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Dive-bombing red-tailed hawk dogging Connecticut town may be lovesick, wildlife experts say

March 5, 2010 | 11:33 am

Wildlife experts say love could be in the air for a red-tailed hawk with a penchant for dive-bombing people in the town of Stonington, Conn.

The belligerent bird is probably trying to impress potential mates and protect its nest as it enters its mating season, they say -- and woe to unsuspecting pedestrians in Stonington, a shoreline town bordering Rhode Island.

The hawk has attacked at least five people recently, including a woman who was cut on the head this week. It has also snatched a boy's hat, snagged headphones from a man on a lawn mower and even attacked a car.

Stonington animal control officer Rae-Jean Davis and the director of a nearby nature center say there are no plans to kill the angry avian, but its nest may be moved to a less populated area.

-- Associated Press

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Video: A March 3 news report on the hawk. Credit: WTNH via YouTube

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