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Michael Vick's docu-series debuts on BET

Michael Vick's 10-part docu-series, "The Michael Vick Project," debuted on the BET network Tuesday. The Times' television critic Robert Lloyd recently reviewed the show; here's an excerpt:

Vick ["The Michael Vick Project's"] game plan is laid out clearly in the opening narration: "Against all odds, one man escaped and uplifted a family. But his humble beginnings led to a very tragic ending. But from darkness he saw the light. Blessed with a second chance, he must once again rise above to heal his family, his community, his legacy." (Heal his legacy?) It is a redemption story, couched in religious terms: "I'm Michael Vick," Vick says over the opening credits. "My fall from grace was tragic, but it was all my fault, and I'm on a mission to get everything back. Not the money and the fame, but to restore my family's good name."

You can decide for yourself whether this process is already, for all intents and purposes, complete. That Vick's Philadelphia teammates recently voted him the Ed Block Courage Award, for players who "exemplify commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and courage," seems to indicate that it is, as does a BET online poll in which 85% of those responding agreed that the quarterback had already done enough to "repair his image." It also indicates that the likely audience for this show is already on the star's side.

Indeed, there are plenty of people in this world who would not regard Vick's adventures in dog fighting as anything to apologize for in the first place -- nothing to go to prison for, anyway, as he did. Many humans are insensitive to the sensitivity of other species. (For that matter, many humans are unconscious of the humanity of whole classes of other humans.) And though Vick admits here that his treatment of his dogs was "inhumane and barbaric," the bloody specifics of his operation are avoided, including the fact that his partners -- and Vick himself at times -- would kill dogs that did not perform well, shooting them, hanging them, drowning them.


Photo: Vick visits the BET network on Feb. 2. Credit: Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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Puke....just disgusting to celeb a mass murderer/serial killer.

Seems like the only station that would air such a load of crap would be BET. Anyone who thinks he has served his time is just as inhumane and barbaric as this poor excuse for a human being. For his team mates to give him an award for sportsmanship???? This just gives me one more reason to not watch the eagles ever play again. I know it wont hurt the team for 1 person to not watch but if more people who are tired of the nasty things this animal did and stopped watching then maybe there would be more pressure to do more than give this animal a show of his own. Create laws to make these animale who do things like this go to prison for far longer. Shame on you BET.

Michael Vick killed dogs. He has yet to admit to the public the full extent of what he did, including:

1. Personally drowning dogs in a bucket

2. Personally strangling dogs by hanging them on a nylon cord from a two by four nailed between two trees on his property.

3. Taking small family pet dogs and putting them in the fighting ring with trained fighting dogs because, according to a USDA report on the case, Vick and his friends "thought it was funny to watch the smaller dogs be injured and killed."

If Vick was merely "misguided" and wanted to humanely put down dogs who were, in his view, insufficiently vicious, he could have drugged them or shot them comparatively painlessly. But Michael Vick deliberately chose prolonged, terrifying and torturous methods of killing. Pit Bulls are very strong dogs. Imagine how hard he had to work to hold a Pit Bull down and drown that dog for several minutes in a five-gallon bucket. Imagine a man, a millionaire who had many different choices of how to amuse himself, watching a dog struggle to breathe, to free itself, strangling under its own weight while dangling from a two by four.

Imagine the mind that "thinks it's funny" to take a small dog, put it in the ring with a much larger, stronger fighting dog, and watch it try to defend itself. Imagine that small dog's terror as it is ripped apart.

Then understand that in no interview has Michael Vick EVER admitted to any of this, even though he pled guilty to all of it. Watch his "60 Minutes" interview; the only one he feels sorry for is himself. He feels no shame and no empathy for the dogs he tortured and killed. The prosecutor's statement of facts in the case notes that one of his associates stated that occasionally he would ask Vick if he could, instead of kiling a dog, give it away to a new home. He stated that Vick's response was invariably, "[the dog] has got to go."

Michael Vick is not a misunderstood and wayward youth with no options. He was a twenty-nine year old millionaire who built his own dog-fighting kennel on property he bought expressly for that purpose. He killed dogs for kicks. He knew it was illegal and he hid his involvement both before and after getting caught, up to the minute he could no longer evade the truth.

He is a sociopath and a sadist. He will not change because he cannot change, that's how he's wired. Just as you cannot "learn" to enjoy killing a dog who can't fight back, just as you can't "learn" to enjoy the pain, fear and death of a living creature, he can't learn not to. All he can do is understand what normal people consider appropriate and then imitate what they say. But he cannot and would not change if there were no penalty attached to hurting dogs for recreation.

You can pretend all you want, but the fact is anyone who says they believe he's changed either does not know the true extent of his crimes, or they just enjoy watching football and so long as the quarterback plays well enough they don't care how many dogs he tortures and kills.

