, which is far too big for that size animal?

Note, the collar has a loop attached, where a leash/lead is connected, which ofcourse is ... you guessed it ... a restraining device. And I wonder how many times that dog has had its neck jarred, when it stops to sniff another dog's butt, or the scent where other dogs have urinated.

We who work with elephants, should maybe try a new approach to dealing with the animals in our care, but I do not think the collar & lead approach will work somehow.

Plus, the way in which Newkirk first trained her dog to sit, lay down, raise a paw, accept a treat, etc, is no different to how we get elephants to carry out such manouveres.

Incidently, all my elephants are orphans that have been rescued from botched culling operations, or other hostile environments. They also have some 40,000 acres to wander around here in. Am I to be classed as an animal abuser too?

So people, please do not be fooled into handing over your hard earned cash to organisations like PETA, for they will only use the funds to support their lavish lifestyles & be able to relish in their limelight as they use your funds to be able to rub shoulders with the stars & celebrities, who have also been conned out of thousands of US Dollars by PETA.

To anybody who views any PETA material, whether it be photographic, or video, please make a point of checking the dates of when the footage was allegedly obtained, before you hand over your cash.

The term "money for old rope" springs to mind.

Of course, OSHA is concerned about *human* safety, as it should be! I'm sure that the parks and circuses are already concerned about the health and safety of the animals, if only because each animal represents a huge investment of money and time.

If Ingrid starts saying that the captive mammals such as Tilly should be "freed" we should remember the sad case of Willy, who never adjusted to life in the wild he had left at a very young age, and who died much sooner than he would have had he remained in ":captivity"...

NEVER think the Ingrid actually has the best interests of the animals in mind.

PETA's dilligent efforts have opened the doors to institutionalized and other forms of animal abuse. As such,the notion of animal rights is on the global map. Now it is up to the human being to open up our minds to a broader and kinder way of being. How wonderful that we can count on this organization to EXPOSE, to ACT and to HOPE for the animals. Go Ingrid! Go PETA!

you should've asked her why peta took offense when obama killed a fly during an interview.

Your interview begins with a faulty premise—that Ingrid Newkirk is somehow involved in the animal protection community. In truth, Ms. Newkirk is a world leader in attacking animals and arguably the individual from whom animals most need protection. Not only has she personally killed countless thousands of animals, and PETA many, many more, but she has spearheaded a movement that has caused billions of animals to suffer and die needlessly.
PETA believes that animals have a right to live in a “wild” and “natural” fantasy world in which suffering and misery and hunger and cold and humans do not exist. Because they insist that this is the only acceptable life, they have devoted themselves to eliminating every other possible existence for animals in our world. Unfortunately, since their idyllic fantasyland does not exist, they have been effectively advocating for the abolition of all animals in the real world on the grounds that animals have the “right” to exist in a better world.
PETA has created an irreconcilable rift in the animal community, and for 30 years AUTHENTIC animal welfare improvements have been nearly impossible because of the animosity, infighting, and fear that everyone in the animal community feels because due to the existence of one irrational, deceitful, hostile, inhumane, terrorist cult. Genuine animal lovers aspire to find the best possible solutions for animals in the real world—creative and mutually beneficial ways for us to share the planet with beloved animals with compassion, respect, and love—but our efforts are invariably complicated or thwarted by the existence of a movement that cares about imaginary rights at the expense of animal welfare and happiness.
PETA and their ideologic cohorts have siphoned billions of dollars in donations intended to help animals that have instead been used to grow their companies, pad the wallets of their executives, create sentimental campaigns that play to people’s hearts but ignore their minds and the truth, and advance their counterproductive-anti-animal-welfare-agenda.

Don't trust PETA!!!! They have no real love for animals. They are all about killing animals daily. That to them is saving the animals. Preach, kill, protest,and publicity stunts using the money that unsuspecting people donate.

"Fantastic woman" and "shining beacon of hope" indeed...

