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Sea lion pup found on Newport Beach rooftop

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. — Mike Kai thought one of his surfing buddies was thumping around on his rooftop deck, but it turned out to be a wayward sea lion pup, enjoying the view of Newport Beach at sunrise.

Kai said he couldn't imagine how the pinniped made it up the stairs and onto the roof early Thursday.

While Kai called Animal Control, the pup showed off, wiggling along a railing on his belly, two stories above the ground.

The sea lion was taken to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, where volunteers named him Fiddler, after the Broadway musical "Fiddler on the Roof."

Staff there say he is underweight, probably because he was recently weaned and having trouble finding food on his own.

They say sea lions are mobile and curious, and have been found everywhere from a restaurant kitchen to a public restroom.

-- Associated Press

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Video: kaiguy via YouTube

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Yes, cower in fear of that dangerous beast. Seriously? Go get the damn thing a fishstick from your likely overstocked refrigerator so it stops flopping around on the edge of the roof. Or were you going to try to "talk it down"? Then maybe you could pick out your least favorite IKEA towel and wrap it up to safely transport it to somewhere not-the-roof. wow.


Or buy a collar and an above-ground pool because, hey, free sea lion.

WOW!!... is right. seriously dude, lighten up yourself. Heres a valium and the TV remote- watch a Golden Girls marathon and mellowwww...

God what a pathetic wimp. The 'guy' with the camera needs to be clubbed

Seriously dude, get some cahones.


Know how they catch a seal in the wild? They cut a hole in the ice, and place green peas all around the hole. When the seal comes up to take a pea, they grab it.

;-) ;-) ;-)


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