Cue the "He did his time, now leave him alone" people.

This guy does horrible things to animals and gets a TV show, and the world wonders why it's going to hell. Incredible.

Vick is a disgrace to the human race!

This is utterly revolting. As L.A. voter documented at length, this man is a sociopathic, disgusting excuse for a human being. I do not care about the length of the time he served in jail, he should have served it in dog years! He is a pathetic excuse for a human being and should have no job above those commonly held by convicted felons.

Anyone that supposedly sympathizes with Vick has no sense of compassion or empathy. He is criminally disturbed and this show does nothing but endorse such behavior!

Although I am not religious in any sense of the word, I wish there were a Hell so he could suffer in it for all of eternity.

ScienceDaily recently found that the average dog has the equivalent intelligence of a 2 year old child. If he did what he did to those dogs to infants, would people be as quick to forgive his behavior? It's merely forgotten by those with selective memories because his victims cannot voice their pain.

LOL.... You self righteous people just don't get it! None of you knows weather he is truly remorseful or not, as simple as that. This hate is a result from issues that you guys have in your own lives. Why you guys are more concerned about his TV show and his money, there is Dog fighting happening right now! What are you actively doing at this point to combat Dog Fighting? Just like I thought....absolutely nothing! LMAO! If you don't believe he can change...here's a tip, don't watch his TV show and don't spend your time searching his name in google for pete's sake! Move on your lives and stop crying a river... He is on his road to redemption and there's nothing you or me can do about!

Take That........

Posted by: Black Cat |

Man you got to be kidding me! we as human being have done a whole lot worse to RACE than vick did to those dogs! If he is not human we are not. If you don't believe me ask the African's and the Indain's about being treated!

I have an amazing PitBull he is my world and very smart. He is just like any other dog. The only problem is he is a PitBull and because of people like Mr.Vick my dog gets judged and banned from places and talke about. Not because he ever hurt someone. This man was was looked up to by people. He had all kinds of fans, and when all this dog fighting came out it got even more public notice. Sure he is not the first to fight dogs and not the last. But he made it stand out. I cant even walk my dog with out problem and he did nothing wrong. Pits are being banned from cities and states because of these mean people who do these bad things to thes dogs. It is not the dogs fault. It did not come out a fighter just like a human who kills was not born with that in mind. These things were taught to the animal by people. PUNLISH THE DEED BY PUNISHING THE PEOPLE NOT THE ANIMAL. Vick does not diserve any thing good for what he has done. Animals didn't just suffer pitbull owners did to.

It's time people who don't care about animal cruelty stop trying to distract from that fact by implying that those who care about animals don't care about people.

The most famous quote regarding humane treatment of animals is "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man"

The author of that quote? Mahatma Gandhi, who did a thing or two for oppressed people in his lifetime (interestingly, both Africans and Indians).

Any person who wants to show his hostility towards the subject of humane treatment of animals by accusing others of not caring about people should be required to show proof that he has done one thing, in his entire lifetime, for the betterment of those oppressed people he is exploiting to excuse animal abuse.

So, Leyland, what have you done in your lifetime to fight for the rights of Africans, Indians or, if that's what you meant, Native Americans? Or are you just using them because they're convenient, although apparently hard to spell?

Michael Vick is evil. There are many ignorant people in the world but they don't all get a kick out of drowning, hanging and shooting dogs or fighting them to the death. There is something iherently evil in people who like to do these things. A lack of ability to feel empathy. That is the MO of a sadistic sociopath which is what I believe Vick is. He won't ever feel real remorse because sociopaths have no conscience. One question: Who gets the money from this BET show? Is Vick giving it to animal charities? No? What a surprise.

Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the smae way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you...............Matthew 7:1,2....

Um Jocelyn, the whole Bible is about judging crimes...

And by the way, I am perfectly ready to be judged by the same measure I use to judge Michael Vick. Most people would easily pass the standard of not drowning dogs in buckets and not strangling them by hanging them from trees. Most people would pass with flying colors the measure of NOT delieberately putting small, defenseless pet dogs in the ring with trained fighting dogs because they think it's funny to watch the little dogs get ripped apart.

That's really not a tough standard of behavior to meet, except for Michael Vick. And let's remember, Vick pled guilty to all these crimes, and a lot more.

I think we need a whole lot more judging and whole lot less paying dog killers millions of dollars. The Bible tells us how to lead a moral life - and paying dog killers millions of dollars to play a game is not the way to a moral world.

The reason why you hear so much about (Vick) is because he is a pro ball player. If he was me or you we would not be talking about it so much.So on that note let the man do him and you do you. And beside's what about the people that don't feed or take care of their pet's, but we can't talk about that.So let not talk about vick

Hey L.A. Voter ,

First of all -- great comments.

Secondly -- do you know where I can access a copy of the USDA report?


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