"Humans have grown like a cancer. We're the biggest blight on the face of the earth." - Ingrid Newkirk

"The bottom line is that people don't have the right to manipulate or to breed dogs and cats... If people want toys, they should buy inanimate objects. If they want companionship, they should seek it with their own kind." -Ingrid Newkirk

"There’s no rational basis for saying that a human being has special rights. A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy. They’re all animals." -Ingrid Newkirk

"I am not a morose person, but I would rather not be here. I don’t have any reverence for life, only for the entities themselves. I would rather see a blank space where I am." -Ingrid Newkirk

"I’m not only uninterested in having children. I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it is nothing but vanity, human vanity." -Ingrid Newkirk

"We are complete press sluts." -Ingrid Newkirk

"Pet ownership is an absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation." -Ingrid Newkirk

PETA is the biggest slaughterhouse in VA. 97% kill rate.
veterinarians in the area were outraged by PETA employees taking healthy, adoptable animals and killing them moments later.

the woman has outright stated animals are better off dead then 'enslaved' as pets. she wants to be barbecued upon her death. she happily pushes soft core porn on the public with their idiotic stunts. she enjoys handing comic books to small children calling their parents deranged murderers. she openly advocates for violence and arson (even funds arsonists) against research facilities where groundbreaking work is being done to stop cancer and AIDS.

for the love of god, someone please put this woman in an institution where she belongs.

at least stop plastering her photographs everywhere holding pets as if she actually thought they should be allowed to live.

What a complete psycho and hypocrite this woman is...

I’m ashamed she’s part of my species.

I will try this post again ..
Ingrid Newkirk KILLS animals PETA KILLS ANIMALS she admits to killing hundreds of "pit bulls" with her own hands.. she promotes killing to 'save' and PETA kills 0ver 97 percent of all of the animals that are unfortunate enough to pass through their doorways.. Ingrid does not believe in animal research except when it comes to her self.. she stated "Thank God for painkillers ( all tested on animals) when she hurt her arm...and yet says that inf animals research could cure Aids .. Peta and Newkirk would be against it.... you know George.. now that is compassion and humility??? i hope you never need any medical treatment but if you do.. you can thank an animals..
Pets KILLS Animals.. and they DARE to lecture the rest of US??
Friends Don't let Friends Donate to PETA
what a waste of newspaper space.. if you are not going to ask REAL questions .. why bother.


First of all, please learn how to spell and use proper punctuations. It makes your comment much easier to read and doesn't give other readers a assumption of your persona as being deranged and irascible.

It's really funny how some people claim they got the "big dirt" on PETA when they say PETA euthanizes animals. Yes, it's not a secret. But you SHOULD know that PETA never said they were an animal shelter. Many times, people dump dead and sickly animals at their HQ doorsteps, expecting them to nurse every critter back to health despite incurable ailments.

Those statistics you proudly tout about are misleading. PETA handled FAR more animals than what you may think. They have spayed and neutered thousands of animals for free, helped preserve the local wildlife, and gave away free doghouses and bales of hay to dogs forced to languish outside with nothing to call home but a muddy mound of dirt.

And next time you sound ignorant on a comments section, I suggest you do your research. This "97% kill-rate" nonsensical junk is being spewed out by the Center of Consumer Freedom--a lobby group that is funded by the meat and dairy industries because they are threatened by the work of animal rights groups. This Center of Consumer Freedom are also the ones who are against all environmental groups and even Mothers Against Drunk Driving because they feel that "driving whilst impaired doesn't impose a risk."

Feel like a pawn yet?

Much of the public don't realize that many of the animal-friendly laws or norms in society to this day were shaped and shifted by PETA themselves.

For example, I bet many of you didn't know that car companies used to do crash tests with live pigs and monkeys. Of course, PETA objected, launched a huge campaign against the car companies, and they complied. Now no car company in the WORLD conducts crash tests on live animals.

Kudos to PETA.

