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Speak up, Francis: Cuba to conduct census of the country's mules due to beast-of-burden deficit

Francis HAVANA — Will all Cuban mules please stand up? Or at least raise a hoof or two. The communist government says it is facing a major mule deficit and has commissioned a census of the beasts of burden to determine how bad the problem is.

How many mules are in Cuba is unknown -- hence the need for the census. But authorities tell the government news agency AIN that the island may be facing a deficit of 8,000 in highlands areas alone.

The agency praised the animals as "very important for the transportation of food in mountainous areas."

Officials will carry out the census between March 1 and 10.

-- Associated Press

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Photo: Actor Donald O'Connor practices with Francis the Talking Mule

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A shortage means they are really putting a physcial and emotional strain on the one's they do have. Those poor animals probably work extremely long hours, are weighted down with too much freight, and are no doubt whipped to continue walking. What a disgrace to the country!!!! Those animals are modern day slaves and there's no excuse for it. Maybe they should industrialize their country with modern day conveniences - where humans have to do a little work - instead of putting all the burden on animals!!! DISGRACE!!!!


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