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Grandmother loses two fingers after attempting to feed bear at zoo

Police say a bear bit off a woman's fingers at a Wisconsin zoo after she ignored barriers and warning signs to try to feed the animal.

The Lincoln Park Zoo in Manitowoc closed after the incident Friday morning. Police say the 47-year-old woman lost a thumb and a forefinger, and two other fingers were partially severed.

The woman's boyfriend was bitten as he tried to pry the bear's mouth off her hand, but he didn't lose any fingers. Her 3-year-old granddaughter wasn't injured.

It's unclear which of two Asiatic black bears bit the women when she put her hand through their enclosure's fence. Police tell the Herald Times Reporter the bears likely won't be euthanized.

Manitowoc is about 80 miles north of Milwaukee.

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-- Associated Press

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Euthanize the bears because an idiot didn't respect the boundaries. Let's hope not.

Do everyone a favor and toss the rest of this dumbass over too.

I am from Manitowoc. I think this story needs to include that fact that these two idiots were drunk at the zoo at 11:30 a.m. with their 3 year old grandchild.

"Police tell the Herald Times Reporter the bears likely won't be euthanized".

I thought that the debate would be whether or not to euthanize the idiot, not the bears.

What an idiot! God, I really hope the bears aren't euthanized for her incredible stupidity. Jeez.

What did she think, they were cuddly critters? Darwin Award nominee for 2010 right here, folks.

Lets hope that wackos don't ask for the bear to be killed because some retarded woman decided to pretend that a black bear is just like a cute over-sized dog. Zoo's are going to have to have barriers that separate these types of animals from brain dead people who want to pretend they are harmless.

Why does God allow such things?

"... attempting to feed bear..."? It appears that she accomplished feeding the bear. Finger food, granted, but food nevertheless.

Are they still taking nominations for the Darwin awards?

Here's your sign!

People like this are why we have warning labels on everything we buy.

A bear is a gigantic voraciously hungry pig that will eat anything it can get into it's mouth. It is a good thing that the woman did not try to kiss it. My sympathies to to afflicted woman. Next time leave the bear alone, stay away from lions and tigers... and get off the booze. Nothing negative should be done to the imprisoned bear.

I worked at a zoo in a major city years ago. The problem with bears is that they are hugely strong, and never change expression when they go for you. An old zoo keeper told me "They can be eating out of your hand one minute and eating your hand the next - and you'll never see it coming." Sounds like that zoo in Wisconsin was re-miss in allowing the public to get too close.

This is a perfect candidate for the Darwin Awards.

Hope the bear does not get punished for a silly 47 year old woman who decided not to read the do not feed signs. We are smarter beings. Well, at least we thought we were. Everyday there is someone out there who makes us think otherwise. Thank you lady for the laugh. On other note, thank God your hubby and grand daughter are okay and were not hurt due to your silly nany antics. Babies learn when the hurt themselves. Hope you learned not to do it again and be wiser next time. Do not look at caged animals as cute furry creatures. Silly lady. Teach your grand daughter the right things. Hope you were not doing this to make a quick buck and blame it on the zoo. If you do, you should placed in a loony zoo for doing this.

Of course the bears shouldn't be euthanized. What a stupid woman!

These two if they were drunk should have charges files against them. One, for child endangerment and being drunk with a child. Two, for trying to feed the animals, and Lastly for being drunk in a public. There are reasons for signs and fences around dangerous animals- too bad humans don't get it. The Bears in no way should be punished for their actions.


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