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Your morning adorable: Feisty terriers fight sprinkler

February 5, 2010 | 12:00 pm

We found YouTube user seli27's video of her Jack Russell terriers playing with a lawn sprinkler oddly hypnotic; we couldn't look away.

"They can do this for hours," according to seli27, who notes that "I got 4 bug bites filming this, [but it was] worth it." We agree (but then again, we're not the ones fighting off insects).

These smart, if alarmingly energetic, little dogs even dry themselves off after a pleasant afternoon of sprinkler-biting! We wouldn't mind if they taught that trick to our own terriers, who are useless in the self-grooming department.

Reader photo of the day: Sprinkler + puppy + curiosity = wet puppy

-- Lindsay Barnett

Video: seli27 via YouTube

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