The Butcher of Norfolk
over 90% kill rate
enough said

This is a woman who wishes that when she dies that the meat of her body be BBQd, that her skin be tanned and turned into a purse, that her feet be made into an umbrella stand. There's more creepy info in her will at: http://www.peta.org/feat/newkirk/will.html

This is not the will of fantastic, kind, compassionate human being. It it the raving of a sick death cult leader. Why is anyone still listening to PETA?

I notice that nobody from PETA or their supporters have denied the allegations of PETA & other animal rights groups gaining thousands or billions of US Dollars from the unsuspecting public to line their own pockets with, or the fact that the video footage they have of RBBB is up to twenty years old, or the fact that they issue death threats to people like us with one hand & ask for funds with the other, or the fact that they target infants & pre-teen children with their dated abuse allegations because they are not taken seriously by adults. All animal rights organisations are interested in one thing & one thing only ... money. They are a business. They obtain thousands, if not billions of US Dollars from the unsuspecting public, because they know pretty much that the large percentage of the world's public are soft hearted when it comes to the thought of animals being allegedly cruelly treated, and organisations like PETA prey on this. Anybody that contributes money to PETA and organisations like them, are just lining the pockets of the corrupt individuals who run these organisations. Its organised crime and the generous global public are funding these con artists. Apart from killing thousands of cats & dogs a year, what achievements have PETA actually boasted regarding their conservation claims?

PETA is no different than any other shelter who takes in animals who are old or ill or have agression problems that require being euthanized, but they do differ in the number of healthy ones they kill.

Craig can defend them all he likes but that doesn't change the information they are required to turn in on intake, adoption, and killing. Euthanasia is done to put animals out of their misery. Killing is what it's called when done to healthy animals who COULD find homes if an effort was made to do so. PETA doesn't make that effort because it's Ingrid's belief that animals are better dead than owned.

PETA has killed more than 20,000 animals over the past decade and adopted out around 8-12 per year according to their own records. If they don't claim to be a shelter, they shouldn't be taking in animals or should advertise as what they are....a killing machine....so that people don't mistakenly turn healthy animals over to them thinking an honest effort will be made to find them homes.

By Ingrid's own words PETA is about animal rights, not welfare. Welfare is only seen by the likes of her as a problem in the way of animal rights to total liberation from humans.

She obviously isn't familiar with terms used for animals. Tilly was never a "kid". Tilly is not a human being, but a whale. I could be mistaken since I don't know a lot about whales, but I believe the correct term is calf (the same term used for infant cattle and elephants).

Ingrid Newkirk and others of her ilk don't have compassion for animals, but disdain for humans. She's never been shy about expressing that opinion.

Just as animal rights groups feel that welfare reforms get in the way of the push for animal rights, those of us who embrace welfare feel fighting against animal rights is a road block to improving animal welfare. Those things are two very separate entities.

Both Ingrid Newkirk and Wayne Pacelle might sound more believable if they were speaking to other animal rights cultists than they do trying to pull the wool over public eyes. The only honest words that come out of either of them are the ones spoken to others of their beliefs that animals and people do not belong together.

Of course PETA is willing to offer free spay and neuter surgeries. If all the animals owned by humans are sterilized, their goal will be reached. "One generation and out". The end of human/animal contact.

her yopu go Craig.. and others who love PETA.. here is direct testimony from the PETA trial:

On this day, on June 15, [an Ahoskie Animal Hospital employee] called and said that they had a momma cat and two kittens, and they were in good shape. They wanted to adopt them out. When Ms. Hinkle and Mr. Cook went to the shelter on that date, they walked inside, and Ms. Tonya Northcott, one of the employees at the Ahoskie Animal Hospital, came out from the back, and said "You're here for the kittens, the cat and the kittens."... And she said "yes." She went back to the back, got the carrier, got the momma cat, got the two baby kittens, brought them out, and handed them to Ms. Hinkle.

