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A foundling's tale (or, why there was no Morning Adorable on Wednesday)

LittleGuy For any readers out there who may have wondered why we neglected to publish a Morning Adorable earlier, allow us to explain: We were unavoidably detained on our way to work this morning.

By a lost little dog.

On our morning commute, we spied this cute little fellow -- perhaps, one might say, a Morning Adorable in his own right -- wandering along busy Venice Boulevard, no human companion in sight.

We pulled over and approached him, and he came almost within collar-grabbing distance before dashing past us. For a brief, heart-stopping moment, he even ran into traffic; the driver he dashed in front of fortunately saw him in time, honked and swerved. The experience seemed to make our new friend think twice about avoiding contact with friendly humans, and he came to us willingly on our second attempt to grab him.

The little guy -- we suspect he's a Pomeranian or longhaired Chihuahua mix -- was wearing a collar, but no identification tag was attached. He was friendly and didn't seem inclined to nip, so we picked him up and walked back to our car with him, stopping a few folks we met along the way to ask if they knew who owned him. No luck.

In our hearts, we wanted nothing more than to scoop this sweet guy up and bring him home -- but in our heads, we knew the surest way to help him reunite with his owner was to bring him to the nearest animal shelter, where they'd likely go to look for him.

Off we drove, then, to the L.A. Department of Animal Services' South L.A. animal shelter. (We felt awful leaving him there, but we took comfort in filling out the "first right" form that will put us at the head of the line to adopt him ourselves if no one comes to claim him. Even so, it was hard to hand him over to the animal care technician who took him from us!)

Next up: Making "found" fliers with our little friend's photo and posting them in the area where we first spotted him. (If you've got any other suggestions for finding a lost pet's owner, we're all ears!)

A side note: We couldn't help noticing the many, many kittens of every color imaginable that were available for adoption at the South L.A. shelter. Kitten season is in full swing, and what better time than the department's Father's Day Adoption Discount Days could there be to adopt one?


-- Lindsay Barnett


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Thanks for the mention of kitten "season." Help your local rescue group as they recognize "Adopt a (Shelter) Cat Month." Visit the San Juan Capistrano PetSmart (store #99) from 12-4 p.m. Saturday for Adoption Day, sponsored by Capistrano Animal Rescue Effort, www.capoanimalrescue.com.

This little guy is truly a "Morning Adorable". My message to people is, if you're not prepared to take care of an animal for the rest of its natural life, then don't get one. They have feelings and they suffer when abused, neglected or abandoned. They're not objects to be thrown away when you "tire" of them. If that's how you view animals (as disposable objects), then you shouldn't have any. My second message is, please spay or neuter your dog or cat. The shelters are overflowing with kittens and puppies, most of whom will be euthanized because the owners didn't care enough to get their dog or cat fixed. Human carelessness and selfishness spell disaster for these animals.

We couldn't agree more, Parry! And thanks, as always, for the great tip, Miss Picky!

Do you know yet if his owners came forward? Or do you now have a new doggie?

Hey Tina, thanks for asking! The bad news is that his owners never went to look for him or responded to posters or our Craigslist posting. The good news is that he already has a new adoptive home!


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