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Who Dat Dog helps the Saints come barking in

February 9, 2010 |  4:52 pm

There were a lot of winners because of Sunday's Super Bowl in Miami. One of them was the CBS network, which won the largest television audience since M*A*S*H's finale with its Super Bowl broadcast. Another was former San Diego Charger quarterback Drew Brees, who had the last laugh over his old team; the Chargers let him go, but he went on to lead the Saints to their first NFL title and became the Super Bowl MVP in the process. Another winner was the city of New Orleans, which found a valid excuse to party in the streets for an extra nine days.

But the biggest Super Bowl winner, online at least, was this adorable beagle being riled-up/terrorized/mocked by Saints fans watching the game on TV. Indeed, Jerry "The Who Dat Dog" has garnered approximately a half million viewers on YouTube and close to 100,000 on Break.com.

You say you don't know who or what we're talking about? Let's back up.

In case you missed the fuss, down in New Orleans they have a chant for their football team: "Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints? Who Dat? Who Dat?" Apparently that chant is just as popular with the four-legged animals as the ones with just two legs. In the video above we see the most popular interaction between man and beast surrounding the Who Dat craze.

But there are other dogs, all claiming to be the ultimate Who Dat Dog. Take Moose the Great Dane, for example. Join us after the jump for videos of some of our other favorite Who Dat dogs.

This little yapper was spotted two weeks ago at the NFC championship game when the Saints sent Brett Favre's Vikings back home to Minnesota.

Then there was Belle, who sang her way onto a TV news segment. If you can make it to the two-minute mark, you'll hear Belle yelp along to "When The Saints Come Marching In." (Forgive us if we don't want to be in that number.)

And finally we have his handsome Labrador, who takes some time warming up but eventually gets into the Who Dat swing nicely.

After an NFL season that started off with controversy over a player who went to jail because of what he did to dogs, it's nice to see it wrap up with the dogs stealing some thunder back from the players.

-- Tony Pierce

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