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Wild horse advocates blame mustang deaths on stress and trauma related to government roundup

An activist protests the wild horse roundup

RENO, Nev. — Activists say stress and trauma are to blame for most of the 86 wild horses that recently died in a government roundup of mustangs north of Ren.

A report issued Monday by the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign found that 43% of the deaths in the February roundup were due to diet and metabolic failure induced by stress and trauma.

Twenty-two percent of the deaths were due to the poor condition of the animals, and 19% were blamed on traumatic injury, the report said.

Activists say the report underscores the adverse effects of roundups on mustangs.

BLM officials attributed most deaths to the animals' poor condition. They say an overpopulation of horses is harming native wildlife and the range itself, and threatening the mustangs with starvation.

-- Associated Press

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Photo: Participants display placards during a "March for Mustangs" rally in Washington, D.C., on March 25. Credit: Jewel Samad / AFP/Getty Images

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On their official daily log during the actual roundup, the BLM stated the horses were in good condition. Images both still and video showed horses in good condition. Now that over 120 animals have dies, the BLM says "Oops! We actually meant they were in poor condition." Can't have it both ways folks. Stress has been proven to be a factor in survivability for these animals who knew nothing but the wild all their lives. The very least BLM can do is to prepare all holding facilities for dealing with the inevitability of this problem. A death rate of almost 7% is simply not acceptible!

Can anyone please tell me, how on God's Green Earth, this is ALLOWED to
happen??? I am so sick & tired of the so called "EXPERTS" making HORRIBLE
Also, someone please educate me on how if there are supposedly 50 to 1 cattle to wild horses grazing on much of the land, this is acceptible???
Who owns the cattle??? Who sells the cattle??? Do they pay the Taxpayer's
to graze this land???
They, I'm sure keep the profits.
Our Wild Horses are suffering. This is just WRONG!!!


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