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California Assembly passes bill that would mandate greater disclosure from pet insurance providers


California lawmakers are bringing a version of healthcare reform to your pets.

A bill that passed Tuesday in the state Assembly would require greater disclosure from health insurance companies that cover animals.

The bill by Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones of Sacramento would require an insurer to disclose on the main page of its website any policy that limits coverage. Insurers also would have to make it clear whether they deny coverage based on preexisting conditions.

A.B. 2411 passed the Assembly on a 43-16 vote and now moves to the Senate.

The bill originally sought to ban pet insurers from denying coverage to animals with a preexisting condition, but that provision was removed from the bill.

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-- Associated Press

Photo: A dog is prepared for surgery by staff at a Monrovia veterinary clinic in 2007. Credit: Annie Wells / Los Angeles Times

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One would think California lawmakers would have enough on their hands with the state's financial crisis rather than spending time on a health care program for pets. You have to love their priorities!!!

Should we have the fiddlers continue to play while the town burns down?

It seems to me that once we fix one area that is less than acceptable, we will be able to see the problems in other areas. This is our time to make this place better for our children.


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