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Wondering what 'Lost' was all about? Let these cats explain

Not everyone has the patience to invest close to four days (without sleep) to catch up with all six seasons of the ABC show "Lost," which aired its dramatic series finale Sunday.

If you weren't following along with our beloved television castaways, the kind folks at Tremendous News have put together a video, running about a minute long, that breaks down what the show was about. Bonus: The reenactment is performed by cats.

Realistically, this probably isn't that funny to people who haven't seen the show.

Ah, who are we kidding? It's a cat video. Of course it's funny.

Your morning adorable: Sphynx cat plays in the bathtub
Your morning adorable: Kittens try to run up a playground slide

-- Mark Milian

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Can we get the cats to explain what's going on in North Korea? Hugo-cat can play Kim Jong-il.

Can we get the cats to do 24?


It's so sad that you had to do this.

Never watched one episode of Lost. Knew I wouldn't need to. Thanks, cats, for 'splainin' it.


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