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Bob Barker helps lion cubs move to California sanctuary after Bolivia bans animals in circuses

Bolivia circus lion

LA PAZ, Bolivia — An animal-rights group says four lion cubs freed under Bolivia's circus-animal ban are flying to California, where television personality Bob Barker has helped fund their retirement.

Enrique Mendizabal of Animal Defenders International says the group's president and a big-cat veterinarian accompanied the lions on the 12-hour cargo flight to San Francisco.

The cubs left Thursday under a Bolivian law prohibiting all animal displays in circuses -- the world's most comprehensive ban. The rescued mother of three cubs was too elderly and had to be euthanized before the trip.

They will live in a Performing Animal Welfare Society habitat built with support from the longtime "Price Is Right" host, who has rescued other performance animals.

When Bolivian circus-animal ban goes into effect, where will the animals go?
Lima, zebra that escaped Ringling Bros. circus in Atlanta, is euthanized

-- Associated Press

Photo: A lioness (not the mother of the cubs transported to California) is seen in a circus car in an undated photo. Credit: Business Wire

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PAWS is a great organization. Good for Bob Barker.

who would ever have thought Bolivia would be more advanced in animal protection than the U.S.?


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