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Orphaned seal pup whose mother was killed by hunter finds a home at a wildlife sanctuary in Alaska

Maxwell the rescued seal pup

SEWARD, Alaska — A rescue center in Alaska has taken in an orphaned baby seal that was still in the womb when a hunter killed its mother on Easter Sunday.

The Alaska SeaLife Center says a subsistence hunter killed the pup's mother in a village on Nelson Island in the Bering Sea. The hunter then realized there was a live pup inside the seal and successfully delivered it.

The hunter's daughter found a hot line for the Seward rescue center and called to report the incident.

Guided by center staff, a village teacher helped transport the pup to the local airport, and the animal was flown to Anchorage.

SeaLife Center staff members met the pup, now called Maxwell, at the Anchorage airport and drove him to Seward on Monday.

Staff members say the pup has responded well to food and care, but his condition is still considered critical.

"Maxwell was close to full-term, and everything looks fairly normal," said Pam Tuomi, a center veterinarian. "But pups that have never received antibodies from their mother's milk are at higher risk for infection, so we will keep Maxwell in quarantine and monitor him closely for the next few weeks."

The nonprofit SeaLife Center is Alaska's only permanent facility licensed to house stranded marine mammals and seabirds for rehabilitation, a release from the center said.

Staff members choose a theme each year for naming animals admitted there, and this year the names are related to caffeine.

"We hope to give Maxwell a second chance at life as a wild harbor seal," said Brett Long, the center's husbandry director.

-- Associated Press

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Photo: Alaska SeaLife Center / Associated Press

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Seems a bit wierd don't you think that a seal clubbing hunter goes and kills an adult seal (for what reason is beyond me!) and then saves the life of her baby seal. Will he raise this baby seal and then kill this one too? Come on folks, Has the human race come to this point that we are still barbaric and kill living creatures for fur or what ever. God knows their actions and will deal with these hunters in his own way. Shame on Alaska for allowing this treatment of Seals.

Yeh Very Good KILLING On Easter Sunday, I Wonder If These "Subsistence" Hunters Are Real, Yeh Im Sure TV etc Is Part Of Inuit Culture .. BAN The Seal Hunt!!

This is unreal, how anyone can do this to any animals is beyond me. We have boycotted Canada for years because they actually subsidize the seal hunt. Please visit
http://blog.stopthesealhunt.com/ and the Humane Society of the US's websites.. http://www.humanesociety.org/

While this is a good news/sad news story, it's also confusing. Did the hunter all of a sudden develop a heart after killing the mother? I'm happy to hear this little baby is getting cared for, but at the same time, this baby also had a mother who could have cared and loved her too as nature intended. Too bad the mother wasn't left to live.

whats so good in seals? like i mean why bdo u kill them


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