Ms. Northcott said to her: "These animals -- you're not going to have any -- well, you'll be able to adopt these cats out. We've socialized them, we've played with them, they've had their shots, everything's fine with them." Ms. Hinkle looked at Ms. Northcott and said: "We'll have no problem finding homes for these cats. None at all."

nope none at all.. ten minutes later these healthy, happy, vaccinated, socialized kittens were DEAD and awaiting that savior of savior.. the DUMPSTER..at the hands of two PETA employees Hinkle and Cook who claimed .. of course.. that they were "just doing their job" which was of course to lie.. and then to kill..

feeling prawnish yet Craig???

oops before Craig rags on about spelling.. etc..
Here you go Craig...

Craig, you've raised my curiosity. What is the actual kill rate in PETA's facilities, and are all of the euthanized animals sick?

In case anyone is wondering who this Rex Lemel person is, please check out this web site (it's very telling): http://www.elephant.se/Elephant_Whisperer_Darren_N._Barnes.php?open=Man%20and%20elephants.

Colleen, you are as naive as you are stupid. May I direct everybody to my website at http://www.elephantsafrica.webs.com/ and invite you to read the page entitled 'Barnes & Koehl'. Indeed, very telling. Thankyou for kindly drawing peoples attention to this matter Colleen. Much appreciated. PETA has subsequently assisted myself in drawing attention to this misinformation posted on www.elephant.se and in doing so, has assisted an organisation that supplies elephants to wildlife parks, zoos & other captive environments. Thankyou PETA and thankyou Colleen. 50+ international professional members of the Elephants Africa website, can't be wrong can they Colleen? And the website has only been online 9 weeks!

It is also common knowledge, that PETA also have used Barnes' material that featured on the website www.circusnews.com, regarding elephant training, on their website in the past, - so how PETA can slate somebody who they have used material from, probably in breach of copyright laws, to help them in their endeavours, to expose alleged elephant training cruelty, is a little hypocritical of them. I also notice, that PETA or Colleen, have still not denied the allegations I put to them in my lengthy comment above. The fact is, that PETA have made a rod for their own back, and nobody takes them seriously anymore. PETA personnel should maybe apply to circuses for a change in career, - there will always be a need for clowns.

Dr Rex Lemel II (the real one!)
Elephants Africa

I love all the posts from folks in the Meat and Dairy industry and the Circus lobbyists who, as a service to us perhaps, would like you to know that: the only thing animal rights groups are interested in is "Money."

Mmmhmm. And what is it, I wonder, that the industries they represent and all of their attorneys, publicists, lobbyists, researchers, et al are interested in? Big paychecks aside I'm sure they all go to work every day out of some deep-seated philanthropical motivation. Really, I'm sure that's it.

Dr Rex sure does seem to care an awful lot about Ringling Bros Circus, what's up with that guy and when did he become apologist number one for RBBB?!

I don't care if the footage of brutal abuses at their circus is ten years old, twenty or even fifty! Did it happen? You bet your britches it did! Do they still use animals in their cruel shows? Yep. No amount of nonsense from those folks, no matter how high and deep they pile it, is going to convince me that animal acts at their circuses are suddenly humane or even a good idea, no matter how they skew their "facts," how carefully they parse their language or how many times they try and deflect the blame at others.

Thank you Colleen for that link.

Just as I suspected, the so-called "doctor" Rex is a phony! My favorite quote is "he claims to be a very famous elephant trainer, although he is considered a fraud by the elephant community."

Lol! This guys doesn't sound qualified to talk about elephants or peta (or much of anything) to me! Sounds like he ought to be straightening up his own backyard before commenting on others.

rson, I suppose the next time I need a visual reminder of the definition of hyperbole I can reread your post. Saying that the “interview begins with a faulty premise” is utter nonsense. One need only look at the raid on the illegal (and abysmal) exotic animal mill in Arlington Texas last December to see evidence of their animal protection efforts. There, for our consideration, is but one example of the hundreds of undercover investigations that they took on which resulted directly in the rescue of animals and improvement of their welfare. I, for one, applaud their efforts.

Perhaps you, rson, are the sort that doesn’t object to these kinds of hellish breeding operations? I’m willing to extend the benefit of the doubt however, if that is the case, your post automatically loses all credibility with me and hasn’t a leg to stand on.

Have they euthanized animals? Yes. So do veterinarians, shelters, rescue organizations and others who work with animals. The welfare of animals, it seems to me, is in such a sorry state in this country that just about anyone who works hands-on to save animals is faced with putting down the ones that are too sick or injured to go on. It is awful and it is tragic but they didn’t create the animal suffering in this country, rather, they are trying to prevent it from ever happening again.

Is PETA idealist? Perhaps, but then so were many of the founding fathers; while others were pragmatic and still others could be described as timid at best. Winning a revolution takes all kinds n’est-ce pas? The last time I checked being an idealist wasn’t a bad thing. You imply that you work in animal welfare (though by turn, in the same post, that an animal welfare agenda is counterproductive. Hmm.). I wonder which organization do you represent? Please, do reveal yourself. If it is as radically different from PETA as you claim than I’m certain the dollars that you lament are donated to them probably wouldn’t have come your way anyhow. PETA seems to attract a specific donor and I don’t think they are your sort.

If, on the other hand, and as I suspect, you are a shill for the Meat and Dairy industries or some other group that exploits animals, than you have every reason to be concerned about the money they raise. People like me donate it to oppose just those kinds of organizations.

Perhaps the owners of this website would like to consider removing the comment made by Colleen at PETA, connecting me with Mr Darren N Barnes.

If you got to my website at www.elephantsafrica.webs.com & view the page entitled 'Barnes & Koehl', you will get the idea.

The comment made by Colleen of PETA, is obviously a childish attempt at some school yard retort, against the facts I have presented to the world, regarding their own corrupt activities. Another reason why the world, no longer takes PETA seriously anymore.

And still, nobody from PETA has denied the allegations, or facts, that I have made against them in my previous comments. Interesting.

Austin_Guy, - I apologise if the words or phrases I use, are a little too literate for you to understand. Allow me to put it in simpler terms, and as much as I can, using words of one syllabul. "Barnes & Koehl" are nothing (sorry, two syllabuls there) to do with me, my family (three syllabuls) or our family (three syllabuls) business (two syllabuls). Go check out our website (two syllabuls) and view the 'Barnes & Koehl' page, then let me know where my lawyers (two syllabuls) can contact you".

Are all PETA fans as stupid as you? I expect you will have to come back with a retort, - children always do, - especially when they are exposed for being naughty.

Log on to www.elephantsafrica.webs.com/ and view the page 'Barnes & Koehl'. Enough said.

Colleen Kinzley, how are things at the Oakland Zoo? Are they aware they have an animal rights nut working for them?

"Doctor" Rex. Thanks for trying to "break it down" for us. Problem is, you're clearly the one who doesn't get it, not the rest of us. And you're a fraud. And, you spelled syllable wrong.

I'm sure you'll have a response, just see if you can't spell-check the next one, k?

Austin_Guy, do you have any idea of how petty and immature you are making yourself look? As a typical PETA enthusiast, you just cannot see the woods for the trees. Even when presented when solid facts, you still believe what you want to believe, - which is why you & your fellow little bunny-huggers, who simply have never been able to get a job working with animals in your life, so you choose the "lets all live happily with animals on an equal level" stance (I bet you are even a Jehovah's Witness). Let me tell you one more time, as it simply isn't getting through to your under developed little mind (I get the impression you are perhaps ten or eleven years old) "Go to the website HTTP://WWW.ELEPHANTSAFRICA.WEBS.COM/ then click on the BARNES & KOEHL page, where everything will be made clear ... to the people with any intelligence anyway". I have nothing to hide, which is why I am not afraid to show my full name on this public forum. Why can't you all identify yourselves? Mr Barnes, as explained on my website, is indeed a con man, as he has duped me out of money. He came to us looking for employment, but was subsequently unsuccessful, due to his lack of practical experience. I have every reason to believe that he has been attempting to gain employment around the world, using my name. For all I know, you yourself could be Barnes, using again a different name. And basically, Austin Steve, if all you are capable of is clutching at straws, picking me up on the incorrect spelling of one word, then frankly, you are not worth the time and effort to engage in communications, or, like your fellow PETA bunny-huggers, be taken seriously.With regards to you calling me a fraud, you should be careful about throwing stones in glass houses. I have presented you and everybody with the facts about who I am, and who Barnes is. I have presented you with evidence of my identity. You and your bunny-hugger chums, however, have still not been able to deny my allegations made to PETA (of whom I am sure you are a fan) in previous comments, where as I have been able to deny your petty childish "he said, we said" school yard squabble. Incidently, I am not acting as RBBB's apologist, I am merely stating the cold, hard facts, which is something you & your PETA chums, are sadly not able to do, and in true PETA fashion, base all your theories on years old misinformation. In summary sir, you are an idiot and are clutching at straws. You typically shoot in the dark & hope to hit some kind of target. In just 9 weeks of our website being online, we have generated 50+ professional members from the international elephant community. These are from circuses,game reserves, tourist lodges, wildlife parks & zoos, in Australia, Botswana, Canada, Europe, India, Kenya, Malawi, New Zealand, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America, Zambia & Zimbabwe. I drew each members attention to the allegations made on Dan Koehl's website regarding Barnes, so as they could make their own minds up on the matter, when presented with the facts, and seeing the whole picture. Something it appears that you & your bunny-hugger friends, are incapable of. I would like to invite you to become a member of the website, but as we have a policy of protecting our members from you & your bunny-hugger chums, that won't be happening anytime soon.

Incidently, Austin Guy, I have been calling you Austin Steve deliberately, because I find you as entertaining as the fictitious Steve Austin that runs at 600 miles an hour on our tv's over here, - just before you come back with a school yard quip that I have gotten your name wrong. Thought I better make that clear, just incase ... :O)

Absolutely hilarious! I logged onto this page just now and there was a banner advertising 'BREAKFAST AT MCDONALD'S' above the feature! Brilliant! Couldn't have written that in a script! Sweet!

Ms. Newkirk was so profoundly concerned with animals that she use to come in regularly very early to the DC shelter to kill every animal that came into the shelter before their owners could even be contacted. She thinks all pets are abused because she herself believes all domestic animals are better off dead. She shows all the signs of suffering from Münchausen's syndrome where animals are concerned. She loves to see them die and regularly demands that her volunteers watch videos of animals suffering and dying so she can share her morbid lust for death. This woman is crazy and like Hitler did believes the world is better off without domestic animals. She sends out volunteers to capture feral cats and loose dogs and to pick up healthy dogs and cats which must be killed not adopted. This group of people are sick and believe that lying to the public is acceptable and also their killing of innocent animals. Like other Münchausen sufferers she makes this viewpoint seem plausible and her concern is well acted, but she knows she is causing suffering and enjoys the attention she gets. She just makes all this radicalism and abuse of animals through killing seem acceptable to people who claim to like animals. The world is not a better place for her being in it as she has killed more animals and slandered people and cost them their rights. She is sick and like pediatric Münchausens her acts are abusive and her followers should recognize her need for fame at the cost of the animals she kills and has others kill for her.

She is one of the most selfish, narrow-minded people I know of. If she had actually been to SeaWorld and seen the amazing, dedicated trainers and the work they do, you would never think of trying to be against SeaWorld. The whales are the happiest, most well looked after animals I have ever seen in captivity. The PETA should be working on getting rid of more important things such as animal circuses and battery farming, instead of wasting their time on an amazing place where the animals are cared for with love.


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