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Dive-bombing red-tailed hawk dogging Connecticut town may be lovesick, wildlife experts say

Wildlife experts say love could be in the air for a red-tailed hawk with a penchant for dive-bombing people in the town of Stonington, Conn.

The belligerent bird is probably trying to impress potential mates and protect its nest as it enters its mating season, they say -- and woe to unsuspecting pedestrians in Stonington, a shoreline town bordering Rhode Island.

The hawk has attacked at least five people recently, including a woman who was cut on the head this week. It has also snatched a boy's hat, snagged headphones from a man on a lawn mower and even attacked a car.

Stonington animal control officer Rae-Jean Davis and the director of a nearby nature center say there are no plans to kill the angry avian, but its nest may be moved to a less populated area.

-- Associated Press

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Video: A March 3 news report on the hawk. Credit: WTNH via YouTube

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LOL I can only smile and chuckle about the hawk. I live in fl and years ago there was a squirrel living in the magnolia tree in my front yard. For months no one could come near my yard self included without dealing with this beast in the daytime anyway. He was quite threatening. Lasted a month or so then no more squirrel. I can